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Drew Warner
Rascal Video  
Austin Reeves , Blake Harper , , David Pierre , David Thompson , Johnny James , Logan Reed , Michael Crawford , Sandy Sloan , ,


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Blake Harper and Michael Crawford in Exhibition

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Exhibition takes place at an art gallery opening as the patrons mill around, they notice the work on display. Two of the men, Johnny James and Austin Reeves, are eying each other more than the photos. As the camera focuses on the artwork, the stories beneath them unravel. The camera effortlessly glides between the black and white art photos and the color sex scenes.

The first picture dissolves into Blake Harper and Michael Crawford, enjoying a morning breakfast together. Somehow, the juice and coffee do not quite satisfy the two lovers. Crawford pulls down Harper's boxers, revealing his peachy upturned cock. Crawford goes down on it sensually, before Harper works Crawford out of his sexy Calvins.

The two kiss passionately and suck dick like pros. In a big surprise, Harper tops here -- a rarity onscreen. He gives Crawford an energized, but rather tentative fuck, bending him over a coffee table for anal access. He never attacks Crawford's ass the way so many have done to him, but their penetration is still aesthetically luscious. Blake eventually gets Crawford on his back, his feet above his shoulders, to finish off. The sound of the table shaking adds another element to the scene, which climaxes with Crawford popping while getting boinked, then Harper spraying on Crawford.

Another photo morphs into Tuck Johnson, Sandy Sloan and rookie Tony Serrano under a shower, the water falling down their beautiful frames. They slurp each other's penises, often two at a time, frenching and running their hands everywhere. One man drops to his knees and does double deep-throat duty, until all have stretched their jaws.

After a train rim, handsomely executed, our boys jump into a chain fuck. Sloan bends over for Serrano, who spreads wide for Tuck. Again, the videography is so strong, it heightens the allure. Serrano gets pumped as hard by Tuck as he is pounding Sloan. Later, Sloan finds himself with a rod in both ends. After he has noisily reached orgasm, the others beat off on his face.

A hallway black and white turns out to be David Thompson and Logan Reed, who wake up and make love. This is a soft, romantic scene -- almost as if Drew were interrupting a real couple. They flourish each other's naked bodies with their hands and mouth, and have an effortless ebb and flow. Thompson's careful blowjob makes Reed literally squirm in the bed. When Reed is orally at bat, he devours David's prick just as well, and tonguefucks him while playing with his erection. They share an anal flip-flop -- Thompson lifts Reed's legs up first and gives him a heated, slow screw. Almost in the same position, though, David pulls out and then sits on Reed's hardon as they cum together.

Damian Ford and David Pierre

In the next pairing, Damian Ford meets with manic, hairy bottom David Pierre, and the sparks fly from the opening frames. There's no romance here -- just two sexhounds loose in the pen. Their passion is most evident. Ford's torso seems to have grown tighter and more muscular during his break. He is a sight to see. With Ford on the bed, Pierre crawls up between his legs and chews his balls. Ford's steely dick points straight up even more rigid, at Pierre's touch. After the men have situated themselves in a 69 position, Ford chews on Pierre's ass, getting it all soggy for future use. He climbs aboard, pushes Pierre against a drawer, and gives Pierre a standing fuck. They alternate doing the work -- at first Pierre just sort of impales himself on the cock, then Ford thrusts away. Ultimately, Ford bangs Pierre on the bed, his legs elevated skyward, until Ford and the furry one have shot.

Finally, Johnny James and Austin Reeves meet and have a backroom session together. James is a stunning tall blonde, but he doesn't eclipse the equally magnetic Austin Reeves. They strip each other down, before Reeves beats himself off while tackling James' big wand. James actually whimpers a few times in the scene -- Reeve's talented tongue is working miracles. James reciprocates with a blowjob, then Reeves grabs hold of James' hips, buries his head deep in his ass, and gives him a rimjob for the ages. James' reactions are golden -- even more whimpers and moans of pleasure, as Reeves electrifies his chute. Propped up against a trash can, Reeves then gets a solid ass-thrashing, and he's no passive fuck, ordering James to give it to him harder. It's the perfect ending to a great tape. Drew Warner has a winner with the beautifully-shot Exhibition. Its visuals are striking, but it's also the kind of work where you debate which scene contains the most friction.

Exhibition Photos:

Blake Harper and Michael CrawfordWatch Now
Blake Harper and Michael Crawford

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