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Every Poolboy's Dream: Director's Cut

Bryan Phillipe
Cobra Video  
Angel Ramone , , , Corey Savage , Donny Price , Jake Landaus , Scott Hanson , Shaun Ferrara
Bareback SexSolosTwinks, AmericanHorsehungCum Eating

Every Poolboy's Dream: Director's Cut

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Brent Corrigan rocked the world with this forbidden movie.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The original version of this movie is not available. This review was written June 6, 2004.

I do not know how many people have told me that Cobra's 2003 Every Poolboy's Dream is simply the hottest movie they have ever seen. Adorable twinks and hot barebacking are a powerful combination, and in this case director Bryan Phillips truly hits the jackpot.

Two models in particular give memorable shows. First is the boxcoverboy Brent Corrigan (Cream BBoys), a long donged skinny boy who is extremely hot to watch bottom. He has already built up an army of fawning, stiff admirers on the Internet. The other is the suave and svelte Shaun Ferrara, whose Mediterranean looks and dreamy eyes could put him on the cover of major men's fashion magazines.

If one is not in an action scene of the movie, the other is. Both models also make a welcome encore in Cobra's Schoolboy Crush.

Jake Landaus needs a pool boy. Another note, the DVD package selling today is the Director's Cut, which is a package over two and a half hours long. With its six lengthy sex scenes, it is worth every penny.

Becoming Jake Landaus' Pool Boy

The film begins with Corrigan wandering along the beach, obviously a homeless youth. He finds an ad for a poolboy at the well appointed home of Jake Landaus and Brenden Michael. Landaus, an El Salvadorian, wears the pants in that relationship, and he clearly likes having his pasty white boys around. Meanwhile as Corrigan gets settled into his new poolboy position, another swinging pair, Ferrara and Corey Savage tear into the butts of two other twinks. This four way in the movie's first action scene, and frankly, it is so hot it could melt metal.

Brent Corrigan sells Flash Jacks Discount Prices
Savage sucks Angel Ramone until he blows a big load into his mouth. After this appetizer, Savage slides his dick into the barely legal-looking blond Donny Price. Ferrara gets a good, long turn on Price's sweet hole as well. They screw the cum out of Price, and into Ramone's hungry mouth. This leaves Ferrara to screw the bejesus out of Savage, who cums in his ass.

These boys do not stop, despite that every has gone a round by this point. The cherubic Price tops Savage, giving him some of what he just got. And during all of this Savage blows his second load of the scene into Ferrara's mouth.

Folks, we are only just at the first scene. Whew!

Fortunately the next scenes are a respite, allowing the viewer to catch their breath. Landaus is gone to work, so Michael relaxes by the pool to perform a very nice solo in his Calvin Klein Tech underwear. The blond stretches back on a two-seat bench to stroke his big erection, all the while using his other hand to reach around and play with his ass.

He cums on his belly and tastes a bit with a finger. Afterwards Corrigan is hard at work sweeping the cleaning net through the pool. It is not long before Michael pulls him aside to explain some of the household's basic rules. Landaus has left a thick skin colored dildo for Corrigan to practice on before he returns for the real thing.

What follows is a nice buttplay sequence where Corrigan easily works the hefty dildo into his petite frame. The viewer can see from this that Corrigan's bottoming talents with big dicks will be a breeze. During this, Michael plays with himself next to Corrigan. Michael produces some anal beads for his own hole, and the two virtually hairless twinks go at it for ten minutes, each blowing their money shots with the toys in their butts.

After this interlude of solos and jacking, the movie continues with the all-out sexplay. Ferrara and his buddy Savage are looking for a roommate. They find Scott Hanson, a closely-cropped smoothie who cannot wait to sample the goods of his new roomies. Hanson and Savage together suck, lick and kiss around Ferrera's hefty erection.

Brenden Michael snapshot
Brenden Michael
Their ensuing three is another one for the record books: Hanson screws both of the other two with his big cock. In a memorable moment, Hanson drills Savage's sumptuous cheeks, who clings onto Ferrara's body for dear life. They work up a visible sweat and they literally all screw each other. Hanson's hard cock drools pre-cum as he bottoms.

In another marathon sexscene, Hanson screws Ferrara hard until he pulls out and blows into his mouth. Then Savage tops Ferrara until he shoots a huge load in and around his ass.

After this mind scramble, the movie returns to the Brent Corrigan story. Landaus returns home, so he and Corrigan and Michael have a three-way. Their clothes come off and they all begin promptly consuming each other. Landaus and Michael keep returning to the magical call of Corrigan's butt. In some nice moments of teasing, Michael hangs his big cock next to Corrigan's lubed opening.

Then he pushes his bare dick inside. The brunet lays sprawled on the bed as the other two ravish him. Corrigan's big erection never goes down while he's getting screwed. In a high moment, Landaus stays fully inserted inside Corrigan, while Michael gives it to him from behind with wild ass-slapping thrusts. Corrigan blows with Landaus inside him, and Landaus ends up eating both the others' loads.

This grand welcome aboard initiation ultimately ends with Corrigan getting Landaus' load in his ass.

And They All Live Happily Ever After...

The movie finishes with an intimate one on one coupling with Corrigan and Landaus. Landaus running his tongue all over his partner, especially when he explores his ass with it.

Our hero finds his happy ending.
The scene has a Million Dollar Visual: Corrigan lowering his open hole onto Landaus' uncut brown dick. As he sinks down, the camera shows Corrigan's own pre-cumming erection. After this comes several minutes of unforgettable ass grinding and cum drooling.

This fantastic finale also shows Corrigan demonstrating his own topman skills on Landaus, who actually turns out to be quite the bottom. However by the scene's end it is Corrigan who gets a sweet load of love shot into him from Landaus.

The DVD includes a delectable set of photos showing off Brenden Michael and Brent Corrigan, and there are a bunch of really great trailers.

Kudos to Cobra Video to putting together this incredible cast. Unlike other bareback movies, the temperature of the sex and camerawork are near flawless. When making a list of must sees in this genre, Every Poolboy's Dream would probably sit right at the top.

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Every Poolboy's Dream: Director's Cut Photos:

Corey Savage tops in Every Poolboys Dream
Shaun Ferrara kisses Donny Price. Corey Savage drills.
Shaun Ferrera Four-Way
Shaun Ferrara gets some in the fantastic four-way opener
Every Poolboys Dream Three-Way
Scott Hanson rams Corey Savage, who clings on to Shaun Ferrera

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