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European Holiday Part 1

Tim Hamilton
Falcon International   FIC-027
Alexei Orofar , Danny Saradon , David Watts , Gary McAdams , John Palmer , Max McKay , Nicolas Cole , Shawn White , Thomas Barton
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European Holiday Part 1

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Casper Watts Takes a European Holiday

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Europeans are world famous for the fantastic amounts of leisure. When it comes to places with paid holidays, vacations and other kinds of leave, Europe is tops.

Porn star turned director Tim Hamilton gets behind the camera to document what exactly it is that Europeans do all day when on holiday. And do all these fantastic amounts of free time mint new tops and bottoms to accent to growing bowl of 21st century modern life?

The film's star, David Watts, seems to illustrate the quintessential 20-something European gay everyman, a hot guy with all the time in the world to plan vacations, go to the gym and have sex with everyone, including, of course, his own boyfriend. Bel Ami fans will recognize him as Casper Watts, who underwent intense personal training on-screen in A +.

Danny Saradon and Casper WattsWatch on or Watch VOD
Danny Saradon sucks Casper Watts
The film opens with another hot Eurostar, Carey Lexes (billed here as Shawn White) as the sex instigator. Lexes, a handsome horndog who has played every position in the movies (Raw Twink), starts his European Holiday awakening naked in an oversized bed with two of his vacation buddies, Alexei Orofar (aka Dion Phillips) and David Watts.

Standing on the nightstand in a martini glass is a still unconsumed libation from the night before, apparently a real blow-out. Lexes takes a swig, and starts pawing on his snoozing friends in bed. The honed up blond starts by spreading apart Orofar's ass cheeks and working his tongue inside. Soon the gays are all sucking or getting sucked.

Lexes, in particular, has a very pretty cock which gets lots of camera time. The scene's anal action turns white hot as the guys move through a number of combinations. Lexes ends up showing off his versatility and Watts ends up getting his beefy ass plowed by the other two. They also spend time altogether in a chain, with Orofar topping Lexes, who screws Watts.

As if things could not get any better, another friend enters the room (Gary McAdams, more famously known as Aston Martin of Ski Trip). McAdams announces that he wants some of Lexes' ass, who never stops his own fucking of Watts. Orofar, being a good friend, generously steps aside, giving up his slot to McAdams.

McAdams climbs aboard while Orofar moves to the other side, where he shoots his cum into Lexes' mouth. McAdams eventually pulls out and goes around to give Lexes a mouthful of his own seed.

At this point, Lexes has processed both Orofar and McAdams through the room. Alone with Watts, the bottom lays flat on his stomach so Lexes can fuck him rapidly. He pulls out, rips off his condom and rains his money shot down onto the bottom's smooth backside.

Oh what a beautiful morning!

After this, lovers Nicolas Cole and Matt McKay enjoy some intimate moments in a bubbling jacuzzi. They break out a £5 bottle of Brise de France Chardonnay, a crisp, white wine that opens McKay's palate into sticking all of Cole's cock down his throat.

McKay, a well-scrubbed brunet has gotten fucked by everyone over at Eurocreme studios under the name Kamil Fox (see Army Fuckers). Fox has a big, beautiful cock too, which Cole works on, but has trouble sucking. McKay does erupt a hot cumshot composed of gobs of white goo, which Cole does lick down his own throat.

For the anal action, McKay bends over. They stand in the jacuzzi water so that Cole tops him doggie style. Cole, with his gym body, looks a bit new to the whole gay porn thing. However, watching Fox in action is always satisfying, and Cole shoots a pretty hot orgasm onto the bottom's backside, which runs down his sides into the water.

Casper Watts holidays with Thomas Barton (Martin Dejdar)

In the third episode, Watts returns, this time availing himself of the gym facilities. Unfortunately, Thomas Barton (aka Martin Dejdar) works there, whose job is not only to keep the equipment clean, but also hit on the customers. Barton is pleased with the attention, standing up so that Barton can give him an enthusiastic blowjob.

Barton, the doe-eyed cover star of Lucas Kazan's excellent The School for Lovers, proves again to be the perfect passive bottomboy. Tops: just arrange him however you like.

One thing that is especially arousing is watching Watts hammer Barton's ass, just after watching him in his total bottom scene in European Holiday's opening scene.

In a hot sequence, Watts lays back so that Barton rides his thick cock. Director Hamilton captures some great views here with the camera.

In the tub with Danny Saradon

The last scene shows Watts in the bathtub with his boyfriend, Bel Ami veteran Danny Saradon. Where Saradon has been throughout this movie, and does he know about his boyfriends own slew of lovers and tricks, is unknown.

He just loves Watts' muscular ass. And so will the viewer. After some brief discussion about going on a vacation with their friends, they adjourn to the bedroom, where Watts gives some great head to Saradon. Saradon looks more buff hung than ever, an impressive stretch from his beginning days in Frisky Summer 4, which also co-starred the Bel Ami boy who subsequently went on to direct this movie.

Saradon tops Watts in long, constant strokes, his balls slapping up against his boyfriend's own low hangers.

The scene ends with Saradon quickly pulling out, whipping off the condom and popping out a nice multi-spurt money shot. Not to be outdone, for his turn, Watts lays back and casually unleashes the nicest, high-flying cumshot of the film.

If European Holiday, Part One is any indication, Tim Hamilton has a long and prosperous career as film director. He coaxes some great work out of Casper Watts / David Watts, who earns the movie's star status.

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European Holiday Part 1 Photos:

Thomas Barton sucks David WattsWatch on or Watch VOD
Thomas Barton sucks David Watts
Thomas Barton rides David WattsWatch on or Watch VOD
Thomas Barton rides David Watts
Danny Saradon behind David WattsWatch on or Watch VOD
Danny Saradon behind David Watts

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