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Fuk'N Tight Holes

Bill Hunter
Hot Desert Knights  
Pavel Matous , Jason Nicos , Leo Cooper , Thomas Lee , Tommy Rogers
Bareback SexCzech BoysTwinks, International

Fuk'N Tight Holes

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Dennis Reed and Leo Cooper frolic bareback

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

We avoided reviewing Fuk'n Tight Holes only because the North American distributor, Hot Desert Knights, fails to properly identify many of the film's models. And on Frisky Fans, unlike other websites, we do not reduce our movie descriptions to simply "two hot guys walk into a room and fuck."

For now, we've identified most of the models, who include some of our favorites. As for the missing name gaps, anyone in the know should feel free to email us ( email- i n f o @ f r i s k y f a n s . o r g ).

Tommy Rogers and Dennis Reed Watch on HDKCentral Website
Tommy Rogers & Dennis Reed
The movie begins with a playful one-on-one between handsome blond Thomas Lee and couch buddy Jason Nicos, who seems to have dropped his usual bottle blond hair look. (We regret to also admit that we misspelled his last name in our blog about him titled Jason Nikos' Raw Regrets) Nicos is, naturally, finely naired, which contrasts nicely with Lee's natural body hair and masculine demeanor.

Nicos throws his legs completely back to his ears, so Lee can lick out his boy hole. After giving him a tasty tongue bath, Lee pulls Nicos' petite torso towards him and eases his lubed cock inside.

This episode also includes a surprisingly unique touch - the top fucks the bottom the entire time while wearing a sexy pair of gray underwear. With his pulled back over his head, and the skivvies, this Lee acts the perfect top.

After moving through several hot positions, Lee douses the bottom's hairless hole with cum, and gingerly sticks it back inside for a bit. Nicos drops a thick, white load of cum.

We next are treated to another nice on-screen coupling between Leo Cooper and a dark haired beauty who we cannot positively identify, which is exasperating because this guy is extremely handsome. Cooper pulls the beauty's tight form underwear, which is the green and yellow flag of Brazil, half way down. Cooped delivers a very nice suck all the while playing with his own stuffy that juts out of his blue jeans.

Cooper has developed a legion of fans from working tirelessly in all kinds of Czech productions, some top notch, while others not so much. A self-professed straight boy, there is a fan divide over which looks better, him topping or bottoming.

Fans of watching Cooper getting his straight boy butt fucked will enjoy this episode. He rides the dark haired beauty at length, bouncing up and down with his pale body fully spread open to the camera. The top sperms Cooper's hole, followed by his own tasty looking money shot on his tummy.

Tommy Rogers has a tight hole

Next up is another satisfying one-on-one between popular blonde switch hitter Dennis Reed and the feisty little spark plug Tommy Rogers.

This was filmed early in Rogers' film career, because he still sports the same severe mullet which he wore in Raw Sluts.

As usual, Rogers' ass clearly can take a good, solid pounding. Reed drives his long cock inside for long shots of bareback fucking. On occasion, he pauses to pull his bare dick out and show the camera as happy proof.

At this point in the movie, everyone seems to have fully used that same tacky couch. Therefore Rogers and Reed must contend with screwing atop a rather uncomfortable looking, cheap dining room table. Hey, we never said this was one of the bigger budget flicks. The heat comes from the good cast, and speaking of, Reed puts in a first rate top man performance here. He goes to town banging Rogers' butt.

The last episode of Fuk'n Tight Holes is a three-way, between a hugely hung guy credited here as John Long, and two pretty tasty twinks. The skinny one with lighter hair may be Chose Armando, an extremely prolific model whose worked for just about everybody filming gay porn over in Prague, and he gets fucked here by George Michaelo. This is actually the blandest of all the scenes. All Long does is stand and get his dick sucked by Armando who bottoms for Michaelo.

Czech boy fans should note that the same Mr. Long also appeared as the hugely hung, sunglasses wearing mystery man who Jay Refro sucks off in one of his dreams in Raw Entry Club's Internal Affairs: A Bareback Love Story. He's total trade there as well.

The last episode is a classic example of very staged, bored models moving through the motions just to get paid. Fortunately the previous three episodes in Fuk'n Tight Holes makes up for the deficit with numerous high moments.

Fans of Dennis Reed and Leo Cooper will swoon, and the quiet sexuality of Thomas Lee is always eye opening. Watch Fuk'n Tight Holes Holes pay per view, or as a member of HDK Central, members can enjoy this and lots of other continuously updated bareback adventures.

Fuk'N Tight Holes Photos:

Fukn Tight Holes snapshot Watch on HDKCentral Website Fukn Tight Holes snapshot Watch on HDKCentral Website
Leo Cooper bottoms for this Brazil hunk
Dennis Reed and Tommy Rogers Watch on HDKCentral Website
Dennis Reed behind Tommy Rogers

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