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Gay Dreams

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Triton Rivers , , Fyerfli , , Peter Raeg
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Gay Dreams

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Dreamy Shane Rollins

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Ever spend the day looking at hot guys and imagining them in your fantasy? Gay Dreams from Raging Stallion is an inspired film that brings together some gorgeous models to frolic through fantasy in some of the year's best sex captured on film. It also is a star vehicle for their find of the year, Shane Rollins.

Unlike most Raging Stallion work, Gay Dreams contains no hard, edgy kink. All the models are perfect specimens of thirty-something, gym-toned guys. They are all sensual, performing sex like it is art. These are all guys who would make instant husband material.

The star is Raging Stallion Exclusive Shane Rollins, a remarkably incindiary sexual animal. His supple body, amazing ass, hot dick is complemented by a shaved head and boyish face. Throughout the movie, Rollins sees these guys throughout his day, causing him to quickly drift into his fantasy play-world.

Peter Raeg fucks Shane Rollins Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Peter Raeg, Shane
Rollins & Michael Vincenzo
Of the movie's four scenes, they start at a score of 10, and get progressively better. In the first scene, latin papi Victor Rios makes love to Triton Rivers in their sudsy bathtub. Rivers takes his sweet time devouring Rios' beautiful uncut cock. Rios clearly loves it. He spends the time caressing Rivers' hair and face throughout. Rios works his partner's hole open with his fingers and mouth, ultimately driving his tan dick up inside the boy.

Yet another great signature tune plays as Rivers and Rios make love in their grand tub.

Like most Raging Stallion films, J.D. Slater's musical talent is put to excellent creative use. The music adds a wonderful aspect that so many other films lack.

In the second scene, Rollins watches Fyre Fli (Husband By Day, Hustler By Night) playing with a football in the park. He imagines that they pair up and return to the Love Mansion, a richly adorned bedroom of plush rugs, pillows and masks. These two guys eat each other alive, starting from the point before their clothes come off.

After they go over every inch of their bodies with their mouths, Fli grinds his dick into Rollins's meaty butt. Rollins takes Fli's thrusts while cradling a football. They go through a full round of this, and then they flip-flop. Fli's hot ass swallows up every last inch of Rollins right up.

Gay Dreams with Michael Vincenzo and Peter Raeg

Later, Rollins spies Italian studmuffin Michael Vincenzo (Plexus) and Peter Raeg (Sexpack Ten) going through the front door of their flat. He imagines that the two immediately start at each other in the hall entry-way. Their lust cannot wait for the bedroom. Peter Raeg clearly is one of the sexiest men around. It starts with his disarming, quiet smile, and goes down to how his body moves while topping a guy. Michael Vincenzo is not far behind. He clearly loved the one-on-one scene.

The two have a powerful sex session on the stairs. First Vincenzo gets to feel the warmth and tightness of Raeg's ass. Then they reach the top of the stairs and flip-flop positions. Perhaps in Rollins's dream world, everyone is versatile.

The movie's final scene is a breathless three-way with Michael Vincenzo, Peter Raeg and Shane Rollins. Vincenzo and Raeg enter their bedroom with rock hardons, as Rollins smiles from their bed. The two master-sexualists proceed to totally consume the boyish Rollins, who matches them with every thrust.

In this scene Vincenzo shoots four times, as visually proven in the DVD extras, where his four continuous money shots are displays completely unedited. The three's chemistry makes this one of the hottest three-ways on record.

The DVD also contains an interview with the endearing Peter Raeg, and some behind the scenes outtakes.

Gay Dreams simply is one of the hottest, most sensual movies to come down the line in awhile. Not only can you purchase it through our links, but you can watch it right now online.

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Gay Dreams Photos:

Fyrefli and Shane Rollins Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Fyrefli behind Shane Rollins clutching football
Victor Rios Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Victor Rios - Well-Equipped Top

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