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RudeBoiz 3: Filthy Chavs

Simon Booth
Rude Boiz  
Ben Collins , Danny Davis , Gary Hughes , Joey Carter , Jonny Bennett , Marc Wilson , Rob Hunter , Robbie G , Shane Wilder , Steven Paige , Stevo
Oral SexTwinks, InternationalHorsehungThugs (British) / Chavs / Urban TypesMen of England / British Guys

RudeBoiz 3: Filthy Chavs

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Gary Hughes and other lower class Brits seeks urban openings

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Simon Booth brings us more urban openings and council flat cock in this third entry to his Rudeboiz series, the aptly named Filthy Chavs (see Dirty Fuckers review for an explanation of this term). Knowingly onto a winning formula (hung and horny blokes who like nothing more than getting down and dirty with the cocks and arses of other low-income lads), Booth changes little in the way of direction, but introduces fans of his work to eleven brand new models in five more Chav-tastic scenes.

Track suited wide boy Gary Hughes drinks tea on his balcony overlooking working class London, in wait of his hook up. Danny Davis (Boy Meets Boy), a dark haired stunner with longer locks and a hot ass bulging through his Puma track suit bottoms climbs the stairs to meet him. The duo waste no time on the niceties of conversation, instead getting straight down to the unstaged action the Rudeboiz series has become known for.

Filthy Chavs snapshot

Joey Carter sucks Ben Collins

Hughes oozes masculinity with his militaryesque hairstyle, hot tats and stature a good few inches taller than handsome Davis. The pair kiss, and grapple with track suit tops, two cockheads soon poking out from above their elasticated waistbands.

Davis reveals a veiny monster of an uncut cock, and the manly Hughes kneels down to pleasure it, only go get back on his feet and grasp Davis head between his hands for a mouth pummeling with his own stiff fattie. Davis doesn't object, that's what he's here for.

Hughes maneuvers Davis onto his back, mouth moving from his thick cock to that tasty hole, getting him prepped up and nice and wet. Standing up again, an extremely hot angle from underneath shows both men's protruding erections as Hughes eye-wateringly thick meat slides deep inside Davis' tightness.

Hughes now gives Davis the rogering he needs, favoring any position at all, so long as its from behind… Davis can't stand the intensity any more and he spurts his juice while still bent over with that wide rod still slamming in and out of his orifice. After such a steamy session Hughes is content to wank himself off, resulting in a cascade of cum spurting all over the place.

Steven Paige, contradicting himself with a sweet baby face but a mean attitude and tightly cropped hair, gets buzzed in to hot and moody skinny top Rob Hunter's abode. He has no idea what he's letting himself in for. Hunter eyes his prey and eats him up with kisses from the moment the two share the room. Sure Paige appears to be quite relaxed when his mouth is stuffed absolutely FULL with Hunter's mega-meat, but in the anal scenes that follow it's clear that this young model has never had a fuck like it.

Hunter doesn't know what holding back means - he uses Paige wantonly and savagely. At one point you can actually see blood on the condom as he buggers that poor bottom relentlessly. But Paige never loses his hard-on, and betrays the filthy side of his own Chav nature, hidden behind that innocently boyish face. Exhausted, and spooging on himself, his sex partner Hunter then moves that weapon of a cock up to his pouting lips, ensuring his bottom gets a good taste of cum. This whole sequence is a MUST see.

Booth turns the camera on Ben Collins, manly good looks, hair buzzed away, and looking shifty but eager as he approaches his sexual rendezvous. (Collins performs in bareback movies as Scott Black, eg. Bareback Secrets)

Full of nervous excitement he even says hello to the cameraman before heading up to bleached blonde Joey Carter's flat. We see true on-screen chemistry as the pair throw themselves into this match up with real passion.

Carter is in awe of Collins, and throughout their scene he remains in a dreamlike state as they enjoy each other's bodies (and Collins over-sized prick). There's some hot oral to be seen here. After an intimate fingering session, a rare moment for a Rudeboiz movie – muscular lean top Collins actually uses his raw cock to lube and loosen the blonde bottom up before covering up and getting deep inside him. Taken from behind and above, Carter gets a drenching at the climax of the scene and the couple share a tender moment of deep kissing.

Jonny Bennett, Shane Wilder, Marc Wilson
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Jonny Bennett, Shane Wilder, Marc Wilson

Jonny Bennett, Shane Wilder, Marc Wilson

We are treated next to a hot threesome between tall lean Jonny Bennett and dark featured Marc Wilson, who drop in at bottom boy Shane Wilder's home. Wilder shows he's more than just a handsome face as he expertly deepthroats the visiting lads, swallowing every inch of uncut UK cock. With his mouth stuffed full of Wilson, and Bennett's tongue and fingers enticing his hole, its only a matter of time before his ass is pleasuring Bennett's massive meat.

Taken doggie, bent over and on his back, his cock, ass and mouth can't take it anymore. He shoots everywhere, followed closely by the top lads who use his face and mouth to deposit their cum.

In the final scene, fresh faced Robbie G (Officeboy) has the horn. Heading to his trick's apartment, he makes a real meal of cover star Stevo's impressive hard-on, like he's been starved of cock for months.

Stevo too displays fine meat eating abilities, but it's when Robbie G bends his smooth pale frame over on the sofa and flashes his to-die-for ass that we see what Stevo really enjoys the taste of.

Like Collins in the earlier scene, Stevo primes little Robbie with his raw cock, rubbing the head around and teasing him with it before donning a rubber and claiming that asshole.

Steady and regular thrusts, he moves the skinny pale bottom to his bed to finish him off. With no let up from Stevo's probing pole Robbie G shoots with the top's thick penis keeping his little ass open, and Stevo pulls out and treats his filthy little Chav fuck to a cummy rear end.

Simon Booth scores another one for lower class British rough in Filthy Chavs. For those with a taste for seedy working class lads you cannot go wrong with this feature. The uninhibited casual sex without set-ups really works for these models, and lets their natural inclination towards mouth-and-cock-and-ass action shine through.

Especially of note on the DVD is an EXTREMELY hot gallery with the entire cast in solo and action shots (selectable by scene) and, unlike the film itself, there's not a condom in site. Filthy indeed!!!

RudeBoiz 3: Filthy Chavs Photos:

Stevo behind Robbie G
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Stevo behind Robbie G
Gary Hughes tops Danny Davis
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Gary Hughes tops Danny Davis

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