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Fallen Angels

Keith Miller
Spank This   ST43
Baileey , Isaiah , Malachi , , Seth Matthews , Ty Ford ,
Twinks, AmericanSpanking

Fallen Angels

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Where Angels Fear To Spank

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Sometimes all a devious twink needs is a good spanking. Fallen Angels, a scorcher in the long line of spanking films from, has an abundance of sassy-ass punks who are just itchin' for discipline. Heading the roster is boxcoverboy Malachi (Hot Tubbin Twinks), a dark-haired little heartbreaker with tattooed wings spreading over his shoulder blades.

Even with a Latino guardian angel (Baileey) keeping a watchful eye, blondie Seth Matthews still manages to cut class and head to the beach. Sleeping off the pain of a sunburn, Matthews isn't really in any shape to receive guests, even if that guest is an unexpected, ethereal one. Baileey is determined to set Matthews on the right course and an ass whacking is just what the doctor ordered[.

Few things are as unpleasant as having someone touch your sunburned skin, let alone forcefully smacking it with a cupped palm. With a slight grin on his less-than-cherubic face, Baileey seems to take a great deal of personal satisfaction in peeling down Matthews' tighty-whities and making his ass even redder than it already was. Poor Matthews has a decidedly distasteful expression on his face, the same grimace you make when forced to eat undercooked lima beans. Matthews tries in earnest to resist, but Baileey keeps Matthews' arms locked in place behind his back while administering discipline. After several agonizing minutes of steady smacks, Matthews' cherry ass is an alarming shade of red, the only unblemished skin being the thinnest patch between his butt cheeks.

We never get a clear understanding of what Zack Bennett did that warrants punishment. The viewer is as surprised as Zack when Archangel Malachi shows up bedside and starts meting out a hearty ass whoopin'. Malachi has a menacing tattoo scribbled across one pec -- pain is love -- a creedo this devil boy sticks to. One gloved hand pins Zack's shoulder to the mattress while the other keeps the steady rhythm of smacks. And then as if someone turned up the intensity of a metronome, Malachi doubles the speed of his blows, quickly alternating between Zack's two asscheeks. The eventual contrast between Zack's shockingly white undies and his raw behind is cock-stiffening, and the spanking he gets is so relentless that the muscles of his ass soon become rock hard with tension.

Model Mason Coxx may be the most traditionally beautiful model in Fallen Angels. He's got a hot face and lithe frame. Malachi once again appears bedside, determined to set yet another wayward twink on the path to goodness by way of a thorough beating. Coxx's tiny breathless whimpers of discomfort are enough to make even the most cynical viewer cum in his shorts, and that's even before the undies come off. Not satisfied with his meager results, Malachi rips Coxx's underwear off from the back, tearing them down the center rather than politely pulling them off. Coxx's subtle whimpers become outright cries for mercy by the end of the session and his rear is turned an alarming shade of plum from Malachi's forceful smacks. Without a doubt, this session delivered the biggest bang.

The last session features a twink (Ty Ford) who bears an uncanny resemblance to Ralph Macchio, the 80s actor from Karate Kid. This pup takes his licks bound to a makeshift wooden cross. After a few moments of abuse, he's released from captivity, taken to the bed, and surrounded by Malachi and two others models who proceed to dump their scum on his chest, shoulders and face. This explosive ending to the film seems to cum out of nowhere and it was great to see these guys gets some release after all the agony.

Fallen Angels delivers on its promises and provides plenty of fun for spanking enthusiasts. With the exception of the last vignette, the main course is the spanking itself, rather than a prelude to more traditional sex. None of the models are stunningly beautiful. They're more akin to working boys - rail thin, boyish with an intangible hardness about them.. They make perfect specimens for discipline, and if this film is any indication, some of the models won't feel comfortable sitting down anytime soon.

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Fallen Angels snapshot
Malachi over Zack Bennett
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Fallen Angels snapshot
Malachi over Mason Coxx
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