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Frisky Summer: Best Friends (Bel Ami)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alex Petersen , Daniel Valent , Dano Sulik , Filip Smirnov , Gynt Klein , Ion Davidov , John Paulik , , Milos Janek , Tomas Belko
Czech BoysSolos

Frisky Summer: Best Friends (Bel Ami)

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Ion Davidov and Kristian Jensen get frisky

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The 1995 film Frisky Summer begins the classic trilogy devoted to warm weather frolic from Czech director George Duroy. A series of unrelated scenes, the theme of the film is great-looking Czech boys enjoying sexcapades during the summer. The film also formerly introduces us to Bel Ami star Ion Davidov, as we know him today [he actually appeared as Pieter Gierek in The Gangbangers with very long hair].

Davidov is a well-toned brunet with a beautiful cock and a cute smile. In the films first scene, Ion walks out of the forest wearing baggy shorts. He plops down onto a pile of hay in a deserted barnyard. Then in Frisky Summer fashion, hes drawn to pull out his cock and begin playing with it. At this point, short blonde Daniel Valent awakens in his room across the way. He opens the window and spies Ion. Daniel Valent is a well-built bottom boy who appeared in several early Duroy films. In all, Valent's compact body, sultry eyes and round ass just scream for sexual attention. Little wonder that this Czech bottom's popularity continues to endure.

Ion Davidov and Daniel Valent
Ion Davidov behind Daniel Valent
While watching each other, they reveal to each other their hard bodies. Their full attention to making love while yet separated is mesmerizing. The two then connect, and Ion gives an enthusiastic standing fuck to Valent. What a great start!

Johan Paulik and Tomas Belko get frisky

In the next scene, a better then ever looking Johan Paulik is bicycling with his buddy Tomas Belko (Roman Paulik in Siberian Heat). Stealing away to a deserted barn, the two attack each other in lust. The fully hard Paulik fucking Belko furiously climaxes the scene. Belko has a really hot ass, so we cannot blame him.

The next scene is a brief blowjob-only sequence in a field between Gunt Klein and Alex Petersen.

The next scene is the films centerpiece an enthusiastic three-way between Kristian Jensen, Milos Janek and Ion Davidov. Actually this starts a theme in the Frisky Summer series an enthusiastic group scene. In each F.S. film, this scene grows in size and energy. However, this three-way burns white hot.

The three boys return from horsing around. The boys watch each other and jack off together. Even more aroused, they begin sucking and kissing each other around a wooden ladder. Then both Jenson and Davidov both devour and screw the blonde Janek.

Dano Sulik sits on the biggest cock ever! (Owned by Filip Smirnov) Next we see sexpig Dano Sulik take on the enormous Filip Smirnov (who Lukas merely sucks in Lukas Story). Wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, Smirnov holds out his huge cudgel for servicing by the boy. Sulik manages to get a lot of it down his throat, and later he sits on it. Sulik is the perfect choice for this most interesting exercise.

In the final scene, we see Johan Paulik and Ion Davidov rollerblading through some stone Communist-era municipal courtyards. They end up at a deserted building where they devour each other eagerly. Paulik totally kisses and chews Davidovs throat while the two boys slap each other with their erections. Davidov eagerly tops Paulik in an energetic fuck and ends in a set of great money shots.

The film is classic Duroy. Here begins the standard of European boywatching.


Did you know that the movie Out at Last contains additional scenes from Frisky Summer 1, including more footage with Johan Paulik and Ion Davidov?
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Kristian Jensen, Milos Janek and Ion DavidovWatch on
Kristian Jensen, Milos Janek and Ion Davidov examine their equipment

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