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Chad Hunt Plays His Endgame

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In an inspired sexual opening to this Dirty Bird Pictures release, horsehung porn megastar Chad Hunt jerks his gargantuan genitalia atop an open phone book, randomly turning pages as he goes. Wearing a motor cycle helmet and a serious expression, like a man on a mission to cum, he turns the pages to individuals phone numbers, and shooting a wet glistening load his cum marks off a name and address for him - Tyler Green. Cue the opening credits with the clear knowledge that something original is going to be happening with Jett Blakk's Endgame.

As we cut between Hunt's character packing his things and getting on board his bike, and the cum-splattered phone book mark we assume to be Tyler Green, played by Trevor Knight (Big Dick Society), Hunt's voice over explains the crux of the movie - rejecting the metaphor of life being like a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolate, he prefers to think of it as a chess game. "You have pieces of your life set at different priorities that you try to advance, but there's always some asshole trying to stop you. The key to going out a winner is not to stop when they want you to, not to stay in play too long, and to make sure that when the Endgame comes, you're the one in control."

With this philosophy in our minds we now cut back to Knight's character who sits in his Chance Industries work cubicle taking a phone call from a client. Being technical support, he is duly fired when he lazily tells said client to "jiggle it", by his handsome boss/ex-boss played by Tyler Saint (Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League).

We follow the boss now, who meets up with the equally steamy Scott Campbell on the stairwell, and their smoldering body language proves that their executive shirts and ties can't contain the animal urges within.

These corporate cock lovers move in and kiss, not bothering to find a room, and Campbell soon unbuttons Saint's work shirt to reveal his well developed torso and shaved muscular chest which ne nibbles on sensually. Pretty soon he has him down to his boxers, and he pulls out Saint's hung rod through the opening in his shorts and deep throats it with expertise like he's interviewing for a job.

Endgame snapshot Trevor Knight observed Chad Hunt getting sucked
With hot camera angles showing the view from above Campbell makes a sloppy wet mess of it, spit and precum oozing out of his mouth as he chows down. Saint is quick to reciprocate and starts slurping on an equally tasty throatful with sexy noisy suckery. Campbell gets hard as a rock.

Saint bends him over a banister, sucking his prick from behind and then moving in to deep tongue Campbell's hot furry ass. He squats down over his mate to give him a taste of his own butt before getting behind him and slides the entire length of his cock inside Campbell's saliva lubed opening.

And he doesn't hold back either. Pounding away at Campbell's hungry willing rear he reduces his friend to a sweaty groaning wreck.

Then getting on his back he offers up his own fuckhole for Campbell to abuse with his impressive veiny shaft.

Campbell gets in deep and gives him a rhythmic rear assault, causing Saint to shoot all over himself as his ass quivers around Campbell's hard-on. Rimming him some more, Campbell stands up and shoots a massive gusher of an orgasm caught lovingly on film right as Knight walks in on them.

The boss reiterates that Knight's character is fired, and he is forced to head home jobless.

Re-enter the movie's star, Chad Hunt. Two things of note regarding Hunt and Endgame - firstly this film is supposed to be his final ever performance in porn, which time will duly tell us. Secondly, and of particular note - this is the first (and presumably only) performance of Hunt bottoming on film, and more about that later.

Hunt plays a mixed up character named Garvy who knocks on Knights' door, and spins a crazy yarn claiming to be his long lost older brother. An accident, he claims, caused insomnia in Green and he was then hastily adopted with his records sealed. He says he'll show his brother some sites from his childhood to jog his memory. Knight doesn't necessarily buy his story, but, hell, he's just been fired, what better to do? Their sexuality is discussed and Hunt says being gay must run in the family.

Bags packed the duo climb atop Garvy's bike, and Hunt's character notices a mysterious biker across the street just staring. Nothing has jogged Knight's memory but he continues to stay with Hunt. A voice over tells us that Hunt feels bad but that he can't let him know the truth until Kings Beach at the end. Hunt admits that he is not his brother and Knight starts packing to go home.

They stop of at a rest area and as Knight goes inside Hunt again notices the figure of the rider across the street.

Inside the toilet Knight's character is pissing from his enormous cock, and state trooper Kyle Pierce stands at the urinal next to him and eyes him up. Threatening him with lude conduct he pulls Knight against a wall and forces him to go down on his cock. As soon as Knight has his meat in his mouth, Hunt comes to his rescue, snapping a photo of the now shamed trooper.

There's some great lines here like "I think my 11 beats your 7" as Hunt blackmails Pierce to get down on his knees and suck that massive porn-star cock. When he's well and truly mouth fucked Pierce, he gets in behind him and gives his shaved tight hole a tonguing, followed by a finger to open him up for that monster shaft.

And in it slides, with Pierce leaning against the urinal wall and Knight jerking his meat as he watches him get absolutely ass-fucked by that oversized schlong-and-a-half. Hunt has some hot little verbal fun with Pierce as he fucks away at his stretched out hole.

Now the hole is a bit looser he makes the trooper squat down on his hard-on from above, and ride the fuck out of it, all the way to the balls, which Pierce admirably manages. He turns around, still skewered, and lets Hunt further assail his stretched-out orifice.

Pierce jets out a fountain of cum (who can blame him after riding that thing?) still straddling, and Knight soon follows with a creamy load out of his beautiful plus-size penis. Hunt removes his condom and shoots all over himself.

All this fun causes Knight to have a change of heart and agree to accompany Hunt to the "final attraction" - Kings Beach. On location, he watches Hunt's character staring out to sea and returns to their hotel room to clean up.

