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Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Alan Gregory , , Brad McGuire , Christian , Chuck Berdoo , , Fyerfli , Jacob Scott , Jake Nicholas , Jay , Jerry Stearns , Sean Storm , Will
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No time is wasted in this two disc extravaganza.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Haven't got time for excessive nonsense in your porn collection? Like to get straight into hard core, bareback, cock and ass action without having to spend time meddling with the fast forward button? Well, in less than 10 seconds on screen, Jerry Stearns has already shoved his long black member inside eager bottom "Slave Dog" Will's raw hole, and that's just the beginning of Paul Morris' Fearless - Director's Cut, Treasure Island Media's latest erotic excursion on two tantalizing discs. And trust us, there's NO time wasting here...

"Will's Initiation" is an extremely swift induction into proceedings. It features the handsome toned bandana toting Jerry Stearns (Ass Stretcher 3) who gives goateed Will his ample full length, keeping his legs in position over his head. Some hard deep prodding makes sure Will is nicely opened up and ready to sit atop the next waiting hard cock, belonging to Jim, which he takes with ease, massaging it with precision from inside himself. Stearns gets behind and reinserts his black rod, giving Will a two-for-one deal he can't turn down. Stearns spunks up inside and is replaced by mature bear top Jay, whose tanned schlong gets up in there with Jim's for an extra tight ride. While all this is going on, other guys are sucking and caressing each other, each waiting for a turn with bottom slut Will.

"Truck Stop" - The bottom of this scene is Pat Jackson, a built (check out those biceps) smooth bottom who takes dark skinned Matt Walker (Breeding Season) in his mouth, while his bent over butt gets a power fuck from diesel dicked top Mark Sergeant. Bent over a truck he snorts poppers and switches back and forth to give each guy his ass and mouth.

Christian likes Derek AnthonyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Christian likes Derek Anthony
The goateed hairy bottom cleans off daddy Jay's tasty prick that's just been up his hole, and he mounts him from above, taking a hit of poppers before an unnamed scrotally pierced aggressive top double mounts the boy's already cummy ass with a loud schlup, while Stearns feeds him from the front. Seeded again, it's now the turn of dog-tagged Chuck Berdoo, who looks like he stepped right out of the marines into this orgy (in fact, TIM webpage says he IS an ex-marine) and he gets up Will nice and deep like he's planting a landmine...

Cumpig Will is so committed to this venture he's had Treasure Island Media's insignia tattooed on the back of his neck, lest any top forget just how much he craves their seed...

Jim certainly gives him plenty when at one point he spurts all over Will's fuzzy hungry hole, still filled with another man's hard on, rubs it all around and shoves it back inside. Then craven sex pig Berdoo shows what a whore he is by felching it all out, then giving Will a sloppy deep tongue kiss before the masculine Tor takes him raw. After Tor shoots, Berdoo feltches again, taking a full creamy load to Will's hungry mouth in a truly depraved cock-twitching moment. And then the cum really starts flying...

Christian of Solace meets Derek Anthony

"Fuckin' Hurt Me, Man" stars Treasure Island favorite cock-slut Christian ( Breeding Season) and salt-and pepper hung daddy (and fellow TIM exclusive Derek Anthony).

Christian's superior deep-throating while Anthony fingers him at once becomes a huge bare cock slipping right inside Christian's juicy pucker. Christian is moved from position to position until he's on his back Anthony releases the thickest of loads from his balls down to his opening. Then, delicately at first, then with more vigor he fingers his wad in the hole and mouth of the little cum-pup, even aiding a little self-felching as he encourages nasty-ass Christian to push it back out, then scoops the rest up into his mouth.

"The Fuck Of A Lifetime" brings hot black top, Jerry Stearns back on screen to play with muscle bottom hottie Dave. Taking the pace nice and slow (but no less sexually charged than previous scenes), pierced-dicked Dave gradually strips his top man down, savoring Stearns huge uncut black tasty monster. And it truly is huge.

Stearns sits on the corner of the bed, cock sticking out from the edge of his undies, and he pushes his slick snake into Dave's fuzzy man-hole in a sensuous inch by inch raw moment.

