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Game Room

Ben Baird
SX Video  
Braden Fox , Erik , Jason Reed , Jeramiah Maxx , Juan , Kelly Taylor , Lindel Alexander , Marcos , Marcus Matthew
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexInterracial SexLatinosTwinks, AmericanCum Eating

Game Room

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A decidedly twinkish affair from SX Video.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

SX Video established their name with sleazy raw sex movies like the Barebacking With Jeff Parmer series, and titles with toys and kinky raw play such as Anything Goes, and even movies populated with bearish barebackers in Real Men Have Hair.

But their new Ben Baird helmed skin flick Game Room shows that SX Video are branching out into new territory. Usually leaning towards models in their 30s and up, Game Room by contrast is a decidedly twinkish affair, still incorporating that trademark skin on skin action of course, but bringing in some fresh young talent while they're at it.

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Jason Reed sucks Jude
Marcus Matthew observes

As you'd suspect, Game Room contains four scenes that take place in *ahem* gaming scenarios. The first of the quartet is subtitled Basketball Barebacking and features spiky haired and sunny dispositioned cover star Braden Fox whose busy shooting hoops with Jeramiah Maxx, a taller skinny twink whose hot abdomen tattoo smiles back at us above his pubic area. (Both guys do it with each other in Helix's Breaking the Rules)

Shockingly competitive when it comes to scoring against each other ("You'd better bet your ass", states Fox.) this duo aren't. When it becomes apparent that Maxx sucks in more ways than one, the score reveals Fox won by a landslide, and the game is swiftly forgotten.

Maxx gets to his knees and sucks on Fox's uncut white American dick which stiffens impressively in Maxx's slurping mouth. Fox's cock may not be a giant but it's nice and thick, and charmingly pretty, as becomes evident with Maxx, the insatiable suck machine, at his feet.

With Maxx still sucking on that cutie penis the scene moves to the bedroom. Maxx makes good on his butt bet by lubing up his victor's prick and sliding all the way onto it raw. He rides his skinny frame up and down for a while, then Fox takes command and gets on top, flipping Maxx on his back and giving him a solid rhythmic trouncing with his wide-ass meat.

Fox does him on his front for some time, but when you got a suck machine in bed with you, you might as well utilize it and its back to Maxx's mouth. Approaching climax, Fox yanks on his rod until thick creamy spooge shoots out down the shaft and onto his belly for his partner to lap up like a happy little bitch. Maxx then works out a nice big load of his own, his chest coated with cum.

Hockey Humping is not quite the six-a-side orgy you might hope for, but it does pair up the extremely fuckable blonde Jason Reed with tasty Latino Juan for a game of air hockey, "winner takes butt". In a similarly washout moment echoing the previous scene Juan loses miserably and must give his ass up for hot boy Reed. This is no surprise to those of us who remember his cumhole of a performance in Anything Goes. I suspect foul play.

Juan and Reed strip off, and the dark haired Latin gives Reed some entrancing oral pleasure. Reed is nicely built with a hard body, and his cock is no exception, giving his dog some nice thick bone.

Juan bends over the air hockey table, rimmed, lubed, fingered and fucked… with a wide pink butt plug that Reed shoves right up his writhing pal. Juan is primed grade-A cockhole now, and his ass meets Reed's raw manhood with depraved hunger.

Juan's hole takes the fuck like his goal took the puck. It's just as uncovered and wide to receive. Reed likes to be verbal, and he asks his prostrated Juan if he'd like his cum in his ass. Juan does.

So Reed assaults him doggy style on the carpeted floor with Juan jerking himself off to Reed's syncopated thrusts. And when he's ready to spray he pulls that hard uncovered cock from Juan's hole and shoots a legendary load all over it (and those smooth brown cheeks) before fucking it all back up inside, that nasty bugger. Juan takes little time spunking on himself with Reed finger fucking his drenched anus. It's a nasty wet sequence, and perfect for any bareback affecionado.

We understand Game Room's pattern by now, so won't bother going into the preliminary details of Marcos (Nick Orteas) and Erik (Bareback My Ass!) getting together for "Foosball Fucking". Suffice to say Marcos loses the game and is servicing masculine pierced and goateed guy Erik in seconds flat.

Sub guy Marcos has a tattooed neck that almost acts as a waterline for his throat "fill to here", and Erik has an obliging uncut prick. Marcos gets naked, revealing more of his body which is accentuated with linear tats, and he straddles the foosball table for Erik's steel-ringed bare fucktool.

These guys enjoy each other to the full. No tacky fake porn grunts here, just a true and genuine appreciation for hard bodies, wet cock and dripping ass. True chemistry is always the best way for class sex action.

Marcos sticks out his smooth pasty come-get-me ass for handsome Erik's brown cock, and he gets a right juicy fucking. You can hear every squelch though your speakers. When he is impaled from behind, Marcos' back passage sounds wetter than a catholic choirboy after a full week of Sundays.

It's a rousing affair to see that shaved ass sliding up and down Erik's fat dark rawhood. On all fours Marcos claims his losing prize - a huge load of fresh wet spurt up, on, and all around his cum chasm. Erik makes sure it's fucked back inside his mate in the wettest stickiest anal climax of the movie.

Jason Reed Instigates the Blackjack Banging

Evening out the score in the final innings is "Blackjack Banging". Porn star Jason Reed returns for some cards and is joined by fellow smoothies - curly haired twink dude Jude and up-for-it stylish gay boy Marcus Matthew. (Keen eyes will note that "Jude" is Tony Martin from Falcon's Ivy League taking the bareback plunge.)

Quicker than the blinking of an eye (or a well opened hole) the guys have switched games to strip blackjack. Boys will be boys, and only a few items of clothing remain on the collective by the time first loser Reed kneels down and takes Matthew's tasty hard penis in his mouth.

He switches back and forth between Matthew's member and Jude's big boner (winning the prize for the longest AND fattest cock of this movie), admitting he feels like a winner.

He is duly taken from both ends, fucked senseless, raw, hard and unrelenting, until his hole and mouth are both soaked wet with precum, and his tops know they have won hhim over. The guys spend their loads deep in his ass.

And lucky DVD purchasers get some unpublished "extra time" with Lindel Alexander and Erik from scene three playing over the foosball table. Lindel has good chemistry with Erik, and truly enjoys chowing down.

He's fucked sloppily in his white jockstrap, furiously and passionately by Erik and his metal cockring. Interested only in doing Alexander from behind it seems like he puts a couple of loads up there before the climax of the scene, where Alexander's ass is sloshed and spent.

Also included on the DVD is Jude's training reel' (his audition tape) where a few secrets are revealed about his person that might turn a few guys on even more, and add an aspect to his personality. Reed interviews Jude and discovers his bent towards straight sex, duly sucking him off. Jude sits poker faced and pretends he's not interested. A hidden gem.

Game Room sees SX Video combining good looking young twinks with bareback kinks, and coming up heads every time. Game Room is a sure winner, and will satisfy any sports fan this side of the Olympics.

Also included on the DVD is Jude's training reel (his audition tape), hot action stills, SX Video models playing with their range of sex toys, and multiple bareback promos.

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Braden Fox and Jeramiah MaxxWatch on or Watch VOD
Braden Fox and Jeramiah Maxx

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