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Encounters: The Heat of the Moment

Tony DiMarco
Lucas Entertainment  
, Bruce Beckham , Danny Bitho , Erik Grant , Kent Larson , Omer , Parker Williams ,
Interracial SexLatinosCollege GuysRed Heads in CastMen of New York City

Encounters: The Heat of the Moment

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Blazing Heat Starts-off Encounters Series, directoral debut of RuPaul

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Encounters: The Heat of the Moment starts a new DVD series from Lucas Entertainment, and if this betokens future installments, get ready for something truly groundbreaking. Although the project is overseen by Michael Lucas, he does not direct or appear in the film. Instead the job is done impressively by Tony DiMarco, and the final episode very impressively by famous entertainer RuPaul. Looking for RuPaul directing a gay porn? Look no further.

This film needs no hype, because it succeeds so well. The film shows individual, unrelated stories of guys hooking up for sex. The stories are imaginative and very well acted by the models. Unlike the many movies with quick setups and awkwardly spoken dialogue, everybody involved in this production goes all out to turn in the best, which makes everything actually believable.

The movie contains more atmospheric, picturesque shots of New York City then a Woody Allen movie. And everything from beginning to end is a first class product.

It begins with the adorable tan skinned Omer soliciting a hook-up on his laptop. The director carefully follows him from the point of closing his laptop, getting sheets for the couch, and welcoming his new friend into his apartment. An extremely well followed practice followed everywhere today, so the film's viewers will instantly be familiar with it.

Touches like this give the sexual episodes in Encounters believability, heightening the heat even more.

His trick is Erik Grant, a strong-looking top who clearly loves to screw. They first kiss passionately, followed by removing their clothes and sucking each other's dicks. Suffice it to say, they make full use of that couch.

Omer, who is taken for a rollicking test ride in Auditions Vol. 5 really shows off his magnificent ass here. He has a limber, petit body that can take everything Grant thrusts at him.

Danny Bitho in Encounters Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Danny Bitho entices the audience

Dorm Room Seduction

"My girlfriend left me with blue balls" The second scene of the film is outstanding. Titled Dorm Room Education, shots of NYU lead to a shy Blu Kennedy lying awake in his bed as roommate Danny Bitho returns from a unfulfilled date with a girl, who left him with "blue balls." Not since William Higgins or Mark Reynolds covered college students' dorm room tensions back in the 1980's (All American Boys), has the subject been addressed so provocatively.

Bitho catches Kennedy watching him jack-off, who is pretending to sleep. Bitho turns in a great performance as the sexually casual straight guy who has no problem taking charge over the situation. He becomes the kindest, firmest teacher to his boyish-looking roomie, who looks simultaneously overwhelmed and aroused.

From his bed a few feet away, he talks to the wide eyed Kennedy, waving his erection around, tempting him more and more. Kennedy says he's never been with a guy, and he jumps at the moment Bitho calls him over. He sucks his beautiful big dick as the photos of naked women, sports figures and a Scarface poster peer down from the wall.

Pale skinned, red headed and heavily hung, Kennedy is the perfect match to Bitho, who pounds the daylights out of him on the blue sheets of his bed. Kennedy's popularity has deservedly grown this past year, in part because you can count the number of red headed models on one hand, but also because he acts well and can completely fit into his roles.

This episode is riveting from beginning to end.

Next, paper hangers Parker Wilson and Kent Larson take a break from work to release some sexual tension. This scene is the film's weakest because it is the least imaginative and the guys also only just last week had far more explosive encounters over in Fire Island Cruising 7.

Predictably, Larson is the bottom and Wilson is the top. Both guys turn in enthusiastic performances and their fans, the ones who appreciate built, manly sex animals will enjoy it.

RuPaul puts Wilson Vasquez on the couch

The movie's most impressive segment is the last. It is notably directed by RuPaul. Of course, congratulations to the producers for reaching into available mainstream culture and bridging to the traditionally separated sphere of adult entertainment. Perhaps this can only be done in New York City, a cosmopolitan melting pot unlike anywhere else on Earth. The reward of this particular outreach is that RuPaul's maiden directorial voyage is the movie's best scene.

Wilson Vasquez sits down and starts speaking a stream of consciousness to his psychotherapist, Bruce Beckham. Observing his patient on the couch, speaking about his feelings, Beckham quietly drifts into imagining what the Puerto Rican would look like naked. Beckham remains fixated over him, and we see shots of their lips, which silently scream for a passionate embrace.

There are long, effective moments of tense interaction, without any sound or music.

Beckham imagines what it would be like on his knees, sucking his patient's uncut cock. Then, he's eating Vasquez's ass. Finally, Vasquez plows him from behind over the couch. RuPaul eases into the fantasy slowly, cutting from Vasquez talking and talking. Vasquez in particular speaks just as if he really were unloading all his problems on a therapist; very impressive.

Beckham is a very hot musclebuttom to watch get fucked, and the camera captures his body's curved joy with Vasquez working him over top to bottom. As with earlier episodes, this succeeds so well because it is completely believable.

Styled with a moody and atmospheric musical accompaniment, Encounters: The Heat of the Moment is a remarkable lens into the sexual attractions and activities of gay men today.

Encounters: The Heat of the Moment DVD Extras

The DVD includes a six minute behind the scenes of RuPaul directing of the Beckham/Vasquez scene, as well as a dropped video sequence showing the models passionately sixty-nining.
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Encounters: The Heat of the Moment Photos:

Danny Bitho and Blu Kennedy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Danny Bitho tops Blu Kennedy
Erik Grant fucks Omer Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Erik Grant fucks Omer
Wilson Vasquez and Bruce Beckham Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wilson Vasquez behind Bruce Beckham

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