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Fuck Holes 2

Max Sohl
Treasure Island Media  
CumDumper , Dick Damonson , Eric Wo , Franco Dax , Javier , Jizz Guy , Justin , Kurt Kaiser , Kurt Wood , Ligee , Marc Short , Marcelo Masko , Michael , Nick Roberts , Rippedstudx , Scott Weaver , Sean , Taylor Means , Zachary Blackwell
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Fuck Holes 2

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A pump n dump extravaganza with Christian, Jay Ross and Ian Jay.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Max Sohl has never been a director for the faint of heart which is why his relationship with the ultra-uninhibited Treasure Island Media studio is the perfect of couplings. In his latest film sequel, Sohl focuses his nasty-ass camera lens onto the anonymous barebacking scene, in Fuck Holes 2 – Pump and Dump Edition, and we like what he spies…

"Snake Charmer" stars hispanic raw alum Javier, a hungry bottom from Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend, is already suspended from the ceiling in a sling as the movie opens. His legs are pinned far back behind his head and his ass is "come and get it" wide open for the four tops that encircle him.

And come and get it they certainly do, as one by one the impressive lengths of the huge-dicked Ligee from Sperm Bank, Caesar B, salt and pepper Daddy Marc Short from Dawson's 20 Load Weekend and the furry, pierced Nick Roberts each stuff Javier's insatiable opening with their raw cocks, pumping him hard and deep and opening his hole up for each of them to deposit loads of cum inside him.

Ligee works the guys' loads even deeper with his over-ample measurement, and by the end of it Javier's multiply fucked rectum can't even close (and likely doesn't want to) as the guys dirty mingled sex juices drip out of him, making him a target for Short's felching fetish, as Ligee works his other cockhole like a true slut. And when the guys are fully satisfied with their debauched sling-pig they feed him their cum directly from his hole.

Javier's nasty antics, and hot close ups of his face as he enjoys these pleasures make this scene memorably hot - from the "straight in there" start, till he's been pummeled into a jism-leaking rosebud. It's just under 20 minutes, but this sequence feels like a movie in itself and will not disappoint any self-disrespecting bareback fetishist.

Ian JayWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ian Jay, Fuck Hole
Taylor Means stars in Hotel Cumdump. In a complete change of pace "Hotel Cumdump" stars a twinkish 24 year old blonde boy named Taylor Means who is the cumdump in question. Here, we watch the highlights of his multiple hour indoctrination into absolutely anonymous raw sex, as he bends over a hotel room bed wearing only a white jockstrap, which accentuates his sumptuous fuckable butt, and gets penetrated from behind by six guys handpicked by the director that he never even sees. The resulting footage is a window into a true pump and dump session, as Means insatiable need for anonymous cock and cum plays out on the screen before us.

Before ever seeing his face the camera is zoomed straight in on what is important – Means cute willing ass, and a blue cockringed penis belonging to the first anon-top, Kurt Wood. Pounding like a March hare he spurts deep inside Means boycunt, leaving a slick shiny opening for the subsequent 5 tops to add their loads to.

There's black top Cumdumper (Dawson's 50 Load Weekend Parts 1 & 2) who leaves Means ass spackled with juice, younger blonde hottie Scott Weaver, feltching daddy Zachary Blackwell, with whom its no surprise to find the emblem of a pig among his many tattoos and piercings, and who gets Means so worked up his hole positively squeezes the cum out of his oversized shaft like he needs it to survive.

Next is Sean, whose face is blurred on film, but who has a nice bod and admits to loving anonymous scenes like this so much he cums in under a minute. Cue Treasure Island Media graphics department with a countdown clock displaying the time until he fills the boy with a nice wad of spunk. Finally a metal cockringed guy with a ballcap named Michael completes Means fuckfest and, with the aid of some poppers, leaves his hole slick with spooge and wide open like a hooker. Another segment truly worthy of its own movie.

