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Feeding Frenzy: Storm Chronicles 4

Sean Storm
Cre8ive Juices  
Dino Phillips , Gavin Parker , Jack Bassett , Johnny Toole , Karl Koxx , Kurt Kaiser , Paris , Sean Storm
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Feeding Frenzy: Storm Chronicles 4

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Sean Storm's bareback orgy during a hurricane.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Welcome The Storm Chronicles 4: Feeding Frenzy, the newest edition to this ever expanding set of adventures, providing more of the same fun, jokey, sexy, stud-and cum-filled action we have come to expect and look forward to, from Storm and fellow director Ian Rawlings.

Before the movie even begins I have to comment on a nice technological touch in the put-together of this movie - no, not the fact that it's shot in high definition and widescreen (although this certainly doesn't hurt) but that there is an option for EVERY scene in the movie to be played with or without music. Avid readers of this site will know that we sometimes find a porn soundtrack to be too distracting or not hitting the right vibe, so we applaud this extremely welcome choice here. So thank you Mr. Storm.

Now, to the movie…

Jack Bassett fucks Karl KoxxWatch Now

Jack Bassett tops Karl Koxx

Cashing in on his name again, Feeding Frenzy opens with that familiar narration, and Storm explains that Fort Lauderdale is about to be hit by ANOTHER tropical storm - Oliver this time, and that the inhabitants are busy preparing for the impending hurricane. And what happens during periods of high stress? Lots of sex, of course. Thank god Storm lives in a part of the States so often hit by turbulent inclement weather… Otherwise, what the hell would he do to get cock?

As ever the movie begins with a compilation of Storm's past exploits to get the viewer up to speed, including a scene with the strange accent of screen partner (and co-director) Ian Rawlings, who always appears as a faceless body with an voice that approximates something between Australian, English and New England talk, but appears to be none of the above.

"I cawn't beluieve that you said that you weren't going to do any moo-wer porn." (Eat your heart out, Dick Van Dyke)

Then there's the revelation of Storm's evil twin brother Johnny who also shoots porno. Some of this stuff will get you smiling, some will not, but one constant never wavering in The Storm Chronicles is the hot sex, and the standard of models employed within. There's seven hot scenes on offer here, beginning with Flash Fuck, some photo shoot stud sex between the gargantuan curved cock of Gavin Parker and newcomer stud muffin Johnny Toole, who wears some very sexy ripped jeans that reveal too much in a very hot way.

It would be a shame to waste a big dick like Parkers', and so it's only natural that Toole bends over a handy ladder and takes the full raw length and girth of this painfully sexy appendage.

When Toole pulls his ass cheeks apart and the camera shows the action from above it's a truly beautiful skinematic moment and will have your cock spurting in no time at all, as Tooles' soon is after taking such a hard deep pounding from his friend. Parker shoots on his opened ass, and finger fucks another load out of Toole who shows just how much he likes having his prostate massaged with cummy fingers.

Dino Phillips Films Bareback Porn

Next it's a trip to Dino Phillips (who in recent years graduated to bareback porn star as seen in Jarod Steele's Bucket Of Cum and directing the workplace sex saga Cum in My Hole, Boss) bar in "Welcome To Dino's!" where things get playful once he hands out a pair of jockstraps to his friends - tall curly haired hung newcomer Jack Bassett, and cute bottom Karl Koxx.

Lucky Koxx gets to kneel down and enjoy the delights of his friend's fat shafts as he bobs up and down on them both, sucking, tonguing and throat fucking dual monster dicks. Phillips steps away to greet more guests at his bar while Bassett and Koxx tease with more oral fun.

In a truly standout scene "Johnny Pokes Johnny" finds Toole arriving at the bar, with Sean "Johnny" Storm hot on his heels. Changing into Phillips required jockstraps there's an erotic device wherein Phillips holds a videocamera, and records the ensuing action between the three of them.

So not only do we get the usual cuts between cameras, there are some extra hot closeups from Phillips' own handheld, especially when Storm's cocksucking mouth is all over them.

