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Fire Island Cruising 6

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Movie Series
Fire Island Cruising
Aaron Heights , , , , Damion , Felipe Carson , Marco Rochelle , Michael Lucas , Rick Gonzales , Rob Ramos , Rob Romoni ,
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Fire Island Cruising 6

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Who bags poolboy Wilson Vasquez?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The free-wheeling, relaxed life on Fire Island maintains its orgasmic pace in Lucas Entertainment's cock-stiffening sequel Fire Island Cruising 6. Our heros Rob Ramos, Cameron Fox and Rick Gonzales are reaching the end of their vacation. Everyone is hooking up with their targets except for muscle bottom Ramos, who has been too shy to hit it with his object of desire, poolboy Wilson Vasquez.

Lucas Entertainment movies sport numerous fine male specimens, most of whom live on the East Coast, which means they only infrequently show up in California studio productions. Rob Ramos is one of the hottest musclebottoms being passed around nowadays, and a Lucas Entertainment exclusive. He has beautiful biceps and a round muscular ass. A fellow FriskyFans reviewer thinks Wilson Vasquez is to die for (although I am firmly in the Ramos camp).

Wilson Vasquez in Fire Island Crusing Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Cruising Wilson Vasquez
Vasquez is slim, firmly chiseled and blessed with an adorable smile. Will the destinies of these two sex machines ever come together?

The Versatile Cameron Fox

In the first scene, Fox is hitting it with Marco Rochelle, another long-donged latino Exclusive. Their making out turns into a suck session. Finally Fox sits his muscular white ass down onto Rochelle's cock. Fox sppears he's clearly getting stretched to the limit for this exercise.

Then the two flip-flop. Fox, a usual topman, seems to be on more secure turf here when he's inside an ass. Rochelle's backside easily swallows up Fox's big pole. Fox pumps the boy on his back until he shoots out a stream of jism that flys up his stomach.

Fox unplugs his cock and jacks out his own load of love in return.

After this, an exuberant Fox runs back to the guys to tell them all about his sexcapade. He still is in disbelief that Ramos has only been sitting around, not pursuing Vasquez. Ramos gets up and trudges off.

Turns out, Vasquez is on the other side of the island getting it on with a dark-haired cutie named Damion. Damion takes his time worshipping Vasquez's uncut, brown cock. He works his mouth up and down on it, playing with the latino's big foreskin.

After they sixty-nine, Vasquez turns his buddy around to ram him doggy style. He pumps away on Damion's plump buns. The bottom eagerly pushes back, meeting the thrusts. Turned on his back, Damion gets more pounding from Vasquez until he just can't take it anymore. The bottom explodes all over himself.

Vasquez pulls out and shoots a hot multi-spurt money shot onto Damion's belly.

Cruising Arpad Miklos

Elsewhere on the island, the sex never stops. Hungarian veteran Arpad Miklos is kissing Felipe Carson, while muscular Brandon Roo is face-locked with Aaron Heights. The four guys are standing next to each other, completely naked.

The couples suck on each other's hot sausages. Then they all reassemble their bodies into a penis-to-mouth train of love. Next, it is time for the anal action. Roo pumps his fat muscle meat into Heights doggie style, while Miklos slams Carson the same way.

Bottomboys Heights and Carson are left to kiss each other, hold each other up and moan into each other's faces.

They all reassemble over a wooden bench on the porch. Roo sits his ticht sphincter down onto Heights' cock, while Miklos keeps working over Carson. Carson gets Heights off by screwing him on his back. Roo looks like he's in heaven as he shoots his load while Miklos never slows down. The group fourway is one of the movie's high points.

Walking back from the four-way, Miklos can't even make it home without getting pulled off the walk by Marco Rochelle, who has apparently recharged after his earlier trist with Cameron Fox. Rochelle takes Miklos inside so they can ram their dicks into the mouth of Rob Romoni, who is waiting patiently in a deck chair.

At a tender moment, Romoni and Rochelle mutually kiss, lick and share Miklos's hard pole with each other. Then Rochelle stands up, causing Romoni to jam both of the others' dicks into his mouth. One in each hand, he licks them, gazing at the sliding foreskins.

Romoni is soon ready to take some cock up his ass. On his knees doggie, Miklos gets behind him and sticks it in. After a lengthy ass plowing, Rochelle decides to jump into the middle of the two. With his french cock inside Romoni, Miklos pumps him from behind. In another memorable moment of the film, the three do each other in this connecting train with great skill and pleasure. Finally, Romoni lays back in a deck chair, and the other two shoot big loads over him.

Rob Ramos gets fucked by the pool boy The movie ends with Fox getting fed up with Ramos' pussy-footing around. He pulls Vasquez over to his friend in need and let's them go at it. Ramos pulls off Vasquez's shorts revealing a half-hard, thick, uncut cock primed for attention.

The two kiss each other, until Ramos turns his fully focused attention on Vasquez's dong. After they sixty-nine, the poolboy is easing it right into Ramos' muscular butt. He leisurely works his pole in and out of Ramos' melon shaped cheeks. Their screwing is intense and loud. Ramos finally at long last gets what he's been waiting for all this time, and his cum shot is a veritable geyser of joy. Vasquez shoot his big load all over the bottom's face.

Vacation time at Fire Island crackles with cute guys cruising, mansex everywhere and flying sperm. Michael Lucas has a great series going here. Keep it up and learn some cruising pointers.

Extras / Director's Cut - A bonus scene is included of Michael Lucas and Arpad Miklos sucking each other. The Behind The Scenes scene shows an entertaining twenty-one minutes of the cast in a number of conversational and candid moments. The movie has a one on one camera interview with Wilson Vasquez. There is additional kinky stuff on the DVD's extras side. Marco Rochelle and Cameron Fox pour the gold on each other in the shower. Afterwards, there is a sequence of Wilson Vasquez letting loose a full arc of urine from a wooden deck high above.

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Fire Island Cruising 6 Photos:

Rob Ramos Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Lucas Exclusive: Rob Ramos
Damion and Wilson Vasquez Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Damion tastes Wilson Vasquez

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