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Getting It Straight (Jocks Pac 118)

Michael Youens
Jocks Studios  
Barrett Long , Christoph Scharff , Danny Vox , Jason Ridge , , Maxx Diesel , , , Tyler Gunn ,
HorsehungHunksGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Getting It Straight (Jocks Pac 118)

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Very funny, and very hot. Josh Weston and friends try to seduce some straight guys in this light-hearted romp.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

No doubt most of us have wanted to bed that fantasy straight guy, but just lacked a creative ruse to do it. In Getting It Straight, four queer pals - Josh Weston, Danny Vox, Jason Ridge and Rocky - make seducing straight guys into a friendly game, as if getting laid weren't reward enough. They each have a weakness for a particular stud that's crossed their paths. For Jason Ridge, it's TV personality Maxx Diesel. Danny Vox lusts after the dude who fixes his car, Rocky, the man who cleans his pool. And Josh Weston has his wires crossed over the cable guy.

With proof positive coming from a streaming video-cam - so the others can watch the seduction as it takes place - the game begins. And we're not just talking drunken blowjobs here; the object of the game is to make your average straight guy go bottoms up.

Porn Star Barrett LongWatch on or Watch VOD

Porn Star Barrett Long

The first to push his luck, Josh Weston (Kept) requests a service call from local cable provider Rafael Alencar. Not even bothering to turn off the porno flick running on the TV set (featuring himself of course), or stash away the 20 or so porn flicks lying around the room, Weston describes his reception problem to Alencar, meticulously plotting his seduction. Add a few cases of Bud Light to the equation, and before long, Alencar is anxious to show just about anyone his fat Latin prick. Weston, of course, is all too eager to admire it up close.

Alencar's cock is a beauty, so thick that Weston can't get his hand around it. Weston teases that dark piece of flesh like cock-sucking is going out of style, slowing rolling and unrolling the foreskin with wonder, teasing the head once it's exposed with his pink tongue. Alencar is so liquored up that he doesn't seem to care when pretty boy Tyler Gunn appears and makes it a threeway. Falcon/Jocks Studios makes it difficult to find new adjectives to describe the beautiful men they put in front of the camera - Gunn, lean and ripped with a gorgeous mug has certainly got the right stuff to be in pictures.

Weston and Gunn share Alencar's member like the best of buddies, taking turns licking it and generally stuffing their faces like dick pigs. All this cocksucking is great, but you've got to wonder - how are they going to get Alencar's 'straight' cherry? Things start moving in the right direction when Alencar tentatively sucks Weston, then bravely sucking both at the same time. Soon he's rimming both their holes with gusto.

Weston figures that if he gives Alencar a brief "tutorial", maybe he can get inside cable guy's ass. Gunn takes a demo ride on Weston's prick, giving the bedsprings a good workout, both of them hoping that Alencar will be inspired to take it up the ass. Instead, he's inspired instead to fuck Weston while Weston continues to give it to partner in crime, Gunn. The three start their sandwich fuck lying on their sides and end up standing, all three, on the mattress using free arms to brace against the ceiling while they fuck. Everyone gets off at the end of this 25-minute long scene, but Weston fails to get inside his man.

Next to try is Rocky. He heads out poolside with his mind set on banging poolboy Rod Barry. Rocky sets up his streaming video-cam to capture the magic, lays out some beach towels, strips down and even gives himself a 5-second quick jerk to make his prick look more appealing to hetero Barry. Rocky's logic may be questionable, but he's tan, built and handsome so his missteps come off as comical.

Rod Barry is having none of it. It's only at Rocky's most blatant come-on, an offer to rim his hole, that Barry responds. Eager for a new thrill, he lets Rocky go to town eating his butt, urging him on with nasty talk. Barry lets Rocky take it a step further by allowing him the pleasure of servicing his cock, at one point standing over Rocky and abusing his face with dick.

It's game over when Rocky lets poolboy fuck him. Rocky doesn't seem to care that he's out of the game; he's happy to have his fantasy man inside him. Barry throws him a heated fuck, breathing heavily, grunting and groaning the whole time he dicks Rocky. He gets his nut standing overtop a prone Rocky, then urges Rocky to get off.

I Got Fucked by Barrett Long!

With video-recorder in hand, Danny Vox (Addiction) heads to the auto garage hoping to nail his mechanic. Vox is too nervous to pull off the scam. So when confronted by super-donged Barrett Long and Euro-stud Christoph Scharff, Vox looks past the oil, muck and grease smeared on their torsos and gets down to what bottom boys do best - servicing.

