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Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 4

Treasure Island Media  
Movie Series
Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Christian , Cristiano , Cyril , Dam Esco , Darko , Eric Paris , Hugo Martin , Jeremy , Jonathan , , Jose , Judas , Karim , Keiran , Khalid ,
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Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 4

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It Gets Better!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Nasty European director Eric (aka Eric Paris) once again proves his adept talents in capturing the essence of today's hot guys hooking up for sex, prowling the streets and alleys like animals, first time meetings at a stranger's front door, getting boned in an underground backrooom.

The performances are all attitude free, culminating in throwing condoms to the wind so that the sex gets touches the red hot pinnacle of complete lust.

When we reviewed the third in the Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes series, we opined whether that DVD was "the perfect porn." This time, director Eric nicely combines his favorite fuck machine performers with new guys, coaxing out again more unforgettable performances.

Fucked for All Time

The director places himself in the bottom role in the video's outstanding opener, Plowed and Filled-up By Judas. Moving from the street into a flat, they cannot keep their hands off each other. Once in the safe confines of the living room, Eric gets on his knees. The throbbing bulge in Judas' short betrays a big cock. With a hand pushing his head down, Eric worships his phallus going down to the base, the balls pulsing around the confines of his scrotum in heated excitement.

Judas finds Eric all jock strapped-up and ready to take it up the ass. Watching the top grind into Eric's behind is exciting, heightened by the bottom's musical accompaniment of enraptured moaning. Jock strap lovers take note that Eric keeps his garment on from beginning to end, even as Judas coaxes a thick load out of his staff, and promptly draining his lust into the open bulls eye.

Eric and Judas in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Judas inspects Eric
After this we see Peto Coast descending a staircase into a small, cramped downstairs of what could be a Berlin bar, where he finds bald mega-bottom Jeremy waiting patiently in an all-fours position. Being one of TIM's current stable of tops, Coast is happy to oblige.

Jeremy takes his time jawboning Coast's thick uncut sausage. Coast points his Dutch sword into Jeremy's aft side where after licking it out, he slides it in with one long thrust. With his second push, the bottom visably reacts, quivering and bearing down as his body begins a lengthy sequence of Mr. Coast's signature deep oil drilling in the sexy Dutch style.

Coast fucks the breathless Jeremy senseless, frequently taking time out to peer directly into the camera to display a mean look. Do you want some of this too? The final shot shows the bottom with his hole caked in the top's cum with his own coating his own dick and balls.

Dam Esco bottoms in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Cristiano fucks Dam Esco

Stunning Sex Hook-up: Cristiano & Dam Esco

Can things get any better? The answer is yes! Frankly, ANYTHING that features the sublime Dam Esco (aka Damien Esco for Eurocreme) makes all "Best Of" and "Must See" lists. The sinowy and soft-featured Esco has an ass of death that rocks the screen, effortlessly taking beautiful dicks, sucking up their cum. We watch our hero enter an unlocked apartment's front door. Setting his rucksack down on the floor, he flashes a sweet smile at his first glance of the seated Cristiano and his towering erection.

Cristiano is a perfect match for Esco, jaw-droppingly hot, visibly confident and impressively equipped. Esco drops on his knees and gives him great head. Soon the bottom is perched in a chair taking it all in bareback. Esco is a beautiful bottom, clearly highly aroused through the entire scene. He gets so aroused he clearly cums by accident early on. Of course, this isn't a problem because in no time he back in position for more enthusiastic barebacking by Cristiano.

Next comes a happy ditty featuring our gallant director hooking up with two guys in a car garage. Bearded stud Karim starts the fucking which Jose keeps Eric's opposite end busy. Karim is another hot number - he's not massively hung like the other tops in Eric's Videos, but his body is fine and he fucks great.

The guys switch off on Eric's bottomless butt fucking him a doggie style tour de force. Oui! Oui!

Have you watched Dam Esco getting fucked? They switch off to Eric sucking their dicks for awhile, followed by more down on the floor / on your fours butt fucking. Some frothy cum gurgles up out of Eric's hole while he's getting nailed to the bed. After more great sequences, they fuck their cum into the bottom. This is arguably the film's hottest scene.

Next is a blistering hot three-way that's not only notable for the sexual heat, but also that it features some already familiar European porn models moving into the bareback video arena. Getting pummeled is Jorge Ballantinos, the power bottom who Harry Louis fucks in UKNakedMen's Are You Being Serviced? He's quite the sex pig.

He's banged in a basement by two formidable tops: EricVideos regular Darko, and Hugo Martin, a delicious model from Lucas Entertainment and Kristen Bjorn movies. (Martin has an amazing seaside sex scene on the groundbreaking Inside Israel) This time he's got some topman competition with Darko for Ballantinos' butthole, and he matches it. And the Spaniard takes it.

Director Eric does an impressive job filming all this within the cramped confines of this very narrow space. The underside shots of Martin going balls deep in the bottom makes you feel like you are really right there. The tops leave Ballantinos' furry bread gooey with spooge.

Taking a Spin on Keiren the XXL Australian

The movie ends on a fine note. We get to, once again, see Keiren the XXL Australian in action. This time his cock hungry assailant is none other that TIM superstar bottom Christian. They hook up on a subway and end up rutting at length on a hotel bed. Christian spends lots of time flat on his stomach screaming "Mother fucker!" while Keiren presses his meat in fully to the base and holds it.

Their fuck and breed session is an exercise in both naked lust and physical stamina. This is probably one of Christian's best scenes. And Keiren's fans will certainly swoon. It's the perfect close.

The DVD also features a very good bonus episode titled 10 Blow Jobs, featuring Eric taking care of ten stiff uncut cocks. It's filmed both from the side and well as from the recipient's perspective, who's holding his own camera. Great moments in phallus worship.

Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #4 is outstanding from start to finish. Eric is truly filming some of the best bareback video with the hottest guys today.

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Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 4 Photos:

Cristiano and Dam Esco in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Cristiano leaves Dam Esco happy
Eric and Judas in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Judas inspects Eric
Karim fucks Eric in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Karim fucks Eric (Jose standing right)

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