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Formula 69

Vlado Iresch
696969 Video  
Aaron Hawke , Bastien Totti , , Casey Prince , Donnie Willis , George Plozen , , John Hammer , Josh Sawyer , Kenny White , Mark Kepler , Nathan Love , Patrik Maxwell , Rick Silverado , , Sean Harrison , Skip Baxter , Taylor Brooks , Ted Porter
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Formula 69

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A truly well done porn drama. Formula 69 explores the H.G. Wells or Jules Verne-style science fiction genre about two lifelong lovers, older men who suddenly discover a potion that plunges them back to their eighteen year old beauty. The invention occurs as ASS Labs (ASS = Advanced Sexual Sciences ), which is run by the eccentric Dr. Kepler, played by director Dan Komar in a non-sexual role. [Note: This movie makes FriskyFans' Top 10 Science Fiction Gay Porn Movies list]

His lover is Aaron Hawke, who in an excited frenzy swallows the untested potion, plunging him itto the youthful brunet Aaron Hawke. Unfortunately Hawke suffers from amnesia, knowing nothing of his life before swallowing the elixir. Kepler keeps Hawke working in the ASS labs as an assistant, and the movie progresses through its seven great sex scenes weaving its story, which includes the roving journalist George Plozen's exploration of many wonderful advancements created at the scientific facility.

Mark Kepler, Kenny White and Sean Harrison Mark Kepler, Kenny White
and Sean Harrison

As with the earlier Catalog Shooters, several of the scenes are bareback, and several others use condoms. However, all the scenes make the viewer want to take a gulp of formula 69 and jump right on in.

Scene one is a condom free frolic with bodacious bottom boy Jay Renfro and the tall, lanky Czech Skip Baxter. Baxter visits the ASS Labs for help in changing the size of his penis from that of a pretzel into a giant kolache. Baxter returns home a changed man, and he bangs Renfro in their oversized lovebed.

This scene is highlighted by Renfro's melon cheeks shaking as he squats up and down on Baxter's long dong, as well as lots of nice dick sucking. And to finish, the now confidence-enhanced Baxter dumps Renfro citing irreconcilable personality conflicts after the dumping of his own big cumload.

The next scene illustrates the combination of two of Dr. Kepler's other inventions. One formula grows penises into giant lengths. The other is an orally administered elixir that removes the gag reflex. The seemingly always-grinning Casey Prince demonstrates the second potion's effectiveness by taking on three hung models in the lab: Rick Silverado, John Hammer and a long haired Cameron Jackson, who makes his movie debut here. [Blog: Cameron Jackson Matures Before Your Eyes]

Not only does this formula eliminate the throat's gag reflex, it seems to remove the user's ass reflex as well. Using condoms, the aptly named John Hammer slides his battle ax up Prince's ass. Jackson gets his turn next by plowing Prince missionary. He then shoots out a gob of his boy cream into Prince's open mouth as Silverado gets sloppy thirds.

As an aside, Silverado has one of the hottest looking cocks of the cast. With tan skin, it is long, majestically curved and uncut.

Next, curious journalist George Plozen is shown the magical Dream Machine, which when taken with another of the doctor's peculiar potions, becomes a fantastic virtual reality device (similar to the one in the darker Wash West film Technical Ecstacy).

In Plozen's dream, he steps into a large den and has a three way with Donnie Willis and Bastien Totti. This being a dream, Plozen slides the red head of his unsheathed cock into Willis and pumps away. They rearrange themselves later so Totti squats on Willis's rod, which is inhaled by his wide round asscheeks.

In a hot money shot, Totti takes Plozen's lovejuice into his mouth while still riding. Then Totti shoots his seed into Willis's mouth. After the dream, Plozen even gets to keep a recording of his virtual experience as a souvenir!

Aaron Hawke joins Patrik Maxwell, Taylor Brooks, Josh Sawyer and Ted Porter in the lab control room, where they inhale an airborne aphrodisiac that sends them into a sexual free-for-all. Hawke and Maxwell trade off on Ted Porter's hot hole, as Sawyer enthusiastically rides Brooks's hefty meat.

