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Gangsters At Large

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Adriano Marquez , Akos Matyas , Alexei Gromoff , Boris Tomin , Carlos Velasquez , Csaba Zsiros , Garret Hunt , Ivan Cseska , Julio Velasquez , Kalman Faludi , Pedro Pandilla , Rafael Perez , Sergei Jordonov , Steve Sax , Tony Tarango , Tyler Gray
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Gangsters At Large

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Gay Sex Mafia Wars Hit Miami

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Gangsters At Large stands as an ambitious Kristian Bjorn production with a full plot and a cast of thirty-one performers. The story centers around a rivalry between the Russian Mafia and the Columbian mob in Miami.

Steve Sax (A World of Men) is a Sam Spade-style detective, who recieves an assignment via mail. Sax must locate top-rated model Tyler Grey, who has been kidnapped by the Russian Mafia so that he can be sold into sexual slavery. The enclosed photographs of Tyler Grey lead Sax into a black-and-white fantasy in which Grey jacks off to climax.

The front for the Russian mafia is an escort agency, called Moscow Models. Sax starts the ball rolling by going undercover as a job applicant. The boss of the agency, performed by am uncredited actor whose face is never seen, insists that Sax strip for the interview.

When Sax demurs, the boss spikes his drink and has two other models (Boris Tomin and bombshell Alexei Gromoff from Comrades in Arms) put him through the sexual paces. Sax blows both men and is fucked by each. Tomin, who looks remarkably like Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky, fucks Gromoff, who proves himself to be the most interesting sexualist in the entire film.

The hottest moment of the three-way is when Sax rims Gromoff and sucks Tomin, whose hard cock is poised to penetrate Gromoff's magnificent ass. After the audition ends, the unconscious Sax is carried to the dungeon where the other slaves are imprisoned.

Bjorn then introduces us to the Columbian mob. With Papa Velasquez out of town, the mob's leaders are his two sons, Carlos (the mess) and Julio (the competent one).

When Julio discovers Carlos blowing the guard (Tony Tarango), the immediately jumps in on the action. After much oral sex, both brothers are fucked by Tarango. The plot thickens when the brothers learn that the Russian Mafia has kidnapped one of their cousins, and they vow to free him.

When Sax regains consciousness in the dungeon, he finds Tyler Grey. He also finds cousin Rafael Perez The Anchor Hotel). A three-way is evitable, with Sax sucking both men. Then Sax and Perex take turns fucking Grey.

The next scene is Bjorn's homage to legendary Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille. As three slaves (Akos Matyas, Kalmon Faludi, and Csaba Zsiros) perform onstage, an audience of fifteen body builders, all wearing nothing but tight, faded jeans and black leather hoods, initiates a suck-and-rimfest that is indeed visually overwhelming. Onstage, Faludi is the bottom, but who is watching?

The audience of masked men quickly shed their jeans, but not their hoods.

The Russians Unfurl Their Cleopatra

In the final sex scene, three members of the Russian mafia (Gromoff, Ivan Cseska and Sergei Jordonov from Thick as Thieves) bring their latest victim to the dungeon rolled up in a rug. When the rug is unrolled, out pops Garret Hunt - much like Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. Well, Hunt is blond.

Soon after they put Hunt through his sexual paces, two armed Columbians, Pedro Pandilla and Adriano Marquez, who turned out to be a very enduring porn star (Trunks 3) break up the party - at least momentarily.

Putting aside their weapons, the gangsters choose to settle their dispute like men and compete in the activities that really matter - like sucking cock, shooting loads, eating ass, and fucking. The various couplings, triplings and quadruplings are too confusing to record in detail. But as far as this reviewer was concerned, the only pair that really matters were Gromoff and Jordonov, who burn up the screen.

How does the plot get resolved? Well, you will have to see it for yourself. Suffice it to say the ending is not what it should be - it is predictable, truncated and dissapointing. But considering the sexual extravaganzas that preceede the denoument, most viewers won't complain too loudly. In Gangsters At Large, sexual intimacy is sacrificed for sexual spectacle. Many of the scenes feel too crowded, in my own opinion.

However, viewers who enjoy group sex will find the goings-on exceptionally erotic. All of the men are gorgeous specimens, with muscles that glisten and gleam for the camera.

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