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Field of Creams

R. Brown
Eon Films  
Alex Cross , Ashton Ryan , Chase Matthews , Dillon Wood , Jarett Fox , Kyle Aames , Kyler Kox ,
Twinks, AmericanAthletes / SportsOutdoor SexParody / Spoof

Field of Creams

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Jarett Fox roams the field of creams

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If the simple storyless, loop movies of the 18 to 25 year old genre bore you, look to EON Films for more. The San Diego-based studio can be counted on for producing twink movies with additional layers of substance and story. The studio goes to bat with its new release Field of Creams, which stocked with six sex scenes that include ample amounts of kissing and touching. And in the CutiePie Department, its players hit a home run.

The film's star is eye-catching newcomer porn star Jarett Fox, a tall, blond beauty with a hefty cock to match. He carries the film's script pretty well. He appears in two of the scenes, and if anything, viewers will come away wanting more. (maybe he should have had more exposure?) Regardless, Fox certainly has a good future ahead of him in the movies.

Also, something should be said that Field of Creams ends on a rather dark note, which is a little surprising. Not to give away any spoilers, the film concludes by leaving the viewer wondering if they should feel happy or sad.... an unexpected tone to generate for this movie genre.

Tyler Mason shows that
You Love Jack
These boys are a real handfull
Fox's love, Ashton Ryan (Ashton's Eleven), has passed away, and his emotions hang on his sleeve before his mates on the baseball team. Fox's emotional volatility becomes very apparent to Alex Cross, a freckled brunet with a pierced eyebrow. Cross cruises Fox, who goes through an outdoor one-on-one frolic (afterwards Fox freaks out and disappears). Cross blows Fox, who quickly enlarges to a deliciously hot dog-sized erection.

With his baseball cap turned backwards, Fox tops him over a rock in a sunny field, leaving the youthful Cross covered in cum.

Jarett Fox tops Alex Cross in the Field of CreamsWatch Now
Jarett Fox tops Alex Cross in the Field of Creams
In the second scene, brunet Tyler Mason takes on two hot blondes - Kyle Aames from Dicks of Hazzard and Chase Matthews. All three here are yummy enough to eat, and the brunet/blond bodytype mix produces very good chemistry. Both guys trade off on the diminutive Mason, who moans and groans noisily while getting screwed. In a hot moment, Mason squirts his load hands-free while getting plowed by Aames. Matthews, who has a nice, thick cock, shoots his big money shot onto Mason's shaking body.

After this, Kyler Kox tries to console Cross, who came away from his trick with Fox a bit rattled. Kox is a handsome guy, and he soothes him by fucking him on an outdoor bench. At this point the team has banded together and decides to strike out and find their now missing teammate. During this manhunt, their focus is broken up by them all pairing off for three more sex scenes.

Jarett Fox imagines a romantic sex scene with Ashton Ryan. And where is Fox? Off in the Field of Creams imagining a romantic sexual duet with Ryan. They kiss and undress to soft piano music, followed by Fox showing off his bottom skills. Ryan, the usual top, screws him in several positions, and they both cum a lot.

Meanwhile the search continues as Cross decides to take Mason's ass for a spin. Mason lights up the room with more moaning as he gets pounded on his back until he shoots a big money shot that goes up to his chin. Cross'es is nice too - the guys in this film all seem to cum a lot.

Elsewhere, Matthews decides to test out Kox's bottom by screwing him in some garage area. Matthews does really nice work on him, and his orgasm is causes his body to quake as he dumps about a gallon of cream onto the newcomer's back. Hats off to Matthews for spilling the biggest money shot of the movie.

Kyle Aames Fucks Big Dick Bottom

Tyler Mason shows that
You Love Jack
These boys are a real handfull
The final scene shows blondie Aames getting down with the hugely hung Dillon Wood. Wood has surferboy long hair, and clearly the biggest dick in the film. So what does he do? Turn around and bend right over. Aames has a grand old time pumping his butt in several positions. And they jack off more nice money shots.

Some viewers may enjoy EON Films's Ashton's Eleven more, which is story-wise fun and spunky from beginning to end. Field of Creams is a bit more ambitious. For example, there are a number of outdoor scenes, and it appeared like most of the time the weather was not cooperating.

Despite technical quibbles, fans of twink movies will enjoy this collection of amorous adventurers, who perform their work with enthusiasm and gusto. And we will leave the film's bittersweet ending up to the viewer's own interpretation and feelings.

Field of Creams Photos:

Chase Matthews tops Kyler KoxWatch Now
Chase Matthews tops Kyler Kox
Kyle Aames, Tyler Mason, Chase MatthewsWatch Now
Kyle Aames, Tyler Mason, Chase Matthews

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