Hawke shoots a big load onto Porter's backside, as Maxwell spurts a delicious serving of rich, white cream into Brooks's mouth. Sawyer cums while riding Brooks, who promptly slides off and bends around so he can swallow the top's juicy goo that spills out of his big cockhead.

Plozen's assignment research is finished, so he leaves and Kepler goes to take a nap. Meanwhile, Hawke steals into an attic room clearly marked top secret and begins rummaging around. He discover's Kepler's notes and photo album. He first sees a set of black and white photos from a tryst the doctor had in 1954, taking the film into a fun flashback with Mark Kepler (the youthful Dr. Kepler) and buddies Kenny White and Sean Harrison (aka Johan Volny).

The three are probably the hottest combination of models in the whole movie. Their 1954 setting for a bareback three-way is so hot, who would have ever realized that just three years following this the Soviet Union would have brought down its iron fist on this part of Europe plunging it into forty years of totalitarian darkness?

In an interesting touch, the video action is in black and white. In a high moment, Kepler drills the moaning Harrison, who lays back legs apart with his right foot waving up into the camera. Kepler pulls out and shoots his load on Harrison's inner thigh, followed by White licking the rest off of the top's cock. White then swallows up Harrison's load.

Aaron Hawke thrills at the sight of Mark KeplerWatch Now
Aaron Hawke is thrilled to see Mark Kepler (right) again
Meanwhile, Plozen returns home with a set of x-ray glasses. This nifty device catalyzes friends Robbie Masters (Adam Kubick) and Nathan Love into a naked romp around a flashy sports car in the garage. Using condoms, Plozen and Love give it their all on Masters's ass, who is one of the best versatile performers now from Europe. Love is a real cutie as well, who also did a fine topping in Virgin Tales.

Plozen shoots a seemingly unending stream of jism, which Masters catches using his tongue. Masters coats his own stomach with his own volcanic money shot.

Aaron Hawke discovers Formula 69

Finally, back up the attic, the curious Hawke learns the secrets that Kepler has kept from him. He learns of how Hawke immeidately swallowed a hefty dose of the untested formula 69 just to experience its effects. Even as a youth, Hawke seems to relish taking liquid drugs with abandon, because he immediately has plans for his partner. Hawke gives a few drops to the doctor, who transforms into the 18-year old Mark Kepler. They spend lots of time sucking each other underneath a grand bedroom mirror. Kepler also has a beautiful long cock.

Hawke drills Kepler bareback. He tops him in several positions before cumming on his hole. Hawke then works Kepler's trouser snake until it gives him a gooey cum facial. After their sex, it is Hawke who reveals the ultimate secret to formula 69 to Kepler.

Formula 69 includes a fair amount of dialogue for the models to speak. Director Iresch and producer Dan Komar have done an ingenious job at teaching the performers to speak it in memorized English. (of course they probably all received secondary school english lessons just a few years earlier anyway). We at FriskyFans seem to have some endless fun mimicking this pigeon English, especially if alcohol is involved. Of coursem, this ultimately adds to the fun that goes along with Dan Komar's imaginative set of movies.

Some criticisms - the movie's behind the scenes chapters would be significantly more interesting if they were more tightly edited and the lengthy sequences of Czech were subtitled. The models are all cute, and the fans would love seeing them in some informative and candid situations.

Despite this, Formula 69 surely has lots for everyone. Don't miss watching this lurid tale of medicine and science fiction that provokes boners and fulfillment.

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Formula 69 Photos:

Skip Baxter fucks Jay RenfroWatch Now
Skip Baxter tops Jay Renfro
George Plozen below Robbie MastersWatch Now
Nathan Love and Robbie Masters.
George Plozen (below)
George Plozen in Formula 69Watch Now
George Plozen gazes at the camera in Formula 69

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