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Erotic Barebacking Dreams

Seymore Dicks
Seymore Dicks Productions  
Alex Christiansen , Devon Shea , Dexter Brooks , Eric McLaren , Jamie Donovan , , , Zack Randall ,
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexLatinosTwinks, AmericanHunks

Erotic Barebacking Dreams

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Phoenix Young's Barebacking Dreams

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Tattooed dream boy Phoenix Young strikes an inviting pose on the cover of Erotic Barebacking Dreams - dark spiky hair, "try me" eyes, and sexy pierced nipples on a smooth masculine chest. He proves a worthy cover star for this knockout offering from producer/director Seymore Dicks.

The set-up is simple. Off-screen director interviews eager cutester Jamie Donovan, who's there to film a solo jerk-off scene. Donovan learns of a sleeping nephew in the next room and he wants a peek, just to get hard of course. The director agrees, and this keen soul-patched model sneaks a look in on cover star Young. (Young subsequently went on to star in numerous movies as Sebastian Young.)

Phoenix Young in Erotic Barebacking Dreams Phoenix Young (aka Sebastian Young)
Donovan cannot resist Young's tattooed torso and ravishing good looks, and bed sheets are quickly removed. Hands gently work on this sleeping stud, his mouth finds Young's beautiful thick cock. Young's dream state is soon corrupted by the oral attention. Hot bareback sex scenes play out in his mind as Donovan's lips slide up and down his shaft.

The first "dream sequence" matches uncut cutie-pie Zach Randall, his toned muscles and pencil-moustache doing little to disguise boyish good looks, with Devin Shea (bleached blonde hair and equally fuckable). The pair enjoy each other. Sensuous kissing turns to oral sex and mutual masturbation, before wads of hot cum spurts onto their chests.

Meanwhile Young's sleeps on, boner twitching for more attention when Donovan stands to remove his jeans…

Young's dreams are becoming more intense. We join a pair of Latino hot boys, stylish Matiez Perez and Vinny Lopez (Raw Fantasies), Perez already going down on his sex partner.

When Perez straddles Lopez and feeds him his member, the director employs a unique groundbreaking effect that makes this movie imminently more stimulating. Dicks uses a picture in picture box in the lower right corner so we get to see Lopez wet finger priming Perez' hole, and simultaneously Perez' tasty penis sliding between Lopez lips. Next, an extreme close-up of Lopez raw meat using Perez ass pairs on screen with the bottom's face in ecstasy. This is not gimmicky – it really works (and it's a fucking turn on!), and kudos must go to Dicks for literally doubling the level of eroticism with this pioneering technique.

Two hot cumshots later and we cut back to Donovan, now jerking his sleeping companion.

Young now dreams of twink boy Dexter Brooke, soon 69ing with Alex Christianson and his thick down-curving penis. Brooke's pale ass is rimmed till its nice and wet, then he's on all fours for a hard bare slamming from Christianson. The intimacy of this coupling is terrific, and Brooke moves from doggie, to riding, to side entry, Christianson's shaft causing genuine smiles to erupt on his face. Now the tanned top wants some too, and he climbs on Brooke for a raw ride of his own, before they both spew cum onto his torso.

Young's cock is being orally satisfied again, and his fourth sleep fantasy returns to Perez and Lopez from scene two. But this time the dream is a little more daring. Lopez is back in Perez' hole in no time. Working him from the side, he then bends him over for some rear entry. He pulls out and shoots his load right onto Perez fresh-fucked asshole, only to ram it back in and fuck him some more. But Perez isn't spent yet, and uses his own hard bare meat now on Lopez, pushing his thick creamy cum inside the top.

With Donovan still slobbering on that beautiful cock, Young has his final dream. Versa-twink Brooke sucks bottom Eric McLaren, and he's soon rimming and fingering him, working off his pants to reveal a hot black jockstrap. McLaren gets worked hard by this 'tatted twink, used in position after position, jockstrap now stuffed in his mouth. Brooke's creamy cum ends up on McLaren's hole, and it drips down in gobs as he stuffs it back up his ass. When McLaren cums, Brooke's mouth is ready for the load.

The final scene returns us to "reality". Hot boy Young awakens, and reaches over to play with Donovan's stiff member. Young erupts all over Donovan's face in no time. He's so turned on now he returns the favor, sucking on his corruptor's prick, and jerking him to a hot climax, milking Donovan's load out onto his belly. Young finally turns to the camera, and confesses this is the first time he's been with a boy before. "Shameless," he admits with the cheekiest of grins…

This is only second feature from director Seymour Dicks but you would not know it. Dicks masters the art of eroticism in this title truly worthy of its name. His direction is superb, the sex is stunning, and the term "impressive" would be a gross understatement for this scorching pornographic gem. Filled with the highest quality of models, this movie is also a must see for the unique effects in dream two. Erotic Bareback Dreams is unbelievably terrific stuff. Bring us a sequel soon please, Mr. Dicks.

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Living Erotic Barebacking DreamsWatch Now
Living out those erotic barebacking dreams
Matiez Perez and Vinny LopezWatch Now
Mateas Perez and Vinny Lopez enjoy bareback dreams

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