He meets a hot male housekeeper; the smooth goateed James Hamilton (Road Trip 1: Russian River). Hamilton is making the bed and casts a little grin towards Knight, grabbing at his crotch. The sex mood has set in.

Hamilton strips off his shirt revealing a hot tattooed torso, and starts jerking off an ample cock. This is all Knight needs to bring his own prizewinner over and feed Hamilton as he pleasures himself.

Some hot sixty-nineing ensues next, with both fellas having a great time with each other's penises, proving it's sometimes better to give WHILE receiving, the result of which is some hot chemistry between the duo as they suck each other into hard-on inducing ecstasy.

Knight is hungry for some ass and starts rimming Hamilton's opening while still getting sucked off (and it's a sexy tonguey close up too). In no time he's between his legs with his cock, assaulting Hamilton with relentless pounding that causes the house keeper to writhe on the bed and groan with his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

Hamilton now squats above Knight on the bed, as Knight fucks him from below in what has to be one of the highlights of this movie. Hamilton cums all over himself and then takes Knights' jizz all over his cock and abdomen. It's a hot little fuck scene and no mistake.

Hamilton rushes out of the room, and Knight follows him, noticing Hunt paying the guy in the parking lot. He heads back inside and doesn't see when three street guys, played by Phenix Saint, Cort Donovan (Dripping Wet) and Nash Lawler (Sharp), verbally abuse Hunt with gay jokes.

Knight's character confronts Hunt about paying off Hamilton. Hunt says he just wanted to make sure he was having a good time. Knight asks what they're really doing here and Hunt finally tells him the truth - he has a bad heart and he wanted to recreate a special summer he had when he was young. Fatalistically, he says he's almost done, and Knight just says he's full of shit and leaves him alone on the beach walkway.

Endgame snapshot Scott Campbell tops Tyler Saint
Hunt sees the motorcycle figure point him towards a cave on the beach and in he goes as Knight returns to his hotel room. Hunt is in trouble. Entering the cave, here are the three guys who were hassling him earlier. "Do you know why you can't rape a gay man?" asks Nash Lawler ominously, and Hunt is grabbed as he tries to run away. A scuffle ensues as Hunt is brought to his knees and forced to suck on Cort Donovan's supremely thick meat, the other guys holding his head in place.

Guys out there who like verbal sex or forced entry will be shooting reams during this sequence.

Next Hunt gags on Lawler, and third the pierced cock belonging to handsome goateed Phenix Saint. The spitting and verbal onslaught doesn't let up. One well used mouth and three impressive erections coming from every angle would make this a hot fucking climax to the movie.

But as promised this is Hunt's debut as a bottom, and Endgame saves its most explosive moments for last. Still in forced oral servitude with this bad boy gang, Hunt's pants are pulled off him, leaving his ass exposed and, for the first time on film, ready to be taken, as he's bent over a rock. Meanwhile Knight's character is anxious and leaves the hotel room, right as Hunt is bent over and fucked hard, fast and deep by Nash Lawler. Lawler uses his spit to give him a bit of extra lube as he pounds him.

Getting more and more vigorous with each stroke, Lawler pulls out and moves his cock to Hunt's mouth, and his cock is instantly replaced by Saint who fucks Hunt like his life depends on it.

Cort Donovan's huge cock is the third inside his hole, making Hunt's bottoming debut all the more memorable with all that extra length and girth. The other guys pry his cheeks apart as Donovan goes to town and back again up Hunt's asshole.

ChaosMen image | Disrupt Your Day
Finally screaming "fuck me" Hunt shoots a load, but the guys aren't finished with this broken bottom yet. They move him onto his back for another round of cock in ass, starting again with Lawler, then moving to Saint (who teases him with "ready for the big one? Here it comes again") before the huge Donovan remounts him. And on they go switching out whenever they please making every last use of this top forced to bottom.

Saint cums all over his freshly fucked ass cheeks in a mess of spunk as Hunt is given Lawler's ass to rim. Donavan shoots on his chest while ringleader Lawler spooges all over Hunt's face, mouth and chin, his legs still spread wide and ass exposed. Hunt cums again too, and who can blame him?

Knight enters the scene and rescues Hunt from these guys, bathing him and his wounds, and finally believing him about his heart condition. Hunt admits he chose Knight at random in this adventure.

In the epilogue, or Endgame, Knight helps a dying Tyler out onto the beach to his favorite childhood spot, bringing a kite that Hunt wishes flown at the end. The mysterious figure returns and helps Hunt in his transition out of this plane of existence, and the movie concludes with more of Hunt's philosophical thoughts.

A startlingly original idea and screenplay bookending the hot sexual scenes make Endgame quite unique. The sex is great, and the power fantasies are played out with cock-hardening conviction, as are the consensual ones. And if this does turn out to be Chad Hunt's last film - what a way to go out - gang fucked in both ends by three hot models.

Care has been taken to pack the title with extras too. On the first disc there's Jett Black's director's commentary which is really quite illuminating (including talk of how this movie came about, and Hunt's decision to bottom of course). The second disc has some on-set behind the scenes action, more commentary from Black, exclusive photo galleries and heaps of Dirty Bird trailers.

Endgame might be a little quirky in plot, but that's half the fun, the sex is great, its original, excellent value for money and well, just a great little film. And if you like forced fantasies or roleplay, Endgame is an absolute must.

Endgame Photos:

Chad Hunt bottoms Nash Lawler drills Chad Hunt, Cort Donovan (left), Phenix Saint (middle)
Scott Campbell and Tyler Saint Scott Campbell tops Tyler Saint
Tyler Saint and Scott Campbell Tyler Saint sucks Scott Campbell

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