Playing with his nipples he gets the bottom bouncing up and down and up and down, and now, open wide, he can ram it in hard. Stearns turns him around, thick black cock disappearing into hungry pale ass, as bottom Dave uses his ass to work out some of that cum he's so craving.

Then on top, gripping at Dave's ankles, Stearns fills his hole nice and full, little beads of cum glistening on Dave's ass-pubes while he continues to work his prick in and out. Stearns fingers the guy's now drippy door before ramming home again for another fill-up. Finally he has Dave clean off his cummy uncut cock. This is one hot fucking scene.

Treasure Island Christian is fearlessWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Treasure Island Christian is Fearless
Steve Tuck and James Douglas is the no nonsense title of the fourth sequence. Porn mongers will recall Steve Tuck from bareback hits like House Hung Husbands and Dungeon Gang Bang, and here he's matched up with beer-can dicked top daddy James Douglas.

Douglas and the handsome Tuck get into some erotic kissing and body contact, with Douglas' masterful hands exploring his bottom friend's smooth curves as the duo embrace, paying more and more attention to his hot little cheeks and what lies between.

Douglas gets his face down there and gives Tuck the rimming of a lifetime, causing Tuck to groan out with pure unadulterated pleasure. Then Douglas is ready to have his cock pleasured.

He flops it in front of his boy, getting Tuck to stretch his lips around his manly shaft. Next, hoisting him on his back he shoves it up this lad's practically hairless ass. And now a new pair of lips are in play (ass lips that is), gripping the head of his unsheathed meat.

Douglas sucks and nibbles on Tuck's toes, the bottom's ass still crammed full of length. He cums inside, and teases the viewer by pulling out his wet cock and rubbing it on Tuck before disappearing back into his hole.

It's a long session, and the top daddy cums again and again, working Tuck from every imaginable angle till the duo are fully satisfied and Tuck has a hefty brimful of jizz between his legs.

"Sean Storm And Jacob Scott" round off disc one with the famously fearless Sean Storm (The Storm Chronicles 2: Hole Milk) bending over for tatted skinbear Jacob Scott (Plantin' Seed 2 : Folsum Underground).

There's no dilly-dallying for even oral sex here - Storm bends over and Scott gets right up there for a hard carefree bare-ass doggy-style hole pounding.

Scott is big, but Storm is a pro, and his ass milks the fuck out of his fat cocked top friend, with raw relish.

Moved onto his back, Scott rocks the bed like crazy, pounding away at his pal till he climaxes deep inside. You don't even need to see it to know what's happened - this orgasm is so explosive. But when he does withdraw, torrents of cum gush out of Storm's well-fucked tush. It's a short sweet gem that has the viewer reaching for some tissue, and if they're anything like us, reaching for disc two too...

Fearless buttfuckingWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD

Fearless Disc Two: Christian barebacks into the lead

...which arrives with a bang, appropriately entitled, well, "Christian's Gangbang".

As mentioned at the beginning there's really no time for idolatries here - many of the cast are already naked, and certainly Christian is... The room is set up looking almost like a wrestling ring with beds in the middle and bars surrounding the set.

Prick cover star (see later) Eric Wolfe (with the barbelled taint) is straight up there without a moment's recourse. Christian is bent over with nothing to lean on but personal favorite top man Austin Shadow's (The Storm Chronicles 3: Storm Surge) hot as fuck hard-on, which he does use to steady himself with his hungry mouth while Wolfe deep fucks him.

Turned around, Ben Jones (also known as Big Ben Gunn) and tatted Brett Anderson are on the sidelines to tap that ass while the still jeaned Shadow shoves it up him and pumps like crazy.

Next, Christian's rear end is pulled down onto bearded throbbing cocked Franco Dax, who you might be familiar with from Brad McGuire's 20 Hole Weekend, and Storm comes round the back for some ass-stretching nasty slutty raw double-docking as Anderson gets his rod teased with the bottom's mouth.

With two slick sliders in Christian's butt, Shadow cums and gets replaced by Jones' fucking massive black cock. Jones leaves a deposit that might have saved the economy, and Christian's doubly stretched ass is satisfied by Wolfe (this is the scene from the cover, with Dax underneath). In one humorous moment bottom Christians slaps top Shadow, just for a laugh, and Shadow pulls his prick out and shows he can lick his own head just for bragging rights.

