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Erec's Little Shop of Porn

Lazaro Wineman
Skin2Skin Films  
, Brandon Hoover , Manny Montilla , Ricky Rios , Jay Tornay , Sebastian Rio
Bareback SexInterracial SexLatinosTwinks, American

Erecs Little Shop of Porn

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Feed Me, Erec!

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

2015 marks the tenth anniversary of one spicy bareback video that's truly a showcase for one of the cutest porn stars you'll ever see. His name is Erec Estrada, and he works at a sex shop. His job exposes him to an endless parade of guys hitting on him, but unfortunately his always unseen boss has expressly forbidden him from participating in any hanky panky. Estrada's suitors are some of L.A.'s finest latin tops, including Ricky Rios and Sebastian Rio, who contines today to both film porn and escort.

What makes this movie endearing is that Estrada and friends genuinely appear to be having a very good time making this movie. Produced by the now dormant Skin2Skin studio, the diverse, sexy cast drips with enthusiasm. They also fuck like rabbits.

Hijinks start with a very cute Black guy named Jay Torney getting all worked up around the skin magazines. Estrada goes over to tell him to stop. Instead he's getting a blow job from Torney.

Estrada's impressively equipped with a long, sugary uncut cock that when erect has a slight downward slope. In what begins a long sequence of nice surprises, Estrada fucks Torney, who appears to very much enjoy getting his bootie stuffed. Our hero happily pounds him bent over the boxed merchandise. At one point, Estrada pounding him so hard they almost shake a rack of Treasure Island dvd's to the ground.

The scene ends with Estrada cumming in Tornay's mouth. All the scenes end with oral cumshots, which may explain the "Feed me!" calls from the guys about to be fed. Hollywood fans should also get the Little Shop of Horrors joke as well.

Erec Estrada tops Jay TournayWatch VOD
Erec Estrada tops Jay Tornay

You Know You Want To

Later that same day, Estrada must contend with customer Ricky Rios, who looks like he's going to try a queitly palm some merchadise without paying for it. Estrada confronts him.

Their comicaly bad verbal exchange escalates into another one of the scene's five-star fucks. Rios has a great, uncut cock, and he knows how to use it. He fucks Estrada silly on the floor of the store.

We learn here how pliable a bottom Estrada is, and able to get fucked wherever the wind takes him. Rios sticks it in with Estrada on his back. They move to a standing doggie position, which director Lazaro Wineman captures extramely well.

The guys' care-free bareback frolic ends with Rios unloading a heavy, gooey money shot into Estrada's mouth, which he happily devours.

Manny Montlla and Erec EstradaWatch VOD
Manny Montilla wants Erec Estrada to fuck him

Erik's Happy Customers

Next we meet a couple of new shoppers, who aren't exactly interested in the products sold in the store. They are shopping for a top. It's a good thing Estrada's earlier ass-fucking from Rios has reset him to fuck some butt.

In this scene, he's got two boutts to take care of - a small hispanic named Manny Montilla and his bigger white friend Brandon Hoover. After a gamut of sucking each other's dicks, Hoover opens his ass to Estrada's long cock. Hoover's ass lives up to its namesake.

In a hot visual, Estrada fucks Hoover, who sticks his dick into Montilla. By the end of the scene, Montilla's been banged by both guys. The sequence showing Estrada filling his ass is hot, as Montilla is a verbal bottom, who moans heavily, always wanting it harder.

The Last Temptation of Erec

It's the end of the workday, Estrada, understandably, hasn't made any actual sales. Suddenly he's looking at a one hundred dollar sales minimum if he wants to keep his job. He lays all this on the only customer in the store, Sebastian Rio.

Rio's got the biggest dick in the cast, which with this group is saying something. Long, hairy and uncut, he fucks Estrada in many positions. This hottest visual arguably shows Rio laying on his back on the floor with Estrada riding his dick full-length up and down. This must have been some real exercize! Leter when Estrada's bent over, he's fully hard and clearly loving every inch of Mr. Rio.

If you are a fan of cute latinos and enjoy interracial bareback, Erec's Little Shop Of Porn is definately worth keeping around. The only complaint I can make about this movie is that the editing of the foreplay could have been better. At times the oral and rimming build-ups drag on a little too long. This is an earlier Skin2Skin video, and the director got better with this in his subsequent videos. If you like this movie, you will want to watch it's sequal, Erec's Little Shop of Fashion.

You can buy both movies streaming VOD for just $11 each, or download either one for $25 each. Feed me Seymour? How about feed me some more!

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Erec's Little Shop of Porn Photos:

Sebastian Rio and Erec EstradaWatch VOD
Sebastian Rio and Erec Estrada
Sebastian Rio tops Erec EstradaWatch VOD
Sebastian Rio tops Erec Estrada

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