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Flatiron Fuckers

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Angel Skye , Anthony Marks , Brad Star , Brant Moore , Claudio Martin , Jason Crew , Michael Lucas , Zack Randall
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Flatiron Fuckers

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Jason Crew is one of the Flatiron Fuckers

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Flatiron Fuckers, Michael Lucas' latest New York City set offering refers, to those who aren't in the know, to the rather phallic Flatiron skyscraper erected, if you'll pardon the pun, in 1902. And, said fuckers are some rather hot horned up inhabitants of this building who explore each other from within the confines of its walls in five cityscaped vignettes. And, there's an extremely rare moment in porn waiting down the corridors of scene four.

Opening with the eye candy cast members frolicking (clothed – but patience is a virtue) in Madison Square Park we are afforded a glimpse at some of the talent before they break off into their pairs.

First of the bunch to do so are handsome Latin stud Claudio Martin and the delightfully smooth Zach Randall (The Intern) . Dark haired pale twink boy Randall is on his knees in seconds, and opens his youthful mouth to dart out a tongue and savor the taste of Martin's absolute whopper of a cock.

Brad Star and Angel Skye Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Brad Star & Angel Skye
Slipping down Randall's jeans Martin responds in like, taking down every inch of the boy's uncut meat, his own cock swinging and throbbing between his legs. Moving into a sixty-nine it doesn't take long for Martin to abandon Randall's cock for something a little more tasty and exciting further back, and his mouth locks on to Randall's boy-ass and he goes down on him like a madman, prying his cheeks apart, slapping the lad's pale behind and getting inside with his thumb, tongue and fingers before stuffing his hugeness back down Randall's throat.

But Flatiron Fuckers they are, and living up to that accolade Randall backflips over so Martin can stick him with his oversized cock. A little lube and a rubber, and he's deep inside, loosening him up so Randall can then impale himself from above.

Complying, Randall milks his top with vigor and then gets on his back so Martin can kiss and wank him off while his prick slides in and out of his hungry orifice.

Finally on a leather chair the pair switch positions, but always with the cutey twink boy playing catcher. With Martin's shaft parked deep inside him and fucking him from beneath, Randall shoots all over himself, then positions his wide open mouth at the head of Randall's prick to enjoy a nice creamy shot of juicy NYC hot dog filling.

No introduction is needed for the top in the next scene. Michael Lucas, and his famous uncut 10" piece, messes around with the doe-eyed sizzling muscle boy Anthony Marks (Michael Lucas' Gigolo). With his attention firmly fixed beneath Lucas' amazingly chiseled torso he moves in straight for the prize and gets almost every inch deep down his neck in an astonishing feat of gagless deep throating.

With the guys fully naked Marks prick craves some oral attention too, and the pair naturally move into a hot sixty-nine, Lucas shaft never once losing any of its immense length and hardness. Man is it massive!!!

Lucas drools gobs of saliva on Marks ass, and his hole opens and closes, telling his top that he needs his huge cock in there. But Lucas teases him some more, erotically kissing at the pits of his tattooed muscular arms, before finally turning the brave bottom over on his front for an unforgettable filling.

Michael, please don't flatiron my pubes. He pushes in gently and thoughtfully, gradually working his cock in deeper, pulling Marks up onto his knees so he can get all the way inside him. Then pounding harder and faster he "captures" Marks by wrapping his legs around him, and Marks nibbles on his toes while Lucas pistons his orifice. Foot fetishist Lucas tastes his mate's feet too, as his cock remains encased by Marks' tight ass.

Finally upended as Lucas slams noisily into his guts and verbally assaults him, Marks cock explodes, and Lucas forces him to eat his own cum before shooting another thick wad into Marks' cock loving mouth.

Brad Star Gets Fucked

A studio room within the Flatiron building sets the scene for real life couple Brad Star (Cock Tease) and Angel Skye. Blondie Star gets on his knees to worship his boyfriend's beautifully formed hard-on, but the real beauty of their oral explorations comes when the well inked Skye takes his turn on the floor, and the camera captures the sexy sight of his overstretched lips as they encase Star's fat meaty length.

