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Giants (Part One and Part Two)

Chris Ward Steve Cruz
Raging Stallion Studios  
Aybars , D.O. , , David V. , Donny Wright , Francesco D'Macho , Logan McCree , Marcus Mojo , Rusty Stevens , , Wilfried Knight
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Giants (Part One and Part Two)

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Raging StalliRaging Stallion's Epic Homage to Sexual Giants

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Giants, both Part 1 and Part 2, is an impressive Raging Stallion production that pays tribute sexually potent men. Giants is not necessarily a celebration of huge penises. It's a broader view of giant men living atop Mount Olympus, all giant figures having giant amounts of sex, to whom we want to scream, "Mount me!"

In many ways Giants harkens back to a look and feel of the Falcon Studio's recent glory days. We are referring to the John Rutherford years such as back in 1999 when the studio released In Deep: Miles to Go or Hot Wired. The photography is rich, the sex is lavish and the guys are big. Even the music for Giants strikes that same Falcon Studios electronic ambient chord.

Filmed under bright sun amidst neatly planted rows of grapevines, we find our cast as a set of languishing men consumed with two things: leisure and pleasure. This could be the Italian countryside in E.M. Forester's A Room with a View. But it is not. It's the lush countryside of Chris Ward's Northern California.

Rusty Stevens fucks Marcus Mojo Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rusty Stevens fucks Marcus Mojo
The film starts on a great note with blond Marcus Mojo gets his engines tuned by Rusty Stevens, who seems to be just getting bigger and bigger, especially compared to his first days when Stevens was one of SX Video's Hot Men Barebacking.

Since then Stevenson has cultivated a major career with Next Door Studios and now works all scruffy faced for Raging Stallion. The editors were wise to start Giants out with this episode, because there is nothing quite like watching the blue-eyed lad Mojo being bent over and fucked up his lovely ass. His facial expressions speak volumes. Their sweaty body standing doggie fuck is one of the high points of the entire film. Mojo cums while getting fucked.

After this we meet one of the leading figures of Giants: Italian porn star Francesco D'Macho, who we find shaving in the bathroom mirror. Watching D'Macho's shaving gets D.O. fully aroused. They share some champagne and tender kisses in the bath. The entire scene is a fantastic reintroduction to D'Macho since he first exploded onto the scene filming top notch porn for Hot House.

The olive-skinned Mediterranean stud enjoys a fuck from South American Latin D.O., who fucks his brains out. Watching D'Macho on his back, spread out getting fucked by D.O. dick is another sequence where the viewer will have trouble getting through in one sitting.

Things stay heated when Wilfried Knight and Logan McCree meet up on a sprawling back porch. These two gay European sex machines make beautiful music together, an evenly matched sexual flip-flop fuck against a pastoral green backdrop. His standing body an upright carpet of man fur, Knight moans and shakes in response to McCree's luscious blowjob.

Wilfried Knight and Logan McCree: When Giants Stand on Each Other's Shoulders McCree slides it in. Knight bucks back. They take turns fucking each other, and once again, director Chris Ward does a fantastic job showing all the powerful, masculine beauty in the tattooed god McCree getting fucked. Both guys shoot great, gooey money shots.

David V. Falls to Giants

We haven't even gotten to the big scene of Giants Part 1 that everyone is talking about: The outdoor three-way were David V. (aka Hugo Alexander) gets sandwiched between two hirsute hunks, the mononamed Turk porn star Aybars and the returning D.O. (There's a lot of initials going on in that list of names)

Now you might enjoy this because you dig guys with long black hair. Aybars, in fact, sports quite a rowdy head of bristling black hair. Or you might be drawn to this scene because you find watching a small, bubble butt latino getting passed back and forth between two bigger tops hot. There's lots of arousing stuff here.

David V.'s perfect butt gets fully explored with tongues, fingers and dicks in a relentless fuck session punctuated with lots of gagging, lube and, finally cum. And who is David V.? Born in Mexico, we first reviewed him back in 2005 when he worked for Lucas Kazan in Decameron under the name Ricky Martinez, where he finds passion with Jean Franko, and later he's fucked by Karel Rok in Love and Lust.

