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Feast Your Eyes

Matt Sterling
Huge Video  
Brad Benton , Dante Foxx , Deacon Frost , Hans Eberson , Jason Hawke , Jim Slade , Lark Larson , Trey Rexx
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Feast Your Eyes

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All the classic elements of great Matt Sterling - superhot models having superhot sex. Jim Slade, Jason Hawke, Brad Benton and Trey Rexx.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

With his newest release, A Matter of Size 2, there's a resurgence of all things Matt Sterling. Sterling's been a major player in the gay porn industry for literally decades, selectively producing and releasing his films, hoping to create maximum impact. Model Trey Rexx, no stranger to top-of-the-line porn product, beckons the horny viewer from the cover of Sterling's Feast Your Eyes. But as good as Rexx looks, it may be Jim Slade who stirs up the most sexual heat.

Slade's body is in exceptional shape. Since making Feast and signing on with Blue Blake (Muscle Penitentiary), Slade's on-screen persona has changed considerably. But here, he's buff without coming across as overly puffy. With his strong jaw and commanding voice, you've got yourself a bottom with attitude. He opens the film with Trey Rexx, trapped like an animal in a cage down in a darkly-lit dungeon. Rexx, here fully decked out in leather drag, is a formidable stud to tangle with.

After spending several moments admiring one another through the bars of the cage, Rexx releases Slade and quickly puts him into service. Slade's hole gets a warm-up with a menacing looking studded dildo, and it's clear he's loving every single second. Then, grabbing Slade by his leather harness, Rexx plunges deep and take complete control of Slade's ass. Slade is a very vocal bottom, exploding with grunts and yelps every time Rexx's hips come in close contact. There's a brief oral interlude and more anal abuse before Rexx pulls out a long and skinny plastic sex toy. Hats off to Slade for opening up for formidable toy, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a plastic broom handle. The cumshots that bring this session to a close are fantastically wet and messy.

Dante Foxx
Dante Foxx
Director Sterling completely changes gears in the second scene. Cruising seaside, Dante Foxx makes a major score when he picks up Deacon Frost. Skipping much of the chit-chat, these two strangers head back to Foxx's pad for some heavy-duty tricking. From the outset, the sex has a romantic edge to it, replete with kissing, groping and pawing even before the tighty-whities get tossed on the floor. Frost sucking Foxx's cock through his 2xist undies is an excellent beginning to their sensual lovemaking. Foxx can only take so much before he's compelled to return the favor, lying flat on his belly and working Frost over.

It's clear that these two are anxious to get to the fucking. With one leg firm on the floor and the other hiked up on the bed, Frost exposes his puckerhole and submits to Foxx. Strange, but one of the sexiest elements here is the tan and flawless skin of the models. Sterling filmed this encounter midday, and the good health of the models as reflected in their bronze thighs and backs cranks up the sexual heat. Foxx and Frost finish their afternoon session by lying on their backs and facing each other, mutually jacking off until the cum flies. Sometimes watching a buddy pleasure himself delivers a stronger charge than actual skin-on-skin. It's a creative and electric way to film models having an orgasm.

Hans Eberson ( aka Hans Ebson ) and urban twink Lark Larson, barely exchange hellos before they make their way to the bedroom. Turns out that Eberson is in the mood for a little cock worship and Larson between his legs is exactly what the doctor ordered. Larson knows his way around a man's prick and even manages to sneak a finger into Eberson's hole while he sucks.

Clever Larson may have found Eberson's magic button. It's almost shocking to see slender Larson, still wearing his stark white wife-beater, putting it to Eberson. The videographer slides his camera underneath to graphically capture the fucking, Eberson's balls dangling dangerous close to the camera lens. Larson continues to keep his dominant lead after they spunk, protectively cradling a spent Eberson in his thin arms.

Feast Your Eyes
Trey Rexx tops Jim Slade
Feast Your Eyes
Brad Benton tops Jason Hawke

The final course to this Feast serves up the always appealing Jason Hawke and porn veteran Brad Benton. Hawke comes across like the fantasy frat boy, and the fact that he is primarily a bottom in most of his films just dumps more fuel on the fantasy. Brad Benton, slightly taller and more subtly built seems to know he's about to plunder some hot college ass and can't quite manage to wipe the smirk off his face.

Watching these two touch and tease each other's assholes while they're still in their underwear is incredibly erotic. As soon as Benton's prick is free from its confines, Hawke is on it, furiously stuffing his mouth. After 69'ing for several delicious moments, they leave the bedroom and take their lovemaking outside to the patio. Shielding their eyes from the sun, they can't seem to get enough of each other's pricks, brazenly blowing one another in view of the neighbors.

Then it's back inside for dessert. Hawke is the first to submit, letting Benton ease inside his hole and ride his ass. And just when the viewer gets into the rhythm of Benton topping Hawke, they switch. Hawke presses his muscular frame down on top of Benton. Benton just goes wild, tossing his head from side to side on the pillow while he's getting cornholed. He can only take so much of Hawke's driving dick and stunning physique before he explodes all over his own belly and chest.

Feast Your Eyes is certainly not Sterling's strongest film to date, but it still delivers Sterling's trademark quality. Sterling always manages to cull strong performances from his stunning models. He lights them well, keeps the cheesy porno music to a minimum and films the sex expertly. Jim Slade delivers the best performance here, but the final vignette between Brad Benton and Jason Hawke is the scene most viewers will come back to for repeat viewings.

Feast Your Eyes Photos:

Jason Hawke
Jason Hawke

Brad Benton
Brad Benton

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