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French Kiss (Ralph Woods)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Brandon Manilow , Dolph Lambert , Jason Knightley , Joel D'Amici , Joey Amis , Josh Elliot , Keanu Faria , Paul Valery , Ralph Woods , Todd Rosset
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French Kiss (Ralph Woods)

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Ralph Woods Plants His French Kiss

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Apparently, French Canadian Ralph Woods worked so well with the Czechs on Some Like It Big, Bel Ami decided to bring him back to sign a big time movie contract. The eternally friendly and smiling Woods has become a big hit, particularly because of his monster cock and arousing style of versatile bottoming. (Ralph Woods French Kiss blog)

In the film, Woods flys to Prague where he gets an interview-style debriefing from Bel Ami porn star turned employee Johan Paulik. Paulik mentions that their first film project with Woods will be a loose follow-up to Bel Ami's An American in Prague, the studio's groundbreaking movie from the 1990s which depicted Paulik welcoming a new star from the Americas into his town for a wild and exciting weekend.

Ralph Woods and Joel D' | Watch VOD
Ralph Woods about to plant a
French kiss on Joel D'Amici

French Kiss does not rise to the fun, smart level of An American in Prague, but on its own, it is a perfect vehicle showcasing Woods' talents, which all of his admirers will enjoy.

The movie starts by setting up a early morning love session between Josh Elliot and his boyfriend Keanu Faria, a really hot number who was just introduced in Personal Trainers 10. After a refreshing jog in the park, they return home where Elliot plays a rather pushy, service me lover, who must dash off to work soon. When those porn stars hit the big time, and Elliot is currently one of the studio's top properties, it all goes to their heads.

For now, Elliot wants Faria's mouth wrapped tightly around his pink cock head, laying back in their bed enjoying a focused blowjob. After Elliot fucks his mouth, he fucks Faria's ass, on his fours with his pretty butt raised high in the air.

Make sure the sub-titles are turned on, they have an arousing back and forth, assuring round of sexy talk throughout, culminating with Elliot pulling out and cumming. Elliot dashes off after a quick kiss and a promise for returning the sexual favor after getting home from work later that day. All by himself, Faria jacks himself off, milking out gobs of white cream.

Is the film setting us up for some future drama? For that, we must stay tuned. Basically for this movie, we see Elliot arrive at work, almost missing his photo shoot with Woods. Where are the boy's priorities?

Woods shows up to the office all preened and full of excitement. After a giggle filled interview with Paulik, they turn Woods over to Joel D'Amici to go sign the new contracts. Apparently, in the Czech Republic, contract law extends to the parties swapping blowjobs.

D'Amici (Pillow Talk 2) carries a large, thick cock between his legs. Leaning against the desk wearing just his preppy pink shirt with his collar popped, D'Amici's large shaft gets a complete work over from Woods' hot mouth.

After Woods takes D'Amici to a shaky orgasm, he exits and runs downstairs to the first floor of the Bel Ami offices. Naturally in the stairwell, he passes two ruffians enjoying their own oral fix by themselves. He sees brunet Jason Knightly getting sucked by blond Dolph Lambert. These two dolls trained together in Personal Trainers 10, so perhaps they were so inspired to continue on with their own private sex training session in a remote area of the building.

They take turns on each other, sucking each other's cocks into they blow their loads in each other's mouths. No anal sex here, because the producers are still just giving us tastes of these two new models, building up to future performances.

Ralph Woods French Kisses Paul Valery

The second half of the film totally belongs of Woods. Paulik goes out on the town with Paul Valery, ending up at the end of their evening in his hotel room. Valery fans will enjoy hearing him conversing with his new friend in good English.

In bed, Woods pulls off Valery's underwear, working over his erection intently taking it to its impressive, fully hard length.

Ralph Woods visits Bel Ami, gets fucked by Paul Valery and Luke Hamill. They bat their erections around like crossed long swords. Valery quickly moves to get his clutches on Woods' petite ass, sliding it in and ramming him doggie style in long thrusts. Woods gets that dreamy, ecstatic look on his face when he seems to really enjoy getting fucked.

Woods stays rock hard the entire time. In a hot sequence, Valery tops Woods on his back, literally fucking the cum out of him in an unforgettable hands free money shot, to which Valery adds his own creamy finish.

The next day, the studio welcomes Woods into its own little club, bringing him in as one of their own. A bevy of models stand outside shirtless enjoying a meaty meal of barbecue chicken and beer. (Remember the days of beer and brats in Lukas' Story 2?)

Joey Amis hits on Brandon Manilow while he's cooking on the grill. Manilow takes him to a convenient living room area so they can work over their already eager pieces of meat. Manilow still one of the sexiest shafts in the entire adult industry. Amis worships it with his mouth before raising his ass up in the air for Manilow to fuck it.

Manilow shows off his impressive fucking skills by topping Amis all over the couch in numerous acrobatic positions. Then he shoots his cum into the bottom's hungry mouth.

Luke Hamill's Filled with Jealousy

Back outside, Luke Hamill watches with a tinge of jealousy as Woods slips away from the group with Todd Rosset, another of the studio's recent regulars. This time, Rosset plays passive to a very active Woods, sucking his cock, and taking his enormous dick all the way up his ass. Watching Rosset take the full length of Woods' tower erection is one of the film's high points.

Woods jacks out a huge load of cum that runs down Rosset's bare ass in heavy drops.

Building up in heat to the final scene, French Kiss ends with Rosset retuning to the barbecue, where the inquisitive Hamill gets the low down on what he and Woods' just finished sex session. "I have to see this (huge cock) for myself!" exclaims Hamill, who goes inside to find Woods.

Fortunately for Hamill, and the audience, Woods is still washing his body off in the shower, his cock fully erect, standing out from his body at a perfect right angle. Hamill enters the room, and Woods welcomes the busybody blond by bending over and opening his ass.

They enjoy an energetic, sexy fuck that takes this free-wheeling movie to his satisfying climax.

French Kiss (Ralph Woods) Photos:

Keanu Faria and Josh | Watch VOD
Keanu Faria awaits Josh Elliot
Joe Amis and Brandon | Watch VOD
Joe Amis awaits Brandon Manilow
Luke Hamill and Ralph | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill points to Ralph Woods
Ralph Woods and Todd | Watch VOD
Ralph Woods points to Todd Rosset

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