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Frisky Summer: Sebastian (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Dano Sulik , Erik Kovac , Ion Davidov , Julian Armanis , Lukas Ridgeston , Max Pellion , Sebastian Bonnet
Czech BoysGang Bang

Frisky Summer: Sebastian (Bel Ami)

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Lukas Ridgeston and Julian Aramis travel to Portugal

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Frisky Summer 2 is a classic. We get to see all of Bel Ami's top models in the top form, combined with director George Duroy's outing of filming this in the exotic locale of Portugal. The result is a porn which should be on your must-see list.

Filmed on location in Austria, Portugal and the Czech Republic, this film follows the adventures of seven boyish men enjoying their summer vacation. The film stars the dazzling Lukas Ridgeston. With his remarkable eyes, his promising smile, his ripely buffed body and his endlessly erupting cock, he remains the future prince of most gay men's deepest, most primal dreams.

The film begins with a three-way in a barn with the lean Ion Davidov, sex machine Dano Sulik, and newcomer Max Pellion. Games of grab-his-ass and horseplay quickly lead to kissing and cocksucking. Sulik and Pellion team up to service Davidov orally. After three gushing cum shots, we start the anal action. Pellion gets fucked by his buddies and afterwards Sulik pounds Pellion's ass, while Davidov pumps his. The chain works well too, the three get the rhythm to hit that perfect beat.

Sebastian Bonnet in Frisky Summer 2
Sebastian Bonnet
For the next scene, we turn to a sunny beach with Ridgeston, Erik Kovac, and at the time newcomers Sebastian Bonnet and Julian Armanis. This is the longest scene, but also its most potent. At this first outing, Sonnet was totally stunning. He and Lukas discover a deserted, sunny grotto where they get frisky. This all-oral encounter is breathtaking. They kiss and tenderly nibble on each other's body. Their impressive hard-ons rub against each other. The sun literally radiates off their youthful flesh, as Lukas drops to his knees and swallows Bonnet's hard cock. Bonnet explodes as Lukas gently licks his belly.

Next, stretched across a towel, Lukas gets his blowjob with such a force that he reaches a multi-squirt finish. Separately, Kovac and Armanis service each other in similar fashion. The scene is not as impressive compared to the Lukas / Bonnet pairing, but that is a hard act to follow.

We are treated to touristy scenes of the four boys exploring the town. We see a nice camaraderie developing among them. Soon they are back at the hotel, all sitting on a huge bed. They are all displaying their erections for mutual inspection. Giggling and touching leads to Kovac sucking Lukas. Lukas chains to Bonnet and Bonnet gulps on Armanis. They all fire big volleys: Lukas' impressively everywhere on Bonnet's beautiful ass, Bonnet rains his shot all over Lukas' face.

The heat builds and various pyramids of positions are explored, assumed and rearranged. Both Lukas and Armanis bury their faces in Bonnet's ass, which afterwards gets filled by Lukas's cock. As Bonnet gets fucked doggie style by Lukas, Armanis is pounded missionary style by Kovac. More cumshots, smiles and laughter conclude the scene.

Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik are frisky

The final scene of the movie shows Sulik and Bonnet in bed, in what is the first-recorded encounter of the Personal Trainers themselves. The two have a cute pillow fight, which leads to the always-aggressive Sulik to plowing Bonnet with one of his remarkable powerfucks. Sulik's top-skills are fully vetted here, cumming a total of five times. Sulik has never had the Hollywood glamour of some Bel Ami models, but he clearly has enough sexpig energy to light up anything.

The film is followed by a thirty minute documentary that is both funny and sexy, and it includes a moment of Lukas actually speaking English for the first time on video.

Frisky Summer 2 is crammed with images of hot guys and hot sex. The Frisky Summer magic shows us that innocence has not been totally lost.

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