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Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3

Treasure Island Media  
Movie Series
Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes
Cristiano , Darko , David Andrezj , Eric , Faruk Barron , Joe Bexter , Keiran XXL , Lars Svenson , , Thom Barron
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexEuro-Muscle GuysMen of Germany / BerlinTwinks, InternationalHorsehung

Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3

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The Perfect Porn?

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Has French amateur video director "Eric" produced the perfect porn? Watching Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3 instantly grabs the viewer's attention and doesn't let go. However, it's not a major production by any means. There's no large cast, no exotic sets, and, unlike many bareback productions, doesn't hang it's hat on gimmicks like bottoms taking 24 cocks in 24 hours, or teen twink cum parties.

The film is actually quite modest. Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3 contains six episodes all following a similar formula: The director (Eric) hooks up with a trick, who arrives and fucks the Hell of out of his big butt. Each scene also includes a brief setup showing the new guy arriving, adding a small but important touch to the fact that these sexual rendezvous are salaciously sleazy.

It's anonymous sex. It's spontaneous sex from some random guy off the street. They bring their depraved friends.

Keiran XXL Fucks Eric

The movie starts showing Eric in what apparently is his natural position: face down on the bed, his lubed ass raised up in the air. Keiran the XXL Australian arrives, confronting this without skipping a beat - he's obviously done this many times before.

Kneeling down, he spreads Eric's ass cheeks apart, diving in like he's feasting from a buffet. Removing his pants, out pops one of the most fantastic erections you'll ever see. (In fact, Keiran, his cock and facial expression are in plain view on the DVD boxcover. See how's he's enjoying this?)

Releasing a massive moan, Keiran forces his dick inside. He pumps Eric's butt, who recoils with every thrust - watching the bottom take this is a major endeavor. We are treated to many beautiful shots of their anal marriage, culminating with the top popping his dick out and releasing a gigantic load all over the bottom's butt. He sticks it back in and continues fucking.

Keiran fucks Eric in Eric's Raw Fuck TapesWatch VOD
Keiran fucks Eric

Meet Cristiano "The Portuguese Stallion"

Who's next to walk in off the street? It's a brunet boy wearing a lot of lyrca, music equipment and attitude. He finds Eric in his usual hunched greeting position, who is soon nuzzling his guest's dick out of his underwear. Cristiano wields yet another massive monster.

Cristiano drills Eric on his back, missionary position. He's one fantastic fucker, and a preppy-looking contrast from Keiran. He fucks Eric before a full length mirror, frequently pulling his uncut dick out exposing their skin on skin love in high definition glory. Finally, Cristiano blasts a huge load onto Eric's pulsing hole, which coaxes the top back inside for additional moments of languid love.

Where does Eric find these tops? Next come a one on one duet that does not include the director. On the streets of Paris we meet a well-built chav-looking lad named Darko the Thug. Darko is a powerful bareback top whose found his match in buzzed bottom David Andrezj (aka David Novak from Roll in the Hay)

Darko carries a fat pipe between his legs, and underneath cluster a full, ripe sack of sperm. Andrezj gives him a hot blowjob. These two don't even make it out of the doorway - Darko's quickly got the obedient bottom bent over, taking his full thrusts.

They land in bed where Darko proceeds to fuck Andrezj in every imaginable position. Here's where another trademark of Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes become obvious - the models peer into the camera while fucking, the flames of carnal pleasure emanate from their eyes.

They finish exhausted, laying in bed, Andrezj's furry butthole caked in sticky cum.

Ich bin ein Berliner Bareback Top

Lars Svenson and Joe Bexter arrive at a high rise hotel room in Berlin with Eric waiting patiently. He's staring out the window at the Fernsehturm wearing just a blue t-shirt. His ass is ready to go.

Svenson quickly guides his big erection inside the host's fleshy cavern. He generously gives equal ass time to his buddy, a hot guy named Joe Bexter, who fucks with his clothes on, a casual composition of loose sweat pants, a tank top and knit cap. Bexter's arm muscles bulge out when he fucks Eric's butt, his eyes frozen on watching his own fat dick sliding in and out.

Peto Coast tears through Eric's underwear to reach his ass, fucking him standing doggie. They switch off to Eric sucking their dicks for awhile, followed by more down on the floor / on your fours butt fucking. Some frothy cum gurgles up out of Eric's hole while he's getting nailed to the bed. After more great sequences, they fuck their cum into the bottom. This is arguably the film's hottest scene.

The last scene on the DVD shows Eric hooking-up with porn star Peto Coast, who did quite a bit of fucking for Cazzo Film before going bareback in Liam Cole's Wild Breed. It's a slightly different setup here - Eric arrives with Coast, whereupon he spends a long time deep throating the top's massive sausage, sucking him to the point of gagging numerous times.

Coast tears through Eric's Calvin Klein underwear to reach his ass, fucking him standing doggie as well as for a long time on the bed. There's hot footage of Eric riding him on top. Finally, it's time for the German to blow his load, pumping hot cum deep inside him.

The DVD also features a very good bonus episode featuring legendary German porn star Thom Barron, who we've not seen in films in ten years. He's not as toned, but still looks almost the same. He throws a hot fuck into a leather-clad bottom boy credited as Faruk Barron. (Are they real life boyfriends? If so, this is a probably the best way to see them in action together unless you plan on scoring them online during your next vacation to Germany.)

Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3 hits all the notes, mostly as a riveting video diary of the fine exploits of Eric's hungry butt. He's a great bottom who coaxes equally great shows from an assortment of well hung Euro tops. The sex is spontaneous, alive and bareback. The setups are interesting, but not distracting. The models are all very good looking and very well equipped. The action is not the typical super-choreographed activity, but instead these guys appear so into the sex the cameraman is racing around to capture everything on video.

What else can one ask for when looking for a perfect gay porn?

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Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes #3 Photos:

Christiano fucks Eric in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes Watch VOD
Christiano fucks Eric
Lars and Joe Eric in Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes Watch VOD
Lars Svenson and Joe fuck Eric
Darko fucks David AndrezjWatch VOD
Darko fucks David Andrezj

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