Storm and Toole then retire to a couch so Storm can impale his hairless jockstrapped ass on Toole's nice thick cock, and bounce up and down until a hot cum shot (slowed down masterfully at the right moment) shows just how hungry Storm's hole is for manjuice in a "mind of its own" moment.

"Bar Top Fuckin'" returns us to the guys at the bar, or more precisely with Koxx hotly positioned atop the bar, with topping Bassett giving him the rimjob of his life. When he's nice and wet Bassett slides his raw shaft slowly but deeply inside his shaved ass. Phillips joins them, camera in hand, for some more intimate shots, feeding Koxx his own engorged shaft as Bassett fucks his thick white load inside him in a nice juicy close up.

Phillips wants some of that glistening opening and slips him a length as well, using Bassett's wad as lube, and he jerks a seemingly neverending torrent of man seed all over his bottom buddy's butthole only to plug it deep up in him.

And it doesn't end there. Bassett is so turned on watching this he wants his ass again, and does him from behind like a good wet doggie.

Dino Phillips films bareback pornWatch Now
Dino Phillips films bareback porn

Dino Double Dips

Dino Double Dips features two bent over boys - Storm and Toole, with Phillips sticking his wet slimy member in one hole then the other, back and forth with those tantalizing hand-help closeups. Fans of nasty video will love the resulting cascade of cum pouring out of Storm's puckered asslips, a huge load indeed.

Standout scene "Storm Riders" finds the non-alter ego Sean Storm tied up in the company of hot hung black muscle dude Paris and Kurt Kaiser (Fuck Holes 2) in a plot driven moment. He's soon being plugged at both ends with Paris' huge black shaft opening up his ass while he gets a mouth full of Kaiser's equally massive schlong.

Paris stays hard after cumming and literally manages to direct his cum right inside before ramming the shit out of bent-over Storm.

By the time the uber-hung Kaiser gets behind him Storm is in hungry mode and eats up every inch he's given.

Storm bounces between raw cocks on a couch, and there's some really erotic editing here, as he sluts his way insatiably between the super sized fucksticks. There's even some experimental camera effects at times, splitting the picture down the middle like each huge cock is two up inside his hole. See it to believe it.

5-Way Hurricane Orgy

"Category 5-Way" completes this 4th outing with Storm, Phillips, Bassett, Toole and Koxx playing together in a 5 way rimming, sucking, fingering, and raw fuck fest. Cocks are everywhere, and there's plenty of sensual kissing to be had as Storm and Koxx play bottom to the other three men. Toole proves quite the top here, as the two bottoms are used in a beautiful cacophony of raw anal pleasure as the hurricane rages on outside.

Everyone gets fucked in the bareback hurricane orgy. Koxx smooth little ass is opened wide - an open circular hole that positively begs for the cock it graciously receives, the guys all writing in bareback ecstasy. And Storm doesn't shun his shafts either, always horny and always up for it and both finish up with extremely satisfied rear ends.

Interspersed with the action there's comedy, and real hurricane footage as the oddly accented Rawlings searches for his mate.

And in a wealth of extras on the DVD there's over eleven minutes of behind the scenes footage which is fun AND sexy, some exclusive stills lovingly culled from the hardcore action (some of those cumshots are superb), and on a more serious side almost 10 minutes of footage shot during and after the devastating hurricane Wilma of 2005.

But really this DVD package is all about fun - even if the comedy is not for you, the sex is stunning and Storm himself is one of the most insatiable bottoms on this planet (as well as being quite the looker). So delve into the hurricane of lust that is Feeding Frenzy, it'll satisfy any appetite for raunchy uninhibited sex.

Feeding Frenzy: Storm Chronicles 4 Photos:

Jack Bassett blasts Karl KoxxWatch Now
Jack Bassett blasts Karl Koxx
Sean Storm rides Paris and Kurt KaiserWatch Now
Sean Storm rides Paris (Kurt Kaiser sits right)
Bareback Feeding FrenzyWatch Now
Bareback Feeding Frenzy

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