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El Rancho

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Alex Brinsky , Alex Ferrari , Carlos Dispone , Carlos Montenegro , Daniel Marvin , David Vega , Fabian Andrade , , Jordi Casal , , , Meter Pauer , Mike Gonda , Murat Cipiere , Pedro Andreas , Peter Berg , , Rocky Oliveira , Tibor Cernan , Tommy Alvarez , Tony Duke
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El Rancho

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Carlos Montenegro swings between horses in Kristen Bjorn's El Rancho

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Note: This review includes the bonus episode, available only from

The slow, rolling ocean licks the beach. Semi-clothed men riding horseback on the beach behind the musical notes of a lonely Spanish guitar. These are the opening images of El Rancho. The three hour Kristen Bjorn film is intoxicating, effortlessly pulling the viewer into a foreign land of sexual manplay.

The viewer escapes to a world where handsome vaqueros intermingle their strong lusts, ultimately turning the straight lead of the film (Carlos Montenegro) down the gay path.

Montenegro lives with his wife on a rural ranch where he raises thoroughbred horses. (That's right folks, Montenegro is an actual breeder) The Argentine beauty who enjoyed a prominent role in Kristen Bjorn's 2006 video Fire Dance takes the lead reins as the El Rancho's star.

Fabian Andrade and Alex FerrariWatch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Fabian Andrade and Alex Ferrari
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Montenegro's dreams are plagued by images of beautiful men making love. He first imagines porn star Jean Franko and Tommy Alvarez undressing each other in a doorway. Franko, who loves playing the boss, gets Alvarez to suck his dick. Franko, a world class performer, ultimately outdoes himself in El Rancho.

The film's action first rises with the introduction of brunet newcomers Murat Cipiere and Carlos Dispone. Their opening round of oral action and money shots leads to the manly Cipiere seating himself in Dispone's lap, riding his erection. In between kisses and touching, Cipere fucks himself to the point of a second round of ejaculations.

At this point, Montenegro appears his own dream, paired here with horse hung blond David Vega. Vega, another new face, has the looks that could turn any red blooded male hot for other men. Raising a leg up in the air, Vega plays with his huge dick as Montenegro tops him. They both explode their seed and kiss passionately as the four other guys introduced earlier gather around them for the scene's stunning conclusion.

As mentioned earlier, the guys pile on for a wild group sex frenzy. Franko and Vega start by topping bottoms. Everything leads to Vega and Alvarez pounding Franko's amazing ass, his face completely surrounded by the others' wagging cocks.

After this, cowboys Rocky de Oliveria (Manville) and blond Peter Pauer get it on outdoors in one of the ranch house's grand porticos.

Pauer, has significantly beautified his body since his youthful Eurocreme days (as Eric Paver in Bare Encounters). On his knees, Oliveria slurps on Pauer's upturned, curved dick. When Pauer returns the favor, they draw the attention of the bald foreman Ricardo Safado. "Do as I say guys, or I'll inform the boss," quips Safado, forcing both guys to suck on his arm of a penis.

Ducking around the corner, Paver's ass takes it to the max when Safado buries his cudgel inside for some deep ass plowing. Once Safado finishes, Oliveria climbs his beautiful body onto Paver, who fucks his bodacious Brazilian butt at length. Their three way culminates in a train showing Safado inside Paver, who is inside Oliveria. The lensing here looks phenomenal.

We next learn that everything on this Latin American ranch not all innocence and farming. Looming next to the land stands a high cliff that houses a guerilla training camp. Faster than you can say "FARC me! Faster! Harder!" the film switches to Alex Ferrari and Fabian Andrade, who engage in weapons training while wearing tight black fashion gear. Are these guys Bjorn's mystery men for the 21st century?

The dark skinned Andrade gives Ferrari a fantastic blow-job, sincerely worshipping his cock down to the base. After Andrade face fucks his compatriot, he buries his pole deep in his ass. Their interracial fucking leads to hot money shots.

Elsewhere in the compound, insurgents Mike Gonda and Tibor Cernan partake in some naked kick-boxing. Certainly the most gymnastic of the cast, the two guys move through a stand up sixty-nine against a convenient wall. Their athletic play leads to a more traditional session of anal sex over a table, with Gonda topping Cernan.

Eurohunk fans will recognize both models from a slew of earlier film appearance. Gonda has carried more names then Mata Hari, such as Randal Sheldon in Fly Boys from High Octane and working for Eurocreme as Rocky Sommers in Raw Times.

He's grown his hair out here, looking a bit more groomed as a man, instead of a young guy. He pokes Cernan's butt like a pincushion, whose long dick stays hard throughout.

All four commandos unite in an atmospheric underground pool, where the colorful backlit water illuminates the undersides of their wrestling bodies. This leads to cock sucking, ass rimming and ultimately Cernan topping Andrade while Gonda rides Ferrari's transmission stick.

How can things get any hotter? Honestly, the following episode in its full form is gay male porn at its absolute best. With his wife away for the evening, Montenegro invites his caballero buddies over to his ranch house. During this, the place transforms into a palace of man sex. Peter Berg, Jorge Ballantinos and Tony Duke begin with a fantastic three-way.

After this, and only available in the mail order DVD version from - Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas enjoy a hot and sweaty bareback hookup together in the bedroom. These two models are incredible to watch, and easily are worth the price of admission alone. Marvin and Andreas both also cum in each other's mouths.

Marvin and Andreas' fans will enjoy the full Bjorn star treatment playing pushy porn producers in the two part 2009 movie Action!.

Jean Franko bottoms for Tommy Alvarez Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Tommy Alvarez tops Jean Franko
After this all five guys, all using condoms, carry on with their naked merriment until they all drain themselves in a heated, breathless frenzy.

At the end of their romp, Montenegro appears wearing a thong, intently watching the guys finish up with each other. Afterwards, they carry their host to his swimming pool and toss him in. Their rowdy horseplay ultimately brings Montenegro to orgasm, pushing him further into the clutches of gay sex.

Bjorn switches locales for the final sequence of the movie, a nice change! In what could be a business apparel fetish scene from Europe's MenAtPlay web site, Montenegro dons an immaculate suit and joins Italian porn star Matthias Vannelli, Jordi Casal and Alex Brinski at the club house for martinis. All elegantly dressed to the nines, their bragging over their own sexual prowess causes them to whip their erections out of their suit pants for visual comparison.

There are no small weenies here. Brinski gets on his knees to taste them all. The guys keep their silk ties and shirts utilized throughout their four way. Ultimately they take their lusts back to the ranch where after a grand sexual finale, Montenegro's wife returns to catch them in the act.

Bjorn's South American western visuals have never been depicted better. Also, the suit and tie four way, something completely new for movies, makes for a excellent close. Finally, the inclusion of the bareback episode between real time lovers Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas is a masterstroke to the final canvass. Not just a cheap throw-in to sell movies, the guys' performance is truly worth it and only available from

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El Rancho Photos:

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas double penetrate Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas
double penetrate Peter Berg
Alex Brinski rides Jordi Casal Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Alex Brinski rides Jordi Casal
Peter Pauer and Rocky de Oliveira Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Peter Pauer below Rocky de Oliveira
Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas Watch Now or Watch on KristenBjorn
Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas

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