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Fuck It! - Citi Boyz 50

Steve Shay
Citi Boyz  
Ace Sinclair , Brooklyn Ray , , Jonny Sinclair , Luke Anthony , Trystian Sweet
Twinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungCum EatingAutofellatio

Fuck It! - Citi Boyz 50

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Trystian Sweet says Fuck It!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Trystian Sweet says Fuck It!

Found twink movies lately to be boring, dull or achingly routine? Look no further then to the releases this Summer from Citi Boyz, who once again impress us by firing out high octane productions with so little hype.

Fuck It! is the studio's fiftieth film, and it's a smokin gem. Actually Fuck It! is a companion to their previous movie Tight Ass Twinks, another torrid twink flick with much of the same cast. Giving just a first glance to the box cover, where Luke Anthony and Trystian Sweet stand half naked, grinning, you know that what is inside is promising.

Sweet is rapidly moving up in fame this year to the realm of "major star," and watching him it's easy to see why. All the guys in the film are cuties, who fuck and suck with a real enthusiasm driven by the thrill of doing it in front of cameras. Their attitude: Fuck It!

Brooklyn Ray and Devin Moss Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Brooklyn Ray sucks Devin "10 Inch" Moss

Tight Ass Twink blog
Ace Sinclair, Bathhouse Denizen
The only criticism about the movie is that it only contains three complete sex scenes. This is padded out however with four solo performances from the models. Some might find the number of action scenes small, but all three are excellent, as are the solos.

Devin 10 Inch Moss says Fuck It!

First we get started when Brooklyn Ray finds Devin "10 Inch" Moss alone in bed reading a skin magazine. Both guys look great with their clothes off. Ray gets his mouth stretched to the max with Moss' massive meat. It's great to see his cock hard and getting serviced.

Ray's own cock is big as well. Also, he seems to be a top, which is okay because Moss just so happens to be a big dick bottom.

Ray throws him a nice doggie style fuck on the floor, after romping around with him on the bed. Moss ends up getting roundly reamed and covered in cum.

After this comes an even better scene, where Ace Sinclair (Just the Sex) and Jonny Sinclair (same last names?) get frisky together in an empty house. Ace Sinclair is one of the most exciting new guys to watch this year. He's an absolute sexual animal, as well as gorgeous. And watching him get fucked is just as thrilling, which Jonny Sinclair does with his own thick cock.

Before this, however, is a tasty sequence showing Johnny Sinclair rim his buddy's smooth backside. Rimming leads to a fine fuck perched over the stairs. Excellent photography from director Shay highlight the bottom's amazing looking ass here. Getting through this scene in one sitting may be difficult, however when this happens viewers can thrill to the high powered geyser money shot from the top that douses Ace Sinclair, leaving him stunned.

Devin Moss Pulled in a Four Way

The third action scene begins with a game of strip pool, made all the more interesting by the talkative, commanding personality of porn star Trystian Sweet. Once naked, Sweet and buddy Luke Anthony are making shots with full erections between their legs. Their game also draws the attention of Devin Moss, who makes an encore performance here. He restricts himself mostly to some oral work, or just playing the voyeur.

Trystian Sweet gets to fuck a lot of twink ass. The scene is dominated by Sweet, who seems perfectly happy having Anthony's ass all to himself. Sweet fucks Anthony's ass all over and around that pool table. Anthony played the shy "bathhouse guy" in Tight Ass Twinks. He gets completely worked over in this film by Sweet, a voluble top.

The guys finish with more big money shots, Sweet shooting his into Anthony's mouth. Despite that Moss seems to be a third wheel here, the rousing fuck of Anthony by Sweet is memorable.

As mentioned earlier, Fuck It! contains four solo performances from the star models in the film. Ray, Sinclair & Sinclair and Sweet, all of whom have nice, toned bodies, very worthy of a lengthy jack off study.

Ray stiffens while going through the Citi Boyz office photo materials. He smokes a cigarette who playing with his hard dick. Next, Ace Sinclair shows off his body, hopping in the shower, where he grows a boner that needs extra attention. Later in the bed, he even demonstrates his auto fellatio technique.

Jonny Sinclair pops a boner when surrounded by the lit computer screens, dancing with images of naked Citi Boyz. He strokes his thick meat, cums, and eats some of it. The final solo starts with an underwear clad Sweet, who is grooming and preening in the bathroom mirror. Once coiffed, he strokes his meat until he cums all over himself.

No reason to dwell on boring, paint-by-numbers twink movies this year. Fuck It! is another white hot sizzler from Citi Boyz.

Fuck It! - Citi Boyz 50 Photos:

Devin Moss bottoms for Brooklyn Ray Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Devin Moss bottoms for Brooklyn Ray
Trystian Sweet, Luke Anthony and Devin Moss Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Trystian Sweet, Luke Anthony, Devin "10 Inch" Moss
Ace Sinclair bottoms in Fuck It! Watch on CitiBoyz or Watch VOD
Ace Sinclair bottoms in Fuck It!

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