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Euro Sex Party

Tom Bradford
Falcon International   FIC-033
Anthony Brooks , , , Igor Caricote , Maurizio Mangiati , Peter Shadow , Rod Stevans , , Tony Magera
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Euro Sex Party

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Claudio Antonelli: Get Thee To A Euro Sex Party

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Director Tom Bradford and Falcon International once again show that shrinking violets will never get in on hot sexual action taking place just outside the comfort of the nearby hedges. Stand up! You'll be pulled into the ensuing orgy. Or as Auntie Mame famously said, "Life is a banquet, and most poor souls are starving to death. Live!"

If life is a banquet, Euro Sex Party presents a movable feast of thickly sliced Hungarian man meat. Starring many familiar faces, Bradford also casts some exciting new guys.

The film begins with Claudio Antonelli happening across new euro stud Anthony Brooks on a jogging path. To some rather odd, sinister music, Brooks brazenly invites Antonelli to visit his house for his next sex party, all populated by studly muscle hunks like themselves.

Anthony BrooksWatch on or Watch VOD
New Hungarian Meat & Sex Party Host:
Anthony Brooks
(Note the arrow tattoo pointing to his cock)
The film's four action scenes depict Brooks' house party in titillating detail, unfortunately poor Antonelli misses out on two thirds of the party while he timidly hides in the bushes across from the gated front laws, helplessly watching the guys trail in.

Fortunately for Antonelli, and his fans, he gets in on the film's final sex scene, a steamy culmination to the movie.

Fuck yeah, Tony Magera!

Before this, host Brooks enjoys a three way with Magyar movie icons Tony Magera and Rod Stevens (Casting Couch). After a lengthy round of cock sucking, Stevens is bent over, showing off his hairy legs while getting fucked. Magera and Brooks are some feisty tattooed tops, each taking turns on Stevens, often slapping his butt, or touching themselves while screwing him with rapid fire thrusts.

Rife with butch tatts and heterosexual attitude, Brooks is a pleasant, familiar looking addition to the ranks of models starring in today's Hungarian gay adult film industry. Brooks seems to love a hot hole so much that he can barely keep his dick out of Magera's ass while waiting his next turn on Stevens.

He eventually gets a piece of Magera too.

The versatile swapping of both Stevens and Magera with the host opens the movie on a fantastic nice. Magera drops a big, heavy load of cum too.

Meanwhile, three party goers are getting down in the master bedroom. They easily fit atop a huge oversized bed adorned with a striking leopard spotted blanket. This is euro sex party interior decorating at its finest!

The guys, newcomer Igor Caricote along with Peter Shadow and muscle boy morsel Enrico Bellagio form a sexual trinity that is one of the film's high points. Bottomboy Bellagio is one of the most exciting international stars in adult film today. Caricote is a big latin guy, bald headed who sports a wild looking tattoo on his right shoulder.

Bellagio dances himself atop Caricote, holding on tight to the topman's upward bucking thrusts. The guys stay focused so that Bellagio's hot ass is handling one or the other's cocks.

Shadow, who director Bradford utilized in his previous Falcon International film Hungarian Hunks, once again struts his topping talents with dazzling success. He works over Caricote's butt with aplomb and masculine ease.

Just like in the previous three-way scene, two of the three guys end up playing top and bottom, with one total top present.

Who's missing out on the sex party?
After all this it appears Antonelli may have missed the sex party. But fortunately additional guys show up, including a solo Mangiatti twin, Mauritzio. This turn of events pushes Antonelli to go ring the doorbell, or maybe he just feared that lingering in the foliage would lead to poison ivy. Either way, Brooks answers the door and invites him into his "hidden nest."

They leave Maurizio Mangiatti alone with Steve Hunt in front living area of the house, an all wood palace that looks like a modern upgrade to something out of the Deer Hunter.

Now if you by chance have not seen Michael Lucas' Cruising Budapest 5: The Mangiatti Twins, you may not know that Steve Hunt is a raging sex machine, laden with dynamite from head to toe in his tightly packed body. Unfortunately, Hunt has had many more excited on-screen partners than this one.

He kisses Mangiatti, sucking his cock while running his tongue along the shaft, as well as all over his tummy. Mangiatii, who is slightly more stiff in front of the camera, does a respectable job returning the favor on Hunt's long shaft.

Mangiatti seems quite at home ramming Hunt's hairy hole in the doggie position. This is the first time we've seen one of the Mangiatti twins performing alone, which is okay since the "twin brothers theme" that they've brought to so many films in the past year is getting long in the tooth.

The host leads their new guest back to the same master bedroom with the leopard print bed cover. Antonelli, along with the returning tatt covered hunks Cariote and Brooks unleash themselves with the sexual power of coiled cats.

The guys sink their claws into Antonelli's ample bubble butt, and the rest of his hunky body. Energy filled blowjobs lead to Antonelli getting split up the middle by Cariote. He even chants "Yes, fuck me!" in English.

Brooks is a sex party host who selfishly retains his rights to fuck all of the guests. Claiming this right, he tops both Cariote and Antonelli in the film's hot climax.

Antonelli has certainly moved from total top to wild party bottom. As one of Europe's most prolific "working models," he continues putting in very enjoyable performances. Caritoe and Brooks are interesting new figures as well. Perhaps Bradford has dibbs on these guys for future hardcore movies.

Euro Sex Party is another nice addition to the Falcon International DVD line. Falcon website members can watch their exciting new releases in their entirety as well, so don't miss.

Euro Sex Party Photos:

Euro Sex Party Three-wayWatch on or Watch VOD
Peter Shadow, Enrico Bellagio, Igor Caricone
Steve Hunt and Maurizio MangiattiWatch on or Watch VOD
Steve Hunt gives an enthusiastic blowjob to Maurizio Mangiatti
Enrique Bellagio bottoms in Euro Sex PartyWatch on or Watch VOD
Enrique Bellagio rides Igor Caricaro
Peter Shadow stands left
Euro Sex Party Three-wayWatch on or Watch VOD
Anthony Brooks, Rod Stevens
and Tony Magera
Claudio Antonelli in Euro Sex PartyWatch on or Watch VOD
Claudio Antonelli: Euro Sex Party Bottom

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