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Endless Crush

John Bruno
Falcon Studios   FVP179
Aden Jaric , Brad Star , , Cole Ryan , Jordan Jaric , , , Steven Ponce , Todd Welch ,
Amateurs / First TimersRimmingOutdoor SexHunksVoyeurism

Endless Crush

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Aden Jaric consumates his crush on Jordan Jaric.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Endless Crush opens with dreamy and piercingly blue-eyed cover model Aden Jaric packing his suitcase. Jaric takes us on a trip from his city apartment into the country for this hot Falcon Studio film.

This handsome goateed sex-god takes a call confirming his visit and inquires after his friend Jordan, the subject of his own endless crush (and the other half of this Falcon exclusive couple) who has not yet made it to the country. "His loss," quips Aden indignantly.

The opening credits roll over shots of this promising wooded lakeside compound, where for the next hour and a half director John Bruno dishes out another sharply filmed Falcon movie that is filled to the brim with hotties.

Aden and Jordan Jaric in Endless CrushWatch on or Watch VOD
Aden and Jordan Jaric
In a cute precursor to the first sex scene, Aden arrives at the retreat and has a beer with some of the other guys already there. They toast with their cans, all agreeing "what happens in the woods stays in the woods." Night falls, and a sleeping Aden is awoken by latecomer Jordan, and they make small talk, before falling asleep together. Finally, in the dead of night a mischievous Kurt Wild sneaks around with a sharpie, writing names on the tightey-whitey butts of the sleeping guys.

That morning Wild chances upon Brad Star (Big Dick Club), whose ripped torso is accentuated by his wood chopping activities. Star plays the straight guy to a shocked Wild, and he's already unbuttoning his pants when he says "there ain't much pussy around here so a man's gotta make do if you know what I mean."

Boyish Wild needs little coaxing. He's soon down on his knees slurping on Star's ever thickening penis, which juts out between the tops trademark blue star tattoos. And it's an impressive piece of flesh as well, which Wild ably handles while Star barks out the occasional order. Too big for Wild to deep throat, it's a real turn on watching it slide between this twinks' hungry lips, and it looks extra huge when Star drapes himself backwards on a wooden bench to really let this boy go at it with his mouth. Ordered next to rim, Wild's tongue moves back and forth between Star's handsome asshole and that massively huge shaft.

Star trades positions with his bottom, pulling his pants around his ankles and lifting is legs over his shoulders to reveal a sweet shaved asshole, which he spits on and duly starts fucking. Wild takes a physical assault from every inch of Star's hot prick, and a verbal one from his dirty mouth. And when he's taken doggie, you really can see just how deep and wide Star is ramming him. When Star has him riding, Wild can take no more and he shoots all over himself, still bouncing up and down on that fat pole. Wild finishes his top man off orally, getting sprayed with thick wads of spunk all over his neck and chest.

In a change of scene we get to see just what Wild wrote on his sleeping companions, but I won't spoil it for you here. Some water hi-jinks follow, allows for some voyeuristic close-ups on some of the casts' wet torsos, before we follow Aden and Jordan into the woods where they chance (from a distance) upon a kissing Cole Ryan (Muscle Ranch 2) and Steven Ponce.

Hot boy Jordan rubs himself thru his shorts as he watches the couple make out and soon has a nice hard-on poking out, with his partner in crime Aden doing the same from further afield. The couple in the forefront continue making out, not knowing they have company. Fans of outdoor sex will love this moment in the movie.

Red headed Ponce falls to the ground to suck on hotly brooding Ryan's more-than-adequate meaty appendage which happens to be extra thick to boot. Ponce manages to get most of it in his mouth, and the duo continue their display, still blissfully unaware that they are being watched by a jacking Aden and Jordan.

In an extra hot moment, Ryan fingers some precum from his slit and feeds it to a submissive Ponce. It's a turn on of a scene, and only makes Ponce's sucking more intense.

Ryan decides to enter his bottom with both standing up, and from behind. Ponce takes a decent pounding this way, before getting laid out on the floor for some more ramming - from the front, and then some more intense backdoor entry which is enough to make Aden shoot his load. Jordan follows close by, gushing out a huge fountain of jism from his hard member. Ponce is next to cum, while Ryan's meat is still sliding in and out his hole, and then he rims and fingers his top to a satisfying climax over his chest and abdomen.