He's a great bottom. Where's he been hanging out?

The movie finishes with encore performance from Mr. McCree and the returning Aybars. The Turk proceeds to screw McCree after receiving both guys perform lengthy, ball licking, deep throat-filled blow-jobs on each other. Their sex goes down in what looks like the fading light of the day, closing the door to the first part of Raging Stallion's Giants.

Giants: Part One Photos

Giants, Part 1

Fucking Marcus Mojos Great Ass Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Fucking Marcus Mojo's Great Ass
Francesco DMacho sucks D.O. Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho sucks D.O.

Giants, Part 2

The Giants Move Indoors

Hanging around outside is apparently too much for Raging Stallion's porn star giants. Logan McCree and D.O. start the second part of this two-part sex video by taking it inside. More specifically, McCree takes all of D.O. hard dick deep inside. Director Ward's camera allows McCree to show some truly astonishing sexual talent: His hips begin a slow journey, placing his asshole just atop D.O.'s plump head. Then very gradually he works his butt in slight motions so that it eventually consumes to entire length of D.O.'s shaft. Watching this is completely engrossing. And then McCree follows this paced tease by suddenly turning his body into an rapid-fire fucking engine, bucking above D.O. like an oiled piston.

Donny Wright enjoys a three way Watch Now
Donny Wright watching Tommy Defendi about to bottom
Sweat visibly forms as we are treated to a fine opening performance. One wonders if Mr. McCree is so spectacular in bed in real life.

It's not all just enjoying wine and cheese for studs Damien Crosse, Tommy Defendi and Donny Wright. Furry faced and nicely hung, Defendi and Wright consume the bald headed Crosse, making a banquet of his ass atop a grand wooden dining table. Crosse is beast. His broad chest massive and his arms, giants in and of themselves, are like cannons.

Not to be outdone, Defendi gets flipped over and fucked by the other two. There's good reason Defendi has won tons of fans recently. This all-American boy is a real doll, and watching him getting tag teamed by Crosse and Wright is fantastic. He shoots a huge load all over himself after the other two hose him down.

Next, we find Francesco D'Macho and Rusty Stevens enjoying a pleasant walk through the grapevines. They help themselves to a few of the grapes, dropping them into their basket. Things start slowly as they kiss and blow each other. Things dramatically heat up once they get back to the house where they drop their clothes and decide to have a naked lunch.

The best part comes when Stevens sticks his butt out to get fucked. D'Macho, rolling a condom on, is happy to oblige. Doing it doggie style on the ground, across a conveniently spread out blanket, we are treated to the view of D'Macho's fully formed ass moving behind Stevens' perched butt. It's a feast of beautiful butts and lovely legs. Can Francesco D'Macho ever disappoint?

Tommy Defendi flips over and both guys fuck him. He'll have another test in a few minutes. But before that, we see Aybars from Part One returning to give some love to another latino, this time it's Raging Stallion muscle bottom Angelo Marconi. This pairing is the most predictable of the movie. Marconi struts his capacious butt. Aybars shows off his top man skills, culminating with cumming all over the bottom's tan, muscular chest. Marconi enjoys an explosive, shaking orgasm.

Francesco D'Macho Fucks and Gets Fucked

Part 2 of Giants ends on a spectacular note, thanks to the returning Mr. D'Macho. The European porn star along with the returning David V. enjoy a glass of red wine under the breezy covered porch. A few sips, and a look at those amazing eyes of D'Macho's is all that it takes for them to effortlessly start a heated sexual finish.

David V. gives D'Macho some enthusiastic head. D'Macho returns the favor followed by a thrilling flip-flop fuck hanging off the walls of the porch. Effortlessly igniting three out of the ten scenes of the two Giants videos, D'Macho demonstrates his towering screen presence and deliciously magnetic sexuality. For us, he stands out among the giants.

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Giants (Part One and Part Two) Photos:

Giants: Part Two Photos
Francesco DMacho fucks David V. Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho fucks David V.
Rimming Logan McCree Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rimming Logan McCree's Ass
Damien Crosse Bottoms Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Damien Crosse bottoms for Donny Wright

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