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Deep South, Parts 1 and 2

John Rutherford Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios  
Aaron Parker , Adam Wolfe , Anthony Shaw , C , , Chris Steele , Clay Maverick , Derek Cameron , , Jason Hawke , Jason Tyler , Jeremy Jordan , , Nino Bacci , Race Jensen , Sebastian Cole , Sky Donovan , Tom Chase , , Vince Ditonno
OrgyHunksDaddies / MenTattoosMystery/Thriller

Deep South, Parts 1 and 2

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Josh Weston journeys to New Orleans

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bursting with talent, packed with sex and shot on location, Falcon Studio's two part Deep South perfectly mixes mainstream movie style and down-home cajun sensibilities with its trademark sexual heat.

Deep South is clearly a star vehicle for Falcon's versatile exclusive Josh Weston. Weston, a baby-faced brunet with piercing eyes, possesses an air of gentle vulnerability. This is disproven the moment he shifts into sex-mode. He blends a striking face, a thick, cut cock, heavy balls, and well-formed ass into a powerful package. Taking on his man both actively and passively, both sides of his body get worked over nicely throughout the movie.

Josh Weston's experience in New Orleans is like that of a stranger forced to visit a strange land.

Tommy BrandtWatch on or Watch VOD
Tommy Brandt
Throughout the movies' three hours of ten sex scenes, directors John Rutherford and Chi Chi Larue also spend time capturing Weston moving through the town's interesting streets and areas. In a clever line, Chris Steele notes to Weston precisely why the place is called The Big Easy.

One minor complaint, this is one Southerner who cannot imagine a visit to this town without ever seeing a person of color. For crying out loud, it's New Orleans! Some black guys would have nicely mixed things up, or perhaps given interesting dimensions to the voodoo sequences.

Deep South Part 1

The movie begins with Weston about to leave to New Orleans for work, having dinner with his boyfriend, Vince Ditonno. Feeling guilty for leaving for an extended time, Weston smooths-over their rumpled feelings by giving Ditonno a farewell to remember.

Once ignited, Weston becomes a very talented top. The two affectionately kiss while Ditonno's muscular ass gets worked over well.

Once in New Orleans, we learn that Weston is a private detective, hired by a guilt-ridden Senator to locate his missing son, Jeremy Jordan. He visits his friend Jack Ryan, who turns in a very good dramatic job throughout the film. Ryan tells Weston that Jeremy Jordan is the partying boytoy of the town. He relates as a flashback how he once watched Jordan gang-banged by six guys at a sex party.

The party attendees are doe-eyed Clay Maverick (Big Timber), and the enormous Chad Hunt. The other guys who pound the daylights out of Jordan are Derek Cameron, Adam Wolfe, Jason Tyler and Sebastian Cole. At one point, the guys raise and lower Jordan onto Hunt's erect titan.

Perhaps Jordan's free-wheeling lifestyle is potentially damaging for his father's political career, played by Race Jensen. This movie is a nice comeback for Jensen, who after ten some-odd years out of Falcon films looks extremely handsome, and knows how to use his dick.

Father's own closet homosexuality comes out to the butler, Aaron Parker. While attempting to comfort the distraught Jensen, they get turned-on, and Jensen plows him.

Weston hits the bars of New Orleans for more information. In one of the watering holes, Weston takes Tommy Brandt, a hot young guy, into the bathroom toilet stall where the begin tearing each other's clothes off. Weston makes good work of Brandt's bubble-butt. In their sexual frenzy, they knock over a bar glass, which crashes to the floor. Weston and Brandt don't skip a beat.

After the two exit the lavatory, a looming Jack Ryan comes out of the shadows and fishes out some of the broken glass. One particular piece caught some of Weston's blood.

In the last episode, Weston passes out in a small bar after drinking a spiked cocktail from bartender Tom Chase. Chase, who seems to gravitate to bartender roles in movies (like in Chasers) is more beefy and muscular than ever.

In a drugged stupor, Weston watched Chase bang Sky Donoovan with his infamous bejeweled penis. The scene concludes with Donovan cumming with Chase impaling him. Chase, plus some masked onlookers pump out hot loads onto the half-dazed Weston.

Chris Steele fucks Jason HawkeWatch on or Watch VOD
Jason Hawke opens wide for Chris Steele

Deep South: Part 2

Josh Weston realizes why
this place called is The Big Easy
After passing through some of the local scenery, Weston goes to complain about his forced intoxication at the sheriff's office. Sheriff Chris Steele and deputy Jason Hawke dismiss his story as ridiculous. After leaving, Steele and Hawke enjoy a sexual coupling that starts Part 2 off on a grand high note.

Furry top-man Steele is the perfect guy to take on the pouty-lipped, muscular bottom-pig. They get down and dirty on the sheriff's desk, and Steele makes great work on Hawke with his legs up high in the air.

This sizzling scene closes with Hawke unloading his juicy boyjuice onto his boss's hairy chest. Steele fires his seed onto his deputy's baby-smooth face.

At Jack Ryan's house, he and Nino Bacci hook-up in a hot flip-flop. Ryan, who used to mostly bottom on-screen turns out that he has ample top skills.

After receiving a mysterious telephone call, Josh Weston goes to rent a costume for a mysterious party. At the rental shop, he gets fitted up the ass by Falcon's Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush.

Weston goes to the party, which is similar to the Eyes Wide Shut mystery orgy, except this is all-male and far more graphic. In the center of a lighted room, a big group of naked, slithering guys pile onto each other at every angle, while another group of masked attendees silently look in.

Those in the group include Jimmy McGuire, Christian Taylor and Anthony Shaw (Head Games).

Weston is pulled into the tangle, where he tops Brad Benton. Benton's face is in rapture as he grips for life onto the furniture.

The movie ends with Weston uncovering his friend Jack Ryan's dark secret, plus the mystery of Jeremy Jordan and his father Race Jensen are revealed.

Without disclosing plot details, it's definitely worth seeing the three-way between Weston, Jordan and Ryan.

Another successful ambitious release from Falcon, Deep South catapults Josh Weston into the ranks of superstar. It combines fun elements of mystery, and the wickedness of New Orleans, with ten action-packed scenes.

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Deep South, Parts 1 and 2 Photos:

Matthew Rush and Josh WestonWatch on or Watch VOD
Matthew Rush above Josh Weston
Josh Weston fucks Tommy BrandtWatch on or Watch VOD
Josh Weston behind Tommy Brandt

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