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Frat House Memories

William Higgins
Laguna Pacific  
Brian Thompson , Chad Thomas , Danny Parks , Joe Craig , John Von Crouche , Mike Gibson , Robbie Berkley , Sparky Aimes , Tim Lees
Pre-CondomCollege GuysCum EatingGarage Mechanics/Plumbers/Repairmen

Frat House Memories

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Mike Gibson's Frat House Memories

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Often lost in the remembered lineup of William Higgins movies from the 1980s is the 1984 Frat House Memories. Twenty plus years later, a review shows that this has not only withstood the test of time, but on its own it is a torrid little gem. And after years of not being available anywhere, Channel 1 has seen fit to offer it on DVD. The print to DVD looks pretty good. It is not stellar, but certainly superior to all the highly worn VHS copies still out there.

The movie is clearly a classic 80's look at male horseplay at the frathouse, ostensibly here on the USC campus. The frat is entirely populated with hunky, hung versatile horndogs who spend more time boning up on a piece of ass rather then for acing a test. If you find versatile flip flips arousing, this movie provides a bonanza of entertainment.

The film begins with roommates Joe Craig and baby faced Robbie Berkeley awakening, joking around and starting their day. The brunet Craig heads for a job, and Berkeley to the house basement for a workout. Berkeley scores first with one of the brothers, Tim Lees. They go at it on a weight bench, that begins with an all out suckfest, which enhanced by much verbalizing.

Rimming, fingering and flip flop screwing follows. Like many of the other scenes, the performers are sure to get it into their partner's mouths.

Mike Gibson fucks in Frat House MemoriesWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Mike Giibson behind John Von Crouche
Next, two more frat brothers, blond Chad Thomas and brunet Brian Thompson quarrel over leaving the radio on during study hour. Their argument turns into a wrestling match, which quickly becomes carnal. Their lithe, young bodies race through mutual blowjobs and into a sixty-nine. They launch into a fine gamut of sextalk during their flip flop fuck. Classic William Higgins photography highlights this scene.

Danny Parks' Frat House Memories (Mark Jennings)

The third scene shows Craig and superhung Danny Parks (Mark Jennings in the classic Best Friends) as they spar for the shower, ultimately deciding to share it. Their action starts within the confines of the cozy bathroom. Both guys keep talking throughout their mutual blowjobs and constantly shifting bottom and top roles.

For this filming, Parks was a strawberry blond, and his meat is legendary. Craig handles it like an apt pupil, and Parks's money shot is magna cum laude.

The movie's high point pairs student Mike Gibson with telephone repairman John Von Crouche. They descend into the basement where casual conversation morphs to flirtations. Von Crouche, a pretty boy with a USMC tattoo, carries an effortless masculinity. Completely devoted to his sexual partner, he is the find of the film. They move to a narrow staircase where they are joined by Sparky Ames, who wanders in and both guys ravish.

Gibson's lanky frame and all-knowing look perfectly completes the trinity. Gibson steers the conversation into sexual territory, through a brilliantly photographed show of switch-off anal action, rimming and sucking. This scene is one of those memorable entities that people remember years later when thinking of this genre, which is probably why Catalina has been fond to include it in their DVD compilations of pre-condom scenes.

The movie's final scene shows Craig and Berkeley back in their room. The roommates move their friendship into more intimate territory as they plan out their spring break together. Late at night, they undress in the shadows. They give each other head, easing into some powerful face-sitting and ultimately trading top and bottom roles.

As before, Craig releases a remarkable money shot.

Frat House Memories doesn't have a weak moment. A nice balance of familiar faces, it contains many faces who passed briefly through the industry, notably Von Crouche. This film - if you can find it - is covered with William Higgins magic fingerprints.

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Frat House Memories Photos:

Danny Parks fucks Joe CraigWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Danny Parks and Joe Craig
Frat House Memories Three-WayWatch on C1R - Watch VOD
Mike Gibson, Sparky Ames, John Von Crouche

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