Tristan Jaxx and Mason WylerWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Jaxx handles Mason Wyler
After some more talk between Aden and Jordan, we cut to an extremely handsome and masculine Tristan Jaxx, whose lounging completely naked on a sun bed, with his horse hung dick pointing up to his face. He is greeted by blonde boy Mason Wyler and a dark haired Todd Welch (Welcome To Paradise) who don't need much encouragement to stick around, have a beer, and get their shorts off.

"Mason, you got a great ass, I'm gonna fuck it."
In no time at all bad boy Jaxx tells Wyler "man you got a great ass, I'm gonna fuck it," pushes him into the pool and swims after him, allowing for some sensual underwater photography that shows both of their cocks flopping around.

Meanwhile Falcon veteran Colby Taylor greets Welch and orders him to suck his dick. Viewers paying close attention might remember Taylor as the "Aden" figure in the studio's popular The Crush. Taylor is older and wiser now, and he's hosting a free for all party of cock and dick.

He has left his old crush with Travis Wade behind, preferring some casual poolside sex instead. Will Aden and Jordan fare better?

Some steamy poolside sex ensues with both pairings in frame at the same time for some double oral trouble. Wyler pleasures Jaxx' massive meat, while Welch expertly deep throats Taylor, who stuffs every single inch into him aggressively.

Next the newcomers are forced to show their rimming skills on the assailants' puckered assholes, before being bent over against the fence of a scenic overlook and rogered mercilessly. Wyler proves himself to be an extra noisy bottom, but then again he is taking something quite largeā€¦

With the bottoms on their backs on the wooden deck, the tops trade out their partners for some more vigourous fucking. Jaxx wants some more of Wyler's cute little hole, so Taylor gets on his knees and gives Welch an expert blow job, only to switch places with Jaxx who shows he can suck a mean cock too.

Taylor pulls out and shoots a nice load onto Wyler, and Jaxx gets his hairy chest soaked by Welch. Wyler jerks out some jizz onto himself, then the three guys' crowd around Jaxx, giving him their full attention while he works out a wad from his gargantuan snake.

Aden Jaric's and Jordan Jaric's Endless Crush

Finally we return to Aden and Jordan, who are lost in the woods and decide to build a fire and pitch up for the night. It's here that Aden reveals the Endless Crush he has on Jordan for 5 years, ever since Jordan stuck his cock up him while he was sleeping. Wouldn't you? They agree to take things slowly and the scene dissolves.

Six months down the line, and back in the city, this good looking duo are finally making out in Aden's bedroom. Jordan's hard penis strains against his underwear while Aden caresses and kisses his smooth body, and his hungry lips are soon wrapped around Jordan's manhood. He works his balls and shaft with hand and mouth in perfect synchronized movements. Jordan returns the favor, letting him rub that cockhead all around his face, mouth and lips, and the pair melt into a hot 69 session.

Aden moves to his partner's smooth opening, lifting his tattooed legs high, and giving equal oral attention to his hot shaved hole and that straining rod, until both are slick with saliva. Then in an extremely hot moment he offers his own ass for some tonguing while Jordan's engorged penis is displayed in extreme close up at the forefront of the screen, looking like it just can't wait to get inside that ass.

And that's exactly what it does.

Gently fucked from the side at first as the couple kiss, Jordan's thrusts become more intense as his partner opens up for him, and the dirty talking increases accordingly. Positions change to some hard doggie fucking, with the top removing his length each time, then thrusting it back in all the way. Aden loves it.

He takes it all the way inside, on his back with his legs wide apart, before shooting all over himself, and having Jordan's creamy load splatter all over his chest. The chemistry between this pair jumps off the screen and captures the intensity of two men with a genuine Endless Crush on each other.

And that's what makes Endless Crush an extra hot Falcon release - as well as every one of the models having extremely good looks, great bodies, and extra nice cocks, the chemistry in each of the scenes is real, and that is what's most important in a porn - showing guys that are well matched and really into each other having great sex.

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Endless Crush Photos:

Tristan Jaxx fucks Mason WylerWatch on or Watch VOD
Tristan Jaxx tops Mason Wyler,
Colby Taylor tops Todd Welch
Cole Ryan fucks Steven PonceWatch on or Watch VOD
Cole Ryan behind Steven Ponce
Jordan kisses Aden JaricWatch on or Watch VOD
Jordan kisses Aden Jaric
Colby Taylor fucks Todd WelchWatch on or Watch VOD
Colby Taylor tops Todd Welch

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