The long-zipped fronts on the front of their auto mechanic jumpers make for easy access - both Long and Scharff have very different (and appetizing) pricks. Long is packing some serious pale-skinned tube steak. Scharff's uncut cock isn't overly large, but the foreskin is something Vox seems particularly fond of sampling. When he moves over to take care of Long, he has to use the back of his knuckles on one hand to support the incredible weight and length of Long's cock while he sucks it. Between Vox's sucks, Long bends mid-back to blow himself for a few brief moments.

Rod Barry tops RockyWatch on or Watch VOD
Rod Barry tops Rocky

Barrett Long sucks himself for a bit. As Vox continues his side-by-side suck routine, all three eventually strip down, turning up the heat. Vox may still be trying to figure out a way to get his prick up the ass of one of these guys, but it's not lookin' good, even when Long wants his puckerhole rimmed. Scharff lends a hand, spreading Long's crack so Vox can get a tongue in. The two mechanics face each other and dock their cocks; on his knees, Vox (still in socks) helps dock their cocks (eat your heart out Dr. Seuss).

Hairy-chested Vox leans against a filthy auto and lets the two mechanics service him for a change. The two tenderly lick and tease his prick, putting Vox into orbit. Suddenly Long mentions, "It's time to get fucked," and he's not talking about himself or his buddy. Vox gets tag-teamed, first by Scharff and then Long. You can see Vox take a visible breath to prepare himself for Long's monster and then a short wince once Long puts the first four inches inside.

For a moment, it looks as if Scharff might be wanting a little backdoor action from Vox, but Long puts a quick stop to that and tops Scharff without missing a beat. Vox blows Scharff from below while Long seesaws in and out of his ass, eventually taking a nasty facial. Long also uses Vox's face for a cum rag.

Jason Ridge gets it straight with Maxx Diesel

Jason Ridge has managed to score a kick-boxing training session with reality TV stud Maxx Diesel, the most unlikely of all our 'straight' guys to go bottoms up. Sweaty and overworked, Ridge sees this as a perfect opportunity to offer a sensual massage. Diesel's no dummy; it only takes him a few moments to figure out that Ridge wants more than an autograph. Diesel is nothing if not accommodating to the needs of his fans and soon a happy Ridge has his mouth full of celebrity cock.

Neither Diesel or Ridge have acting chops, but once the clothes come off, it doesn't seem to matter much. Ridge bats his beautiful eyes up at Diesel while his lips lick the salt of the head of Diesel's cock. Diesel only hesitates a moment when Ridge politely asks to see his ass and Ridge wastes no time licking its pink center with great care, pulsing the pad of his index finger against its warmth.

As the scene progresses, Diesel lets more of his guard down. Ridge isn't really fazed when Diesel puts his mouth down on dick - this just gives Ridge more of an opportunity to play with Diesel's sweaty ass while Diesel's busy sucking. When Ridge mutters to himself how much he'd like to fuck Diesel's ass, the shock comes when Diesel replies "Get up on it." Ridge only hesitates a moment before plunging in.

They start out doggy-style before Ridge contorts Diesel onto his shoulder blades for an upside-down fuck. Ridge's explosive orgasm arrives from nowhere and unlike most cumshots, this one seems completely spontaneous. Ridge shoots right against Diesel's spread cheeks and cum quickly follows gravity, running a chunky river down Diesel's smooth back. The director grabs an obligatory money shot from Diesel, but the moment has obviously passed for top man Ridge.

Getting It Straight's cute screenplay, penned by Chris Steele illustrates a knack for writing. This film belongs to Josh Weston and company - the opening scene should have garnered a GayVN nomination for "best threeway". It's easily the smokiest scene of all four.

Jocks Studios has issued a DVD version of Getting It Straight which includes a cute outtakes reel, behind the scenes footage and an audio CD of background music from the film. Maybe the parent company, Falcon Studios, is getting wise to the fact that the horny viewing public is looking for as many extras as we can get.

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Getting It Straight (Jocks Pac 118) Photos:

Danny Vox sucks Barrett LongWatch on or Watch VOD
Danny Vox sucks Barrett Long; Christoph Scharff observes
Josh Weston stuffs Tyler GunnWatch on or Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar peers down onto Josh Weston stuffing Tyler Gunn
Barrett Long tops Christoph ScharffWatch on or Watch VOD
Barrett Long tops Christoph Scharff

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