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Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr

Keith Griffith
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Adam Burr , Ben Chase , Chris Neal , Jonas Stark , Josh Kole , Kevin Wood , Kevin Wood
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Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr

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Tim Skyler's famous initiation.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Remember Tim Skyler, that cute young scene stealing skinny twink of a bottomboy, whose dirty mind and a persuasion for bareback sex first caught our eye in House Hung Husbands and Raw Weekend Retreat?

Well he's back with a new name (no doubt a porn industry technicality) and a new movie – a starring vehicle of his own from the Cruising for Sex studio - The Gloryhole Initiation Of Adam Burr.

Filmed at a real Gloryhole in Atlanta (with a sufficiently large hole to get some great shots of Burr's smooth buns and submissive willing mouth in action), Burr spends the entire duration of the movie in the booth, servicing the influx of horny guys that come in for some hot anonymous sex.

The first punter to come through the door is Josh Kole (Road To Temptation), a nervous type who double checks behind him before settling in. Burr is eager for his initiation to begin, and he rubs the ring of the gloryhole sensually with his hand, and uses his tongue to indicate what he's after. Kole obliges and sub-boy Burr is soon sucking on his thick veiny horsemeat through the opening in the wood.

This may be Burr's first time with a gloryhole but it's certainly not his first time cocksucking, and he pleasures Kole's big one with all the finesse of a pro. Getting it deep down his youthful throat, the moans of pleasure emanating from each of them are quite genuine.

Adam Burr snapshotWatch VOD
Adam Burr (aka Tim Skyler)
Kole reaches for a rubber, giving Burr the cue to turn around. Burr's prick can be seen straining at his jeans before he's even exposed his twink ass and backed it towards the gloryhole. Kole goes at it and Burr's little hole gets stretched out deep and wide, as his sexual writhing and groaning attest. Kole cums in the condom and Burr, feeling quite pig now he's had a huge cock up his rectum, takes it like a present, unwrapping the cum with his fingers and feeding himself the sticky prize.

Chris Neal Initiates Adam Burr

Next, Burr gets a treat in the form of perhaps the most famous tattooed cock in gay porn to date (and it's huge too) – Chris Neal, who makes his welcome sleazy return to Cruising for Sex Videos (see the enjoyable Cruismaster Road Trip 5). Burr uses his oral techniques to get Neal's cock to full mast, and Neal returns the compliment on Burr. Besides, it's always a good way to get a bottom to turn around.

Burr's smooth opening is framed hotly by the hole and Neal gets his tongue in there nice and deep, before getting back off his knees and giving the boy some raw ramming, working his throbbing giant up Burr's bare butt. Neal gets his hole open even more, giving him plenty of that length, and then asks if Burr wants to try something a little more kinky. "Yes, sir" replies the compliant twink.

Neal decides to pervert the boy with some fisting action, and has him put lashings of lube on Neal's ass, and work his not so innocent twink hand up inside until the boy's fist is all the way inside. The pair share some spiritual sexual chemistry here.

When Neal is fully satisfied he has Burr turn around again and this time he pounds the absolute living bejesus out of the boy. He's so worked up by the fist fuck he doesn't let up at all until his huge cock is spurting a massive load onto Burr's violated ass cheeks which can't help rocking back to milk out that load. Burr's butt was made for this.

Chris Neal probes Adam BurrWatch VOD
Chris Neal probes Adam Burr
Fat cocked Jonas Stark shows up next and Burr chows down happily on his cockringed girth. Stark has just turned Burr around for a rim job when in walks Kevin Wood (Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 5, another great amatuer flick). This guy REALLY lives up to his name with eleven fat inches of hard black pleasure.

Stark gets to suck on it first, but a totally naked Burr reaches through the hole to get some, and takes as much as he can of the gargantuan meat (there's plenty for two and Burr and Stark share from either side of the hole).Burr's mouth looks an absolute picture positively stuffed with this huge thick monster.

Burr does an about face, straddling the hole for Wood to slide his anaconda up inside him, which he does deep and raw. Burr almost looks like he's getting crucified by Wood's oversized schlong.

They're in the throes of passion, Stark watching them with a keen eye, when another guy wanders through the door, the handsome hung Ben Chase (who thoughtfully brought along his massive cockhead) for whom Stark immediately drops to his knees.

Wood pulls out so Burr can suck on newcomer Chase, who then rolls on a rubber so he can have at that hot opening too. A noisy fucking - the wooden gloryhole wall positively shakes from the passion. He finishes up and Wood reinserts his raw rod, then stepping aside for Stark to barefuck the boy.

And in the final climactic minutes of the film, Burr lays back his head through the opening for a gloryhole baptism of cum from the three guys whose cocks explode all over his face and hair. Little twink boy Burr has been initiated alright. And it's a fucking pleasurable ride watching it happen. Highly recommended.

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Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr Photos:

Kevin Wood drills Adam BurrWatch VOD
Kevin Wood drills Adam Burr
Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr snapshotWatch VOD
Adam Burr
Chris Neal and Adam BurrWatch VOD
Chris Neal and Adam Burr

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