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French Connections

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP120121
Addison Scott , Alan Eve , Antonio Romano , Brennan Foster , Buck Meadows , Christopher Scott , , Drew Damon , Eric Hanson , Guy P , Jared Wright , Jens Hammer , Luc Jarrett , Matt Skyler , Nick Chevalier , Ross Vincent , Thom Barron , Virgil Sainclair , Wolff
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French Connections

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Eric Hanson and Brennan Foster's Love Story

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

French Connections was the first in Falcon's series of annual sex-epic that were typified by exotic on-location filming, a gorgeous international cast and two complete parts. [subsequent productions were Falcon Absolute and Out of Athens]

Shot on location in France, this film is both a grand love story and raunchy sex flick. The story, told over two seperate parts, journeys from the sunlight streets of Paris, to the city's dark and shadowy sex clubs.

Starring Brennan Foster and Eric Hanson, these two performers clearly are some of the finest all-around stars Falcon has ever cast in its movies. Both are glamourous sex-studs as well as convincing actors. Without a doubt, the movie's driving force is Foster (Basic Plumbing 2)>. The talented blond carries the plot, the narrations and four of the film's sex scenes. The camera drinks in his little body, expressive face and overflowing sexuality.

Thom Barron rubs against Matt SkylarWatch on or Watch VOD
Thom Barron rubs against Matt Skylar, Taylor looks on.
A closeted scion of a wealthy family, Foster must choose between his lover, the gorgeous brunet Hanson, or settle for a different life arranged by his father. He escapes with Hanson to the family chateau outside Paris. However in this new atmosphere Hanson becomes restless and bored, so he leaves Foster and hitchhikes to Paris.

Their subsequent individual adventures - or connections with the French - make up the rest of the film.

Part 1, Temptation, begins with a tender, romantic love scene between Hanson and Foster. They convincingly appear to be totally enamoured with each other as they make love. Foster is on fire as he gets humped by Hanson, who clearly loves to top. Their chemistry is sealed with copious money shots.

In Paris, director John Rutherford does a first-class job at capturing the sense of wonder and awe in the international locale. Hanson is clearly feeling provential in this big foreign city. Fortunately, he meets Frenchman Antonio Romano in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, who welcomes the American visitor with open arms. The two have a passionate sex scene beginning on the starcase of a Parisian house. Romano expertly communicates with his face the intense pleasure at getting topped by Hanson, who once again shows that he knows exactly how to use his cock.

Dragging Brennan Foster to a sex club

By contrast, during this same time Foster meets expatriate Colby Taylor, who takes him to a dark sex-club, where the blond star proves to be an innocent abroad. Wandering through the den, he watches several couplings with fascination. Brunet bottom Nick Chevalier (Desert Hart) is worked over publically by the humongous Virgil Sinclair and Taylor. This scene has it all, including Chevalier getting plowed over a barstool.

Foster also watched the collossal German Thom Barron engaging in full, hot action with goateed Jared Wright. They rim, suck, screw, and spank before Barron goes after Wright briefly with his fist to the music of clanking chains.

Soon, Foster has turned to street hustling, and he is quickly picked up by Buck Meadows, a businessman who is dressed to the nines. Meadows is a big guy with a thick German accent, who easily dominates the smaller, submissive Foster in a hot scene with much sucking, licking, and finally a powerful anal assult on the American.

Afterwards, in a weak moment, Foster fees back to the chataeu hoping to find his long-lost love. Unfortunately his car breaks down, and Part 1 ends with him stuck nowhere.

Part two continues this storyline along the same level of hot sexual energy and sexy performers. Foster learns from Drew Damon that he has been disinherited by his father. Damon offers him a place to stay. Part two includes a nice mix of romantic sexual couplings, along with wilder scenes when Foster decides to return to the sex club for more free-wheeling action. Part two includes many more of Falcon's adorable power-bottoms like Christopher Scott and Matt Skyler.

French Connections is a full-fledged sextravaganza. It marked a beginning for Falcon's ambitious line of international movies filmed on location, and it is a general erotic triumph.

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French Connections Photos:

Brennon Foster and Eric HansonWatch on or Watch VOD
Brennon Foster and Eric Hanson

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