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Enter Thru Rear

Pau Brazil
Alexandre Pernambuco, Gustavo Paranhos, Fabrycio Dellaho, Bruno Montepiano, Mateus Andrade, Marcello Garcia, Adriano Costa, Toddynho, Fabio Cesar

Good film about sex going on at a local bar


Enter Thru Rear

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Fabio Cesar gets fucked by Papi

Enter Thru The Rear is a nice film starring uniformly good-looking Brazilian models engaging in carnal release at a local Sao Paulo bar called The House. Inside The House, it's a no-holds-barred, stick-it-in atmosphere. The five scenes in the movie are all good, and worth repeated viewings.

The first scene begins the movie on a great note with the boyishly sexy Marcelo Costa and the darker skinned, tattooed Fabio Cesar. Cesar, a popular Pau Brazil star, looks great as he bounces up and down on Costa. The guys also suck, kiss and sixty-nine, which is nice, and their money shots are nice and splattery.

The second scene is hot: the youthful, fair-skinned Adriano Costa (from Hotter Than Ever) anally submits to the bigger, aggressive black top Toddynho. This black stud definitely needs to appear in future productions.

Both guys have beautifully shaped bodies.

Marcelo Costa in Enter Thru Rear
Pierced Marcelo Costa
At one point, Toddyho holds Costa in his big hands, never slowing down his rhythmic pumping. They prattle away to each other in Portuguese, which adds to the sexual excitement.

In the next scene, boxcoverboy Fabrycio Dellaho and Alexandre Pernambuco kiss each other, playing with their stiff pricks which are jutting out of their opened jeans. The two motion Mateus Andrade to join them in a menage. Dellaho is yet another hot Brazilian discovery for this movie with a beautiful face and powerhouse cock. He gets to sample both of his partners' hot asses.

Director Pietro captures some great footage here too - at one point we see clear views of Dellaho's fat knob buried inside Pornambuco, who is sitting atop his lap.

After this, leatherman Gustavo Abreu goes through the club picking out cute guys to join in a large orgy room. This sequence never quite gelled. The guys mostly suck and strut with each other, although they are all visually appealing, and we;ve seen them all in the earlier scenes anyway.

That is a small complaint, because everything preceding is hot, and so is the final sex scene afterwards. Bruno Montepiano (Brazilian Hard Hats) shows up at the home of Abreu for a one-on-one session. The muscular, buff Abreu looks great as he takes it up the ass. The paler, smooth Montepiano gives it to him in all kinds of positions. They finish this hot match-up by shooting great money shots.

Choosing a Brazilian film often simply entails picking ones with good, solid models and well-filmed sex. Enter Thru Rear hits on all cylinders. These models are great, and hopefully have more great movies to follow.


Enter Thru Rear
Enter Thru Rear
Enter Thru Rear
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