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From Bear to Bare

Will Astor
All Worlds Video  
Adam Collins , Bill Ray , Brad Davis , Damien , Dan Rider , Dexter Palmer , Jack Van Dean , Jake Row , Jeff Brokes , Will West
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From Bear to Bare

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Bears Invade the All Worlds Resort

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

To observe the bear in his natural habitat, you need only head poolside to the All Worlds Resort in California. The directors of From Bear to Bare have coaxed several hairy specimens from their lairs and put them in front of the rolling cameras.

If you don't watch this one until the very end, it's easy to miss the hottest action in the film. Don't be tempted to pop the tape out of your VCR as the action only gets more intense as you make your way through the four scenes.

Ever wonder what it might feel like to have a bushy handlebar moustache shoved up against your asshole, a hot and wet tongue flicking your shitter? Well Jack Van Dean and Brad Davis find out at the top of the film when Damien makes use of his face hair. Muscle bear Damien is a hot find - bald head, retro 'stache and man-lovin' attitude. He steals this scene.

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And who says that bears can't be muscular? Van Dean is pumped and makes deepthroating cock an art form. This threeway has plenty of dirty talk, manhandling and raw sexual urgency. Van Dean and Davis (the film's quasi narrator) offer up their furry butts for some deep dicking before all three cum.

Daddy Dan Rider wants to show his bearcub, Jeff Brokes, how to be a porn star. This scene is staged in front of All Worlds Resort's wall o' porn and it's obvious Brokes is anxious to be in the movies. Sporting an odd tattoo ('Love, Hope, Sex, Dream') on the inside of his arm, he gently forces Brokes to his knees and urges his buddy to suck.

For fans of foot worship and toe sucking, this scene is a must-see. After each toe gets a thorough lickin', Rider spends some time giving Brokes' asshole a heated tongue bath. Brokes is treated to some finger fucking before the two get into some anal action. They switch between an intimate missionary to doggy-style and then cap it off with Brokes riding on top. Brokes blows his wad with Rider buried inside his ass, then eats up his own spooge.

The third scene starts small and gets much, much more heated. Will West, sporting a very fleshy and very delicious cock just can't help stroking that meat jacuzzi-side with pal Jake Rowe. When Adam Collins spies the mutual jack-off, he decides to get the party going by blowing Rowe, then West. By the time Dexter Palmer (Sleaze) and Billy Ray drop by the pool, the party is in full swing. Out come the toys from the toy box - three bear cubs test the limits of their holes' stretching capacities. The highlight of this scene is West and Rowe working side by side, each spreading the cheeks of their three bottom boys for some luscious rimjobs.

The finale to From Bear to Bare is an eight-bear orgy staged outside in the bright sunlight. This scene is by far the best that the entire film has to offer. Four dominant tops start off sitting poolside, legs dangling in the water, being serviced by four eager lads. The sex is almost comically mathematical, four by four.

Eventually the bear cubs emerge from the pool, each being blown by his respective bear. Each cub then switches to a new bear for oral servicing. When the four tops produce four very large dildos, their four cubs bend over and line up to receive. One cub even gets double-dildoed, if such a thing is even possible. Once the fucking starts, the action mixes up quite a bit more. Some of the models manage to get off multiple times by the time the orgy 'cums' to its breathless conclusion.

Hats off to All Worlds for showing that bears can indeed be hot. The film finishes off with each model introducing himself directly to the camera, which is incredibly sexy and lends a personal flair to the flick. The film's production values are good and the models are not ones you've seen recycled over and over in gay porn. This film is bearly over when your balls start aching for more.

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Adam Collins
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Bill Ray blows Damien

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