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Factory Fuckfest

Robert Boggs
Bloc Hardcore  
Andrej Rovensky , Andrew Shut , Devon Donis , Eugen Procci , George Plozen , Joe Donovan , Leo Cooper , Nikolas Markov , Samuel Hoffman
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Factory Fuckfest

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Lax workplace oversight, jealous rivary mixed with horny lusts makes this a seven scene prodigious fuckfest.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's time to set your sights on another five star Czech-produced film jam packed with hot guys and deliciously strong sex scenes.

Factory Fuckfest frequently depicts the cast effectively using saws and drills as they labor in a wood shop factory. However, far more effective are the seven scenes of hot sex. They may be on the clock, but these guys also never listen to their boss, instead preferring to drop their pants in fits of male bonding.

Samuel Hoffman Watch Now
Samuel Hoffman
The bossman is played by Devon Denis, who viewers may recognize from his numerous other roles in High Octane movies as Joseph Lewis. He looks like he is cousin to red head Blu Kennedy. At this point in his career, Denis is a veritable veteran.

Denis asserts his supervisory position to develop a kind of three way relationship with employees Nico Sideropulus, Billy Dexter and himself. Putting aside whether this is emotionally healthy or legal, Denis enjoys two on-screen opportunities to ride around Sideropulus' backside, a position tons of fans will be in absolute awe over. Until now, Sideropulus has played a 95% top in folms. Taking down this stunningly handsome young man is one of the film's true treats.

Construction Time Again with Dominik Trojan

The film begins with Sideropulus finishing his workday to join Dominik Trojan (Eugen Procci) for a wet and wild afternoon on the water slides.

The guys move from playful outdoor park frolic to finding a more secluded spot. Here, they lose their bathing suits to their exploding emotions. Siideropulus nibbles and licks Trojan's long lollipop, followed by him fucking his face.

Trojan, one of the industry's biggest top teases, once again decides that he's going to strut his own topman skills. He throws a very hot fuck to Sideropulus, who is a very butch looking bottom to watch while taking it up the ass. This starts what will become through the course of this movie an impressive ass workout for Sideropulus.

Trojan humps him like a rutting puppy dog. He finally pulls out, stands over him and shoots his load in the bottom's mouth. There's a final cum soaked kiss.

After this, the entire crew, including Joe Donovan, gets into trouble for taking an inappropriate break. Things brighten up for him when he unexpectedly meets Samuel Hoffman on the stairwell, whose face lights up at the prospect of getting Donovan out of his white overalls, and into fucking his ass. [Blog: Porn Star Samuel Hoffman]

Boners pop out of their clothes. Hoffman's crafty scheme is a rousing success. Their episode is an arousing match-up of the smaller, grunting bottomboy dominated physically by the bigger, butch top. As in Bloc's Alpine Sex Party, Donovan rocks the screen with his sexy body.

He drives his long dick in and out of Hoffman's tight boy hole. Standing and kissing each other, they blow their loads on each other's torso.

Next, Denis decides that it is the boss' time for some fun. While Sideropulus and Leo Cooper are changing clothes, he orders them to strip naked and get hard. Cooper, whose job at the factory is to sleep, seems to have found a new calling. Their dicks blossom as their employer alternates sucking them.

They proceed through several hot combinations. Some highlights: Cooper looks just fine bent over bottoming for Sideropulus, taking his long dick on his fours. After this, the boss gets sloppy seconds on Cooper. To finish, boss Denis gets a piece of Sideropulus's hot butt for himself.

That rascal Hoffman is back again. He blows off Donovan after work to go roller blading with Dominic Trojan in the skate park, one of director Robert Boggs' favorite pastimes. (Skaterz)

Back home, Trojan shows his enthusiasm for giving blowjobs by really going down on Hoffman's prick. This alternates back and forth along with fits of kissing, and moving into a rollicking fucking of Hoffman's ass by Trojan. No half asleep sex here! Both models literally explode in sexual exuberance that melts the screen. To illustrate, Trojan blows one of the biggest money shots of the entire film, raining cloudbursts on cum the length of Hoffman's back, running down everywhere.

Devon Donis fucks Billy DexterWatch Now
Bossman Devon Donis tops Billy Dexter

Andrej Rovensky's Fuckfest

Even with all the action so far, Factory Fuckfest is still only just over half way finished. At this point, Boggs introduces a new face to dominate the subsequent scenes of the movie: pretty boy Billy Dexter, another one of the movie's sexual dynamos who tops and bottoms with spunky verve.

Dexter played Thomas Dyk's boyfriend in Bareback Street Gang. Here, using the name Andrej Rovensky, he becomes the object of employer Devon Donis' affection.

Before work, Dexter first enjoys some frisky play with the tall, dark haired George Plozen. The guys enjoy a heated flip-flop behind a convenient cement wall out of doors. Dexter first tops Plozen, but most of the action features the rock hard Dexter bent over getting drilled by Plozen's famously long hot dog. (Garth Fox's Bareback Hotel) Both guys shoot big cum loads.

Toiling Away

Back at the Fuck Factory, boss Devon Donis is not concerned with work productivity or anything else regarding the business of cabinet making. He's jealous that Dexter takes orders from Sideropulus. "He's my friend!" answers Dexter.

Donis shows Dexter who's boss. In no time, he's getting a blowjob from Dexter, shirt unbuttoned, pants pulled down. Donis bends Dexter's body over a convenient work table and drills his sweet ass, sawing it in long thrusts.

While butt fucking, Sideropulus enters the room catching them in flagrante delicto. Here again, Donis asserts his power in the workplace. He tops Sideropulus for a second time in the movie, who sucks on a very aroused Dexter's cock. Dexter even gets a piece of his friend too.

As mentioned earlier, Sideropulus, typically a top, receives an unusually big anal awakening in the film. His versatility only shows his top rate skills as a leading porn model.

The movie ends with a closing scene indicating that Dexter has gotten far too spoiled by the boss. The door to a lift opens. Dexter stands in the back, his erection pointing out of his pants. He begs Andrew Shut to drop everything and "make me come!"

Without exiting, Dexter promptly pulls down Shut's pants, and pounds his smooth little ass until dousing him with copious cum facial. Lax oversight, jealous rivalry mixed with horny lusts literally makes the two and a half hour Factory Fuckfest a prodigious fuckfest.

Everything counts in large amounts!

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Factory Fuckfest Photos:

Dominic Trojan fucks Samuel HoffmanWatch Now
Dominic Trojan tops Samuel Hoffman
Andrew Shut and Billy DexterWatch Now
Andrew Shut sucks Billy Dexter
George Plozen and Andrej Rovensky (Billy Dexter)Watch Now
George Plozen tops Andrej Rovensky (Billy Dexter)
Dominic Trojan and Samuel HoffmanWatch Now
Dominic Trojan and Samuel Hoffman

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