Skye laps at his cock like a true slut, tongue hanging out with eager panting readiness. This duo has an explosive chemistry together, and it shows. Skye moves in and nibbles at Star's ass, pausing to suck on his toes, then rolling on a condom he stuffs his fat girth right up Star's welcoming ass.

Marathon fucking ensues and Star's hole takes that thick cock every which way 'till loose. Finally he crouches back down on the ground so his boyfriend can fill his mouth with spunk. Star obliges and wanks off with the head of his cock inside his mouth, before Skye decorates his blonde lovers face with his own sticky wad.

In a nod to classic porn scenarios, Jason Crew (Rapture Inn) and Brant Moore (Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2) play moving men who are quicky distracted from the job when they are alone within a Flatiron apartment. Armpit lapping makes way for Brant (wearing a hot gray muscle shirt) to slide down Crew's slender frame and get a mouthful of his still hardening tackle. He attacks it like a wild thing, and takes it to the very root 'till it's completely engorged.

Next in a moment that has to be seen to be believed – with a spit lubed hole, Crew balances himself on his back, and actually shoves HIS OWN COCK inside his ass – literally fucking himself!!! Not just a bit, but pretty deep and with regularity. This, of course, is a rare gem of a moment and will have you wide-eyed, and, perhaps, wishing you had such a talent.

But these depraved fellas don't draw the line there. Brant gets an extensive rim job which leads to an agonizing all-in thrust from Crew's huge meat. Brent's cries of pleasure-pain are quite real.

When he's been well and truly fucked, dirty boy Crew produces a long slick double ended black dildo and the duo back onto it doggy style and have a simul-fuck, impaled on either end.

And as if it couldn't get any nastier (well it does – with a hot piss scene only available in the director's cut) once the dildo is removed Crew "pisses" out enema water from his ass right into Brent's now loose opening. These pig boys are in their element, culminating with more anal sex that leads to cum splashed faces and spunk filled mouths.

Can Zack Randall Handle It?

Lucas returns in the final scene, as does cute twinkboy Randall (now sporting a little stubble as if his encounter with Claudio Martin has moved him from innocence to experience).

And he certainly appears experienced enough as he wraps his sultry lips around Lucas' monster. A hot sixty-nine leaves Randall on his back, legs exposed, and Lucas hard-on like an enemy at the gate. But an enemy that can not, and should not be resisted.

Lucas breaks the barrier and pushes inside, fucking away till his balls are plush against Randall's pale butt. He takes him from every conceivable angle, pausing at times to lick those feet of his (Lucas sure loves feet), finally allowing him to shoot his load on Lucas' hot abs, his own cock still wedged up his tight little hole. Finally, reaching forwards, Randall takes Lucas mega-meat in his mouth and enjoys a tasty wet reward as Lucas ejaculates.

One of the great things about Lucas' movies is the pace of each scene. Nothing feels hurried or too formulaic. The models are given every opportunity to really explore each other, and consequently just five scenes stretch out to well over two exciting hours. Plus the models are all hot, the cocks amazing, and the sex ranges from being fairly vanilla to the quite piggish behavior of those lads in scene four. Flatiron Fuckers is the total package (and then some) and worth every penny.

As touched upon earlier the Director's cut of Flatiron Fuckers contains an exclusive piss scene between Crew and Moore so those of you out there who like things on the nastier end of the spectrum should definitely take a look. Also, it has over 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage that proves both hot and a good laugh in equal measures.

So what's next for Lucas Productions? Rockerfeller Rimholes perhaps? Maybe Dakota Dickwads, or Chrysler Cocksluts? It really doesn't matter so long as they keep providing these class A models, sensuous unhurried sex and beautifully formed fleshy encounters. But, just for the record, here at Friskyfans we're hoping Guggenheim Gangbang is next on their list.

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Flatiron Fuckers Photos:

Brad Star bottoms in Flatiron Fuckers Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Angel Skye tops Brad Star
Jason Crew in Flatiron Fuckers Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jason Crew
Jason Crew Fucks Himself Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jason Crew fucks himself
Flatiron Fuckers snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Claudio Martin tops Zach Randall
Flatiron Fuckers snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Zach Randall riding high

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