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Erec's Little Shop of Fashion

Lazaro Wineman
Skin2Skin Films  
Bryce Van Ryan , Chip Sastre , , Jason Forest , Jay Lopez , Skip Vincent
Amateurs / First TimersBareback SexInterracial SexLatinosOral SexTwinks, AmericanCum EatingTattoos

Erec's Little Shop of Fashion

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Erec Estrada gets into the clothing business.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Skin2Skin's unique bareback movie Little Shop Of Fashion is a predominantly Latino gem of an affair in a pornographic wasteland of sameness. The campy colourful titles remind the viewer (intentionally) of cult classic Little Shop Of Horrors, but other than a fun attitude and a shop setting , the similarity pretty much ends there.

Tall smolderingly handsome cover star Erec Estrada opens the movie with a voice over. He admits that he got fired from his previous porn store job because he just couldn't resist the temptations of men (Skin2Skin prequel Erec's Little Shop Of Porn). Now he works in the Little Shop Of Fashion, which, while claiming it's a clothing store, the viewer can't help notice the dildoes set in the background.

Jay Lopez and Erec EstradaWatch VOD
Jay Lopez above Erec Estrada
To a brassy South American soundtrack the first scene unfolds. Hunky masculine latino Jay Lopez (Str8 Off The Base) needs help with choosing some pants, and saucy Estrada is quick to help out. He picks out a pair while Lopez disrobes, revealing a bright well filled yellow bulge of a pouch.

Estrada soon shows what a good cocksucker he is, taking that engorged member to the hilt of his Hispanic throat, down on his knees, glancing up with not-so-innocent eyes and flashing his come get me mischievous smile.

Estrada is a noisy cocksucker when he's down on his knees slurping on Lopez, jerking his own thick hard curved uncut brown cock. He bends over and offers his masculine but smooth ass for Lopez to rim, and then slide his massive thick cock inside.

And it really IS thick. Slut boy Estrada enjoys every minute of it.

So much so that after a long and arduous deep pounding, he gets on top and rides. Turned around, fatigued, and dripping of sweat, he can take it no more, and an involuntary fountain of seed spews out all over him. He dismounts and gets on his knees, and takes Lopez' salty jizz all over his face, hair, and hungry mouth.

Short cute tattoed Latino twink Chip Sastre (What's Up Yer Ass 3) is next to visit the store. When Estrada measures his cute pantless ass (in white jock), you just know something is going up there.

Playfully, Estrada pulls of his whities, and starts rimming and measuring Sastre's hole. Trading suck jobs, Estrada's naughty fingers find his bottom's little ass.

And in Estrada goes, rocking Sastre on a chair by the changing booth, first taking him bent over, and then having him rest his hands against the wooden slats in a hot passionate skin on skin fuck. But it's on the floor he really takes him, his glistening cock slopping against his bare ass.

In this fashion (no pun intended) Estrada fucks a load right out of him. Then he creams over his bottom boy's tongue.

Fellow cover star Bryce Van Ryan (The Cum Artist 2) is up next, with his short spiked hair, and white boy good looks; he's trying to shoplift some underwear. But not under Estrada's nose. Estrada confronts him, and issues a punishment. Van Ryan is forced to don some skimpy red underwear, and suck on Estrada's tasty uncut schlong.

Erec Estrada and Chop SastreWatch VOD
Erec Estrada pounds some fashion sense into Chip Sastre
Partially forgiven, Van Ryan gets his cut vanilla prick sucked on, before being turned back around and feeling the shopkeeper's big moist tongue on his opening. Then for the last stage of his punishment, Estrada slides his thick brown meat right up that ass. Van Ryan pants and moans, but takes it all, even when his smooth ass is forced to bounce up and down on Estradas' glistening uncovered cock.…

Splattered over his mouth and torso, the white boy shoplifter shoots a huge creamy wad onto his abdomen.

Sentence served.

Finally we meet Jason Forest, a floppy haired twink with blond highlights, and Skip Vincent, another youthful looking guy, fem but hot, with a pierced eyebrow and good looks. Estrada's interest is immediately piqued.

Stripped down to their undies the trio kiss in the middle of the store, lustful tongues darting in and out of mouths. Estrada sucks on Vincent whilst Forest mouthes his thick snake, before revealing an immensely fuckable smooth butt. Estrada tongues it for a while, then takes a passive position on the ground to enjoy a pair of VERY hot penises, both cramming into his mouth.

His face is slick with precum by the time his bends these pale boys over and takes oral turns with their asses. Finally standing it no more they get on their feet and make a bareback fuckchain.

Vincent takes Forest, who in turn takes our hero Estrada in a bareback scene that'll keep any viewer fixated. The camera work is intense, and the chemistry between this trio highly recommended.

If you haven't seen stacking before, start here.

Vincent is in ecstatic agony as two tops weigh heavily on his rear. Estrada has to have him next, and he does so with his huge wet tube of a prick, moving the bottom on top of Forest so their asses are in close proximity. He jams him good with his juicy member, then slips down below for some more of Forest's willing butt.

Chopping and changing he goes back and forth between hole and hot fucking hole in an intensely erotic sequence.

Finally the trio is ready to cum, and they feed their dicks to Vincent, spilling all over his face, mouth and tongue. His own cock reacts, shooting out a satisfied orgasm onto his used spent body.

As stylish as the movie is hot, the DVD menu is split into sections. The usual suspects are there (scene selection, and a hot photo gallery), but clearly caring about their product this company goes further. There's over 5 minutes of behind the scenes footage, a fetish section which consists of not just the usual anal, oral and cumshot scene compilations, but also rimming, fingering and kissing. And then there's even full length spunkworthy trailers for Skin2Skin's line of hot bareback films. Now if that isn't value for money I'd like to know what is…

Erec's Little Shop Of Fashion is, like I said at the beginning, a true gem.

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Erec's Little Shop of Fashion Photos:

Erecs Little Shop of Fashion snapshotWatch VOD
Erec Estrada and Jay Lopez
Erecs Little Shop of Fashion snapshotWatch VOD
Erec Estrada

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