Together they work him around, fill him with cum, and make him suck on their dirty pricks. Alex Pitt contributes to the mix, and then hard-bodied smoothie Phoenix Michaels wears a cheeky grin as he hoists his hard-on up a smiling Christian. He uses his nice curved cock to hurt that sloppy-slutty-spunk-slut, and as he comes he shoves it back in with the noises of a Bison. Fade to black...

"Alan Gregory Goes To Heaven" is the next sinful slice, where the well known Alan Gregory (Huge Cocks in Tight Asses) flaunts himself on a hotel bed, making himself accommodating to Shadow and Stearns.

Stuffed from the front by Stearns, and then fingered and mounted by Shadow, this is a threesome that needed to happen.

Gregory's hole is suspiciously sloppy, but that doesn't stop Shadow from working the living fuck out of it with hard uninhibited thrusts. Stearns cock, buried deep down Gregory's throat, meanwhile, is harder than post-grad trigonometry.

The tops trade, and Gregory gets to suck the precum off Shadow while Stearns issues a red alert anal assault that must be one of the nosiest and most vigorous on record. It's painful to watch, god knows how Gregory felt.

But pulling his own wet ass wide apart for some more seed, its clear this boy doesn't give a shit - he just wants jizz.

Brad McGuire Feels Chatty

"Brad McGuire Fucks Will" unites that slave-dog Will from scene one with one of the most popular tops on the porn scene - Brad McGuire (The Storm Chronicles 2: Hole Milk) ).

Fans of verbal sex will love this hook-up and then some, as McGuire's leathered cock and shaved head puts Will through his bottom-slut paces. He makes him tongue clean his army boots ("You like all the piss on them?"), suck on his feet, slob on his penis, suck on his balls, take his fingers, take his spit, bend for his raw prick and finally, explosively, eat all that juice from McGuire's raw cock up his rectum...

As if that wasn't MORE than enough - (value for money once again from these superior porn producers) - the movie closes out with "Chuck's Gangbang."

If you've read this far you'll recall Chuck Berdoo is the ex-marine from Will's multiple fuckfest who felched, fucked, and well..., feltched some more... Well to close out the movie he bottoms in his very own own gang-bang, upside down in a sling with a consortium of leather clad tops.

"Yes sir, thank you sir!"
Marcelo Masko (Sperm Bank) wears a sexy as hell top cap, god knows what gauge earring, and rims the ex-army guy's hairy ass before slipping him his twice pierced meat. He's followed closely by the stiff shafted Fyerfli (Husband By Day Hustler By Night), and then his suspended ass is fucked by a variety of newcummers, including mouth mounting Jon ("Yeah boy, lick it all off"), slim goateed unforgiving top Jake, Nicolas, Maverick (who has an especially hot green Snake tattoo across his belly) and bald daddy Zeke.

This boy becomes a whimpering pig, hard to believe he was once one of the military's finest... That is until he starts shouting "yes sir, thank you sir" as the top pigs assault his anus with raw flesh and sperm.

Sitting in this chair, his hole becomes nothing more than a slimy orifice for cock after cock after cock, spunk after spunk after spunk after spunk.

He's a good boy for these leather tops, a credit to the nation, a credit to TIM, and testimony that you don't just have to be out on the warfield to be truly Fearless... Just get together with some hot leather tops and see just how much your dirty little ass can take...

Over 2 hours of new material is included on this 2 disc set, and that's without bonuses. Treasure Island Media continues to push the envelope of what is value for money, and any self-respecting bareback lover would be sadly lacking without this gem in their collection.

There's also a rough as fuck raw bareback showdown between Jake and Berdoo, twenty-nine models throughout the movie(!!!), and almost another full hour of hardcore preview footage. Don't believe us? We don't work for them; we just like their shit... Just check out a preview for Fearless - Director's Cut, and you'll be as speechless as Berdoo is when his cunt-ass is stuffed full of fluid.

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Fearless Photos:

Will likes Brad McGuireWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Will likes Brad McGuire
Fearless WillWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Will shows no fear
Treasure Island Christian BottomsWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Treasure Island's Christian bottoms into the lead

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