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Forced Entry

John Bruno
Mustang Studios   MVP083
, Dean Tucker , Jake Dakota , Jay Armstrong , Johnny Wallace , Manuel Torres , Nick Stone , Patrick O'Connor , Ricky Martinez ,
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Forced Entry

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Ricky Martinez and Rod Barry go for forced entry.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

They say two heads are better than one, but what about two cockheads? Well, that's what director John Bruno sets out to discover in Forced Entry, an exploration of double penetration from Mustang Studios.

Not to be confused with the 1995 Kevin Dean jailhouse classic of the same name (or indeed the more recent club series with a similar title), this Mustang flick uses 4 distinct settings to explore the notion that it never hurts to get a second opinion. And preferably at the same time as you're getting the first…

In an realistic take on office life (and if you believe that you'll believe anything), "Working Late" sees slick city loser Dean Monroe doing exactly what the segment title suggests. He's put upon by his boss; he's working against the clock to keep his job.

Porn Star Ricky MartinezWatch on
Ricky Martinez
Ironically wearing BOSS underwear, Monroe decides he's going to work one out, so he disrobes, pulls out his decently sized cock and starts jerking off all over the quarterly reports.

But poor Monroe gets double ended in more senses than one before he's spent and done

Already shafted by his superior, he's about to take it from the other hierarchal end – in the form of the bandanna wearing trash and maintenance guy - played by hard HUNG bit of rough cover model Ricky Martinez (Rammer). Martinez is angry and agitated. He shoves his prick up Monroe almost as soon as he's in the door. And it's not a gentle fucking either.

"Motherfucker, you wanna fucking tell somebody? Bitch? Huh? Wanna Fucking tell somebody?"

Verbal sex speaks for itself. And it speaks loudly enough that the security guard is also alerted. Rod Barry is brandishing a security guard's truncheon, and he's as happy with him as Martinez is.

It's verbal, nasty and sexy.

Before you know it (and from his expression before Monroe knows it too) his tighty whitey asshole is taking two fat weapons up it at the same time.

This is not job sharing. Or is it?

Barry finds himself on a lunch break (in the middle of a sandwich anyway), before the meat is changed up for Monroe, on his back and in the middle, with Barry now pounding his ass, and Martinez HUGE Horse hung cock chocking Monroe's mouth and throat. It's a wonder he can still breathe.

They fuck him hard and hardcore until he cums, then feed him his own cock juice. Then getting him down on his knees in rimming distance of Barry, he makes the security guard cum. Finally in a huge explosion, Martinez uncut prick pours jizz out all over the place, but mostly on his lips, cheeks and chest, while Monroe stares up with stars (and cum) in his eyes for his new bosses.

With this solid opening and the three sequences that follow you can sleep in your beds tonight, comfortable you're not getting ripped off if you order this porno. Each scene is as equally charged as the first, full to the brim with sexual energy, and here's a brief memo on each of the other three…

"Movers" finds an almost skin-headed Patrick O'Conner taking more than just cardboard boxes when he moves some stuff into a new house. He takes masculine straw haired tatted Johnny Wallace (Nailed) and he takes a thick rubber dildo at the same time. Wallace's huge fat penis travels up to O'Conner's face, and supplies him with a sloppy wet load in his mouth, over his lips and in his eyes.

Jay Armstrong Scores!

In "Army Vs. Navy" an inebriated Jay Armstrong (Full Throttle), decked out in full sea bearing regalia, is escorted inside by a less drunk dog-tagged horned up Nick Stone. I'm not so sure there's a winner out of each faction, but someone's face certainly gets creamed with a mountain of spunk.

And in the final double slice of Forced Entry, we're privy to a "Locker Room" shower, soon to be populated with Mustang exclusive Jake Dakota (Manhole) and sultry sex god Manuel Torres (Tough as Nails). Steamy hot water entices curly haired skinny boy Dean Tucker (The Missing) inside, and he's soon on his knees worshipping these built football gods.

He's done every which way 'till loose, and becomes the spit roast in a bad-boy sandwich. Another double form of penetration is explored, with Tucker taking the best part of each of their fists up his ass, and the steam from the locker room shower acting as lube. Split open with 8 fingers inside him, he spooges all over himself in a dramatic lava flow of a climax. Dakota takes Torres' schlong, and they all live doubly ever after.

Well, bravo to Mustang for exploring the duplicity of sex, albeit in a base physical form. Who are we kidding? (In other words, thanks for 2 cocks/dildos per scene.) Double penetration is hot, and Forced Entry certainly doesn't suffer. The models are animals; the direction is great, the sex exquisite, only the title of the film appears a little out of place. At the very least they could have subtitled the movie "Take your bird in the hand - its worth two in the tush."

Included with the DVD of Forced Entry are trailers for four recent Mustang feature films. And full scene access of course.

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Forced Entry Photos:

Rod Barry, Dean Monroe and Ricky MartinezWatch on
Rod Barry, Dean Monroe, Ricky Martinez
Ricky Martinez, Rod Barry and Dean MonroeWatch on
Ricky Martinez, Rod Barry,
Dean Monroe
Johnny Wallace above Patrick OConnorWatch on
Johnny Wallace above Patrick O'Connor
Jake Dakota, Dean Tucker and Manuel TorresWatch on
Jake Dakota, Dean Tucker, Manuel Torres

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