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Full Throttle

Michael Clift
Hot House Entertainment   HH042
C.J. Knight , Jay Armstrong , Marko Hansom , , Mike Power , , ,
Daddy / BoyHunksDaddies / MenGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Full Throttle

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Nick Piston goes under the hood with Mike Power.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who's that tinkering under the hood? It's Steven Scarborough, director of Hot House's Full Throttle. And the guy's got balls. I mean, as far as porn goes, the garage/blue collar fetish has become trite and stale ¬– just look at the Hard Mechanics series. But here, under Scarborough's direction, Full Throttle revs up perfectly, ticking like a well oiled machine.

Of course it helps to have a cast of muscular grease monkeys. And with few exceptions, this particular road crew is well suited to drive this fuck flick over the finish line in style.

Full Throttle does indeed start out strong, a curious Nick Piston (Justice) peeking his head into blonde Mike Power's (Twisted 2) seedy garage.

This is a no-nonsense encounter. Power's not so polite way of saying hello is to wordlessly push Nick Piston onto his knees. Piston looks especially appealing here, sexy with short hair and a couple days growth of beard. Piston makes the most of the opportunity in front of him, giving, then later receiving, a glorious blowjob. Both men, in addition to their fat pricks, have a penchant for dirty talk, each upping the ante as the sex gets more heated.

Lucky Piston gets his pink hole bathed clean, only to get filthy again when Power fucks him on a dusty mattress that's lying on the garage floor.

Equally aggressive is Matt Cole (Frisky Fans interview), here playing a gum-smacking worker bee, bored with the task at hand. You can hardly blame Cole (Trucks 2); co-worker C.J. Knight is one hell of a distraction.

Both men abandon their inventory taking and take a much needed smoke break, Knight doing a fabulous job of smoking Cole's hot pole. They say that Cole's left the porn business (that sound you hear is this reviewer weeping). What a shame; this is one model who definitely doesn't phone it in when he's onscreen.

Mike Power fucks his brains out. He's thrilling here, shooting Knight the dirtiest, most erotic looks while standing above, his cock swallowed whole. Cole, who has wavered between stocky and athletic, is in peak condition here, bending Knight over a rolling ladder and piercing him from behind. The only thing missing here are some snapshots of Cole's ripe asshole getting tongued. Here, he's strictly top, and wonderfully so. This duo is the unmistakable highlight of Full Throttle, a performance not to be missed.

Jay Armstrong Starts Trouble

Why is it that jug-eared Jay Armstrong is often cast as the unwitting instigator? And similar to his performance in another blue collar themed flick, Nailed, Armstrong's mere presence is enough to get things started with a couple of oily mechanics (Vinnie D'Angelo & Nick Piston).

Stripping out of his uniform shirt is the sparks that fires up Piston's burners. While D'Angelo continues to service a customer's car, Armstrong is sucking some impressive cock, not five feet away. But in the end, the hot visuals are more than the heretofore stoic D'Angelo can stand. He abandons his post and adds his throbber to the mix, challenging Armstrong with still more meat.

Piston and D'Angelo tag-team their little buddy all over the garage, finishing up by fucking Armstrong, neatly bucketed atop a single stack of used tires. The trio eventually calls it a day, bathing Armstrong in salty jizz.

The final vignette in Full Throttle features Robert Van Damme and Marko Hansom. Unlike other directors like Blue Blake who fail to fully capitalize on Van Damme's magnificent sex appeal, Scarborough is able to tease out every last drop from his model.

This is not the first time the two have worked together, and like previous endeavors (At Your Service) the results are impressive. Some credit has to be given to Marko Hansom, the compact firecracker who takes the brunt of Van Damme's anal punishment in this scene. Hansom is spectacularly cut up, with a torso that rivals his partner's thicker frame.

The fun starts slowly, sensually with the lovers taking turns sucking dick, but quickly builds steam when Hansom gets butt-banged on top of a rolling toolbox. Watch carefully for the moment when Van Damme bends at the waist to blow Hansom, his prick still pistoning in and out of his bottom's ass.

Now, that's what Scarborough means by putting it into gear!

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Full Throttle Photos:

Jay Armstrong, Vinny D'Angelo, Nick Piston
Full Throttle Fuck Train
Jay Armstrong, Vinny D'Angelo, Nick Piston
Mike Power fucks Nick PistonWatch on - Watch VOD
Mike Power tops Nick Piston
Robert Van Damme fucks Marko HansomWatch on - Watch VOD
Robert Van Damme tops Marko Hansom

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