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Fire Dance

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alex Ribeiro , Bruno Duarte , Carlos Caballero , Carlos Montenegro , Erick Nogueira , Falco Jambout , , Juan Jimenez , Mario Segovia , , Mauricio Goldstein , Max Veneziano , Mukhtar Safarov , Rocky DeOliveira , Zeca Romeiro
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Fire Dance

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Do You Ever Dance with Fire in the Pale Moonlight?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Note: This review is for the general release DVD, not the mail order version.
Kristen Bjorn's film output recently has slowed down. His only major release in 2006 was Fire Dance. However, there is no cause for concern, because Fire Dance happens to be one of his best movies in years. In comparison to similar movies using Euromuscle guys, which other studios seem to crank DVD's out of a meat grinder, Fire Dance enjoys lots of obvious special attention, creative touches and unforgettable sexual highlights making it a must have for the fans of this genre.

Particularly impressive are the movie's relentless three-ways, in which all models move through complete rounds of sex and money shots, sure to leave any red-blooded viewer drained.

This reviewer sat down on three separate occasions to watch this film, but ultimately only getting as far as half way.

Juan Jimenez and Rocky DeOliveira Watch on
Juan Jimenez tops Rocky DeOliveira
Carlos Montenegro observes
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The models Juan Jimenez (Bone Island, Jean Franko ( The School for Lovers) and Max Veneziano (Men Amongst the Ruins) have a dedicated fan following, in this movie they arguably stand out in the cast of amazing guys. Some of these sexual episodes have to be seen to be believed.

The film is about two brothers, Jimenez and Carlos Montenegro, who have ended up the owners of a beautiful remote castle, which they offer as a bed and breakfast. Naturally this place draws the European muscleguy types that get cast in Kristen Bjorn movies.

Jimenez maintains a brutal sexual relationship with employee Rocky DeOliveira. The first episode shows him stopping DeOliveria in the dining room, cutting open his pants with a sharp knife and topping him over the table. During this, Jiminez berates him verbally.

Jiminez is one amazing, hot top. Not only does he plow DeOliveria over the dining table, but he takes him out to an free standing open window so that DeOliveria can service him in full view of anyone standing below.

This visual greets the just arriving Matthias Vannelli and Zeca Romeiro. Not only does this persuade them to stay, but it catalyzes a spectacular three-way with milkman Mario Segovia.

These guys participate in what can only be described as the world's most definitive three-way. They move through all possible sexual positions, three complete rounds of big money shots punctuated with strong, colorful visuals which only Bjorn can properly deliver.

This coupling by itself forms three complete scenes in which each model bottoms for the others. Watching Vanelli bottom is, by the way, a rare treat. Another surprise gen is the discovery of Romeiro, who makes his debut in this bombshell sequence.

Max Veneziano and Jean Franko's Exhaustive Three-Way

One exhaustive coupling leads to another show stopping three-way between Franko, Veneziano and Alex Romiero, another intriguing newcomer with a wild, colorful tattoo running up his right bicep.

Romiero bends over doggie style as Franko and Veneziano take turns running their signature meat up his ass. As before, this evolves into three separate scenes with three complete rounds of money shots, and each model bottoming for the others. And watching Franco and Veneziano play bottom is another one of the film's special surprises.

After this, Montenegro confronts DeOliveira, who communicates his feelings that the servant does not deserve sexual humiliation from his brother.

They enjoy an round of beautifully photographed sex, showcasing each other's amazing muscular bodies. DeOliveria is one hot guy to watch get fucked.

Who Does Rocky DeOliveira Love?

The next day, Jiminez confronts his brother Montenegro and lover DeOliveira. DeOliveira essentially declares that he loves both bothers, so they have an extended sexual three-way in which each brother takes a full turn topping DeOliveria, including two more full rounds of money shots.

The film ends with passer-by Carlos Caballero discovering that Jiminez keeps Erick Noguiera, Mauricio Goldstein and Mukhtar Safarov as sexual prisoners in his dungeon. Sporting harnesses, leather and full erection, Caballero easily gets lured into the labyrinth where they fuck him.

And when everything is done with, Caballero gets locked up by the prisoners themselves, effectively forcing him to join them.

Such is the special sexual secret of the this castle.

Fire Dance is expertly edited so that the extended three way episodes hop in between each other. This means that the viewer will not tire after watching the same three guys continuously. This is another smart move that propels this film beyond others, essentially showing the world how an ambitious endeavor such as this should best be done.

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Fire Dance Photos:

Carlos Montenegro and Rocky DeOliveira Watch on
Carlos Montenegro above Rocky DeOliveira
Max Veneziano tops Jean Franko Watch on
Max Veneziano tops Jean Franko
Alex Romiero standing above
Max Veneziano and Jean Franko Watch on
Max Veneziano sits on Jean Franko
Alex Romiero standing left

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