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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Forced Entry

John Travis
Studio 2000  
Aiden Shaw , Beau Saxon , Dean Johnson , Doug Perry , Drew Nolan , Jim Pulver , Kevin Dean , Rip Stone , Sean Diamond , Tony Hampton , Vic Hall
Gang BangPrison / JailHorsehungDaddies / Men

Forced Entry

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Kevin Dean's Unfortunate Incarceration

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Veteran filmmaker John Travis goes back to prison to find inspiration for the film Forced Entry. It still stands today as not only one of our favorite Studio 2000 movies, but is also arguably one of the best prison-themed gay porn videos. The film also ended up being one of the best role for mid-90s bombshell porn star Kevin Dean. Playing the film's star, Dean is an inmate at an isolated prison where masturbation, rape and cellbonding provide the only release for these prisoners and the guards.

Forced Entry is a follow up inspiration from Travis' late 80s Jeff Stryker classic Powertool.

Dean plays the obedient inmate who scrubs tables in the mess under the suspicious eyes of the evil guard, who is nicely played by Doug Perry (Another Man's Pleasure). Retiring to his gray cell, Dean meets his new cellmate (Beau Saxon), a newly interred straight guy who fears the prison nightlife. Dean strips off his orange overalls, exhibiting his ten inch rod for the new roomie's anxious anticipation.

Doug Perry and Beau SaxonWatch Now
Doug Perry above Beau Saxon
Saxon rolls over in frustration while Dean, under the weight of silence, beats his uncut tool to climax. Over in another cell, inmates Aiden Shaw (Descent) and Sean Diamond are smoking a doobie. Aiden Shaw was already one of the industry's consummate tops, and Diamond is a beauticious blond bottomboy.

These two luscious men patiently wait for the cover of night to begin their sexgames. Diamond sucks Shaw's thick stick as if it were the only full meal in days. Both guys unload, and then Shaw goes for anal action. He screws Diamond missionary.

Diamond moans, begs and sits on Big Daddy's prick. Brief intimacy in prison life is extremely sensual. After this the movie heads to the jail library, where Saxon is innocently reading. Guard Perry storms in and orders Saxon to suck his dick. When Saxon refuses, Perry slaps him around, pulls out his rock hard cock, force feeding it to the reluctant newcomer.

Perry shoves his dick inside Saxon's mouth, gagging and practically raping it. In an act of vengeful aggression, he slams Saxon's virgin ass without mercy. They come, and Saxon is thrown aside. Writhing on the floor, Saxon is determined for vengeance.

Later Perry is in the mess hall reading the paper. A gang headed by Dean swoop in and attack, taking their revenge. Vic Hall, Drew Nolan, Tony Hampton and Jim Pulver join Dean for a therapeutic gangbang leveled against Perry. The forcefuck Perry's lips and ass in unison, playing musical chairs with his aching hole.

They all leave him cum-splashed, begging for release. Justice is complete.

Time passes, and Dean is eventually released on parole. He leaves a traumatized Saxon to share a cell with Dean Johnson. Lights out and a friendly guard (Rip Stone - Rear Ended) arrives for a loving coupling with Johnson. Saxon watches them suck each other's dicks and balls. He finds himself getting aroused, so he takes matters into his own hand.

Johnson drills Stone with the night stick, then with his cock. They screw on all fours and astride the bed. Stone comes, then Johnson, and lastly Saxon.

Saxon subsequently gets released from incarceration. He visits Dean's comfortable home. Sweet piano music plays as Saxon falls into the arms of Dean, capping the film with a romantic love scene. Saxon deep throats Dean, which is an admirable achievement. Dean returns the favor.

They blast in sixty nine on each other's faces before Dean screws Saxon with every inch of manmeat between his legs. This dazzling finale ends with an explosive pair of money shots.

A topnotch production, Forced Entry peers into the world of blue-balled men strutting their assets in frantic desperation. In this place machismo rules and inches count. Full of hot scenes and great models, it is worth seeing.

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Forced Entry Photos:

Beau Saxon and Kevin DeanWatch Now
Beau Saxon and Kevin Dean
Kevin Dean in Forced EntryWatch Now
Beau Saxon above Kevin Dean
Prison Gang Bang in Forced EntryWatch Now
Doug Perry's prison gangbang
Aiden Shaw and Sean DiamondWatch Now
Aiden Shaw peers down
onto Sean Diamond

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