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Flesh (Ryan Alexander)

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Chad Farrell , Chase Dalton , , Franco Santoro , Jason Crew , , Rocco De Niro , Ryan Alexander , Troy Punk
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Flesh (Ryan Alexander)

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Erik Rhodes Interviews Prospective Dick-Dancers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Naked, trembling flesh is what it's all about, a simple truth that isn't lost on director Derek Kent. He's got a knack for finding the supplest, most appealing meat available and showcasing his wares for maximum bang. And there's plenty of sweet meat on display in Flesh, a sex tale taking a tongue-in-cheek peek into the stripper trade.

Coordinating a search for new talent is Erik Rhodes appearing shortly before Falcon Studios contracted him for their recent epic films. He's assisted in his search by Jason Crew (A Matter of Size 2), a model with an all too familiar face and trademark cock. Rhodes and Crew have just finished auditioning four stripper hopefuls (Rocco DeNiro, Chase Dalton, Troy Punk & Chad Farrell (Card Tricks from Studio 2000) and head off to headquarters to make their final casting choice, leaving the four nude lads puddled around a stripper pole.

Franco Santoro and Ryan AlexanderWatch Now
Franco Santoro explores
Ryan Alexander
It's difficult to tell whether it's Chase Dalton or Chad Farrell that starts the mischief, but mere seconds after they begin kissing, humpy Troy Punk and eventually Rocco DeNiro pick up on the sex scent and dive in for a strip club fourway. There's not an unappealing stud in the bunch, providing an excellent opening to the film as a whole. The blonds, Punk and Dalton, busy themselves with some sensual cocksucking while the brunettes (DeNiro and Farrell) relax in each other's arms, engaged in a heated kiss. Even though they're getting it on mere feet apart, each pair remains intimately engaged. When Farrell does finally get down to blowing DeNiro, the camera lingers on the curved shape of DeNiro's slender prick, newly soaked in spit. Its bend is somewhat odd and may or may not be appealing, depending on your point of view.

Switching and regrouping in every combination imaginable, when the fucking starts, all four have pricks that have been sufficiently warmed up. Punk, an aggressive bottom in videos like Manhunt: The Movie, eagerly rides atop DeNiro while Dalton's hole is busy accommodating the unconventionally handsome Farrell. Farrell's got a killer body paired with a sensual mouth and commanding voice. But despite his good looks, it's Chase Dalton that the camera loves best, especially when this muscular pup is getting cornholed. He's hard to resist, catching the viewer's eye time and time again.

There's something about Ryan Alexander

While certainly in great shape, the Studio 2000 exclusive is not a muscle god like Rhodes. Still and all, something about the way he comes across onscreen, self-assured to the point of arrogance, works surprisingly well. As the stripper auditions progress, Alexander, a barback just minding the store while the bosses are away, comes face to face with Franco Santoro, a compact and well-proportioned Spanish model with a shy disposition.

Santoro hopes to win one of the coveted stripper/bartender positions, and thinking Alexander has a position of power, allows himself to be seduced. Leaning over and claiming his prize, Alexander pops Santoro's fly and the heat in the room immediately goes up about ten degrees. Santoro's got lovely bronze skin and a hooded prick that's practically stiff from the moment it's released from the confines of his jeans. Add to that a well-groomed bush and you have a hot bundle for sucking. Santoro seems somewhat reluctant to return the favor, but Alexander's having none of it, pushing the sizzling Spaniard to his knees and into service. Santoro's got a lovely technique, tugging Alexander's balls down in such a way that he can steer his prick in any number of directions. He tugs his balls down, seemingly to the point of tearing them from the sac. Alexander's lustful expression only spurs Santoro's efforts on.

With greasy fingers, Alexander slyly opens up his new butt buddy before taking the ultimate plunge. Alexander fucks aggressively, so much so that Santoro is forced to cling to a ceiling support to keep from losing his balance. Taking only the briefest of fuck breaks to receive a quick rim job, Alexander starts fucking to get off, pulling out and delivering his load seconds after Santoro starts erupting.

Viewers like me will have been anxiously awaiting for the moment when Erik Rhodes would reappear in the Flesh, as it were. And just as I had feared, director Kent pairs Rhodes with the rail thin Crew. Don't get me wrong - Jason Crew has given some nice performances in a handful of films, such as Buckshot Productions' (Beyond Perfect).

This match however is not one made in heaven. Kent makes up for this less than stellar pairing by putting them in an exotic location, deciding to film them at outside at night, in a pool, underwater. Not since Colt Studio's Reload has underwater sex been filmed with such aplomb, both Rhodes and Crew holding their breath and diving down to suck cock. Crew further tests the waters, putting on a condom and plunging into Rhodes' ass, fucking him in five feet of water.

Rhodes and Crew eventually take their gropings poolside, providing us with better views of what's going on between them. Crew continues to bang Rhodes in dry dock. Rhodes is a beauty indeed - from his bulky triceps to his massive ass, packed with muscle, he's one dollbaby I never get tired of watching in action. Crew's horny pumpings are borderline comic, so different is his physique. He stops fucking long enough to suck Rhodes big dick. Then he dives back into fucking Rhodes until everyone gets off.

Roman Heart's First Movie

In the end, Franco Santoro gets the job, deciding to celebrate with a hot soak in the tub. Santoro and his lover (Linc Madison, later to work as Roman Heart at Falcon Studios) chat it up a bit while Santoro soaps up his bronze-colored pecs and abs. This is one of the sexiest moments in Flesh, bubbles clinging to Santoro's hearty biceps and the muscular ridges on his stomach. When Santoro and Madison finally do get it on, Santoro decides to pull his buddy into the tub rather than leaving it. They passionately kiss and paw one another, Madison's jeans and shirt finally soaked through. It's obvious Madison couldn't care less. When you're fucking in a tub with a hottie like Franco Santoro, wet duds are the last thing on your mind.

As it turns out, these guys never leave the bathroom, sucking and fucking from start to finish in and around the slippery bath. This is easily the most thrilling sex in Flesh. As Santoro strips Madison from his wet clothing, he uncovers quite a lovely body and prick, one fat vein running from root to tip. While Santoro sucks, you can almost see Madison's cock get stiffer. And with his own cock bouncing and making waves in the bathwater, Santoro flips Madison around for some hungry rimming, finally busting Madison's cherry ass in front of the mirror. Fucking Madison, you notice just how short Santoro is, but that certainly doesn't mean he's not a powerful top. Madison's versatility also shines through, laying his Spanish boyfriend on the cold tile floor and showing him just who's boss.

Despite the abundance of Flesh, there's never enough Erik Rhodes for my taste. Franco Santoro is a nice surprise, even though it would have been nice to see him work the stripper pole. All in all, it's trademark Derek Kent - lovely guys working hard for the money.

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Jason Crew sucks Erik Rhodes
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Franco Santoro tastes Linc Madison (Roman Heart)

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