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Face Ryders (MSR Videos)
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W A T C H  Y O U R   F A V O R I T E    P O R N

Face Ryders

Tony Alizzi
MSR Videos  
Andy Dill , Andy Hunter , Gil Cortez , Gino Romano , , Lex Kyler , Park Wiley , Sam Dixon , Sean Storm , Trent Atkins , Trey Rexx
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Face Ryders

Sit on my face, Trey Rexx

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Butt munch orgies rise to new levels in Tony Alizzi's MSR film Face Ryders. For an hour and a half, the viewer is treated to rich, new aspects of pigsex that has rarely before been captured as well on film.

Here eleven guys work each other over in a playroom of an unnamed sexclub. The film begins with with a close-up, lingering shot of Gino Romano's furry hole.

The camera then pans around to reveal the cast, half of them have their mouths open wide and working on the others' dicks and butts. Alizzi introduces here a fun prop that many will not be familiar with - a plastic, springy seat. This open seated chair is an ideal forum to ride a guy's face.

Jason Branch and Gil Cortez sit upon these thrones as their holes are fully worked over from underneath. A chorus of moans, gags and loud licking emanates from all around.

Baldheaded Lex Kyler gets his mouth fully stretched by Trey Rexx. First Kyler works over the masculine blond's hole with his tongue. Then he spends time doing some major deep throating. Kyler audibly gags several times as he completely swallows Rexx's meat.

Jason Branch atop
Sean Storm
Over in the sling, dirtyboy Trent Atkins gets his hole pounded and stretched by Andy Hunter's long rod. The boy moans and groans while Hunter pummels.

Wild bottom Sean Storm spends some time lathering Jason Branch's sexual organs. Then, Gil Cortez appears from behind to rim Storm's sweet round rear.

In general, there is great anal action here, but there is a strong emphasis on mouths completely swallowing big dicks, and also on working tongues into hot hairy holes.

With Storm pulled aside, boy Park Wiley gives a long tonguebath to daddy Branch's backside.

In a high moment, Sean Storm hangs in the sling to get a fantastic ass pounding from Cortez. Storm plays happily with his dick as the hispanic top rams him. Cortez pulls out to shower Storm's cock and balls with his hot load.

Also, the furry Romano gets a great ass pounding from an older loud-mouthed hispanic (Andy Dill).

Back to slobbery sucking as Branch lets Wiley suck him off. Kyler does the same to Rexx.

Finally, the passion between Hunter and Atkins has apparently never stopped. Sam Dixon steps in to get a piece of the dirty blond. The tops switch back and forth on Atkins until they shoot their loads.

The face seats make for a new and interesting prop. Filmed at the Faultline in L.A., it looks like a delightfully wretched hive of scum and villainy.

MSR fans will enjoy the usual mixed cast of boys and daddies, big dicks, hole rimming and encouraging bottoms.

Face Ryders Photos:

Andy Hunter deep inside Trent Atkins

Lex Kyler eats Trey Rexx

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