"City Hole" finds TIM regular Christian (Fearless) in a penthouse overlooking New York and in the company of a testosterone-laden hottie in the form of Eric Wolfe. In a one-on-one sequence that shows how much fun two chemically compatible models can have on a sex shoot, Wolfe upends Christian, and really takes his time with his bare ass, using his ample prick to fuck his cockslut till he's been well and truly bred. The duo finally kiss with sperm hanging between their mouths like they've decorated for Christmas. {Tumblr: Christian wins Best Bareback Bottom Award]

"3-Loads" retuns to a multi-fuck scenario with (Jay Ross from Barebacking with Carlos Morales) the central cumslut in question. Making sure he gets the nasty sloppy shagging he deserves are three hot tops – there's white guy Justin who is the first to hammer at his whore-hole, then hot black dude Rippedstudx (Sperm Bank) who certainly knows how to use a slut like Ross. By the time their juices are dripping out of Ross's rear end and onto the bed, Jizz Guy adds to the potent mix of spunk, spurting absolute loads of seed from his fat engorged cockhead, right onto Ross's smooth cheeks and then collecting it all up and fucking it back inside him.

"Selfish Breeder" showcases submissive Ian Jay (Damon Blows America 10: Denver) -with his distinctive and hot nose piercing – and as we join the action his throat is already stuffed full with the throbbing member of verbal top Brandon. Proving himself to be the selfish breeder of the title Brandon barks out orders to Jay which, when done with conviction as it is here, proves EXTREMELY erotic. Although anonymous Brandon's face is obscured from the audience his dominant style and relentless hard cock steal the scene as he grabs Jay by the neck while pounding him to the brim with raw cock and cum, calling Jay a "dirty fucking pig" as he gets ready to shoot. And it's a nastily appropriate gooey thick cum shot too. Jay's hole and ass are left so messy from this strangers' seed, he can't resist working one out for himself.

Dick DamonsonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dick Damonson, Fuck Hole

The Fuck Holes 2 Orgy

And for the grand finale Sohl offers us "2 Fuck Holes", as the two popper sniffin' slut holes in question - ex-marine Dick Damonson, another sturdy bottom from Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend, and the distinctive versatile model Marcelo Masko - offer THEIR 2 fuck holes to the afore mentioned Eric Wolfe and Rippedstudx, as well as Franco Dax and sturdy bareback top Kurt Kaiser from Meat Rack. Kaiser starts the balls rolling by shoving his huge cock inside Masko's hairy ass with a force that really gets the party started.

Wolfe's curvy appendage snakes its way inside Damonson and the bottoms face each other on the bed, each with a raw prick nestled firmly up their sphincters. Wolfe pulls out and re-enters right as he cums (and shoots inside), while on the other bottom handsome fat cocked Dax makes an absolute mess of Masko's hirsuite heiny.

And the fun doesn't end there. At one point Masko is ripped apart by two raw cocks inside him at once, and - one cock at a time - Damonson and Masko are reduced to the lowest common denominator – insatiable whorish receptacles for the fellas' uncovered pricks and spunk. And boy, do they love it. It's a hot fucking mess of an orgy.

Fuck Holes 2 DVD Extras

As if that wasn't more than enough for any discerning cum slut (and trust us, it is), there are TWO additional bonus scenes on the DVD, a hot little fuck between Jay Ross and Caesar B., and another with Ian Jay being taken just the way he likes it by handsome Latin top man Marco Rivas from Sleaze 2). Then pile on a cumshot compilation and twenty-five minutes of hardcore previews and it's almost like you're getting another movie on top of the main feature, which would still be a necessary addition to anyone's collection by itself.

Like the raw tops in his films, Sohl crams in as much nasty goodness as he can into each of the six varied scenes on offer and there's no mistaking that. Every moment is packed full of hardcore barebacking fun which, with the sheer amount of models alone will stand up to viewing upon viewing.

There isn't a redundant shot, a wasted second, or a cut too long, and with Fuck Holes 2, Sohl has created a dirty slutty masterpiece of raw-piggy cinema that is quite simply a must have movie, hands down. Watch it with your friends and there won't be a dry hole in the house.

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Fuck Holes 2 Photos:

Javier in Fuck Holes 2Watch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Javier plays the Snake Charmer
ChristianWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian, Fuck Hole
Jay RossWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jay Ross, Fuck Hole

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