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John Travis
Studio 2000  
, D.C. Chandler , Ethan Marc , Jason Harley , Jed Willcox , Jeff Wesley , Marco Paris , Miguel Santee , Rafael Carreras , Tony Mecelli
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Jed Wilcox's Motorcycle Sex

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

All breathing red-blooded males will definitely want to watch the pairing of D.C. Chandler with maxi-Mexi Studmuffin Rafael Carreras (Deep Plunge), which appears in the final segment of the latest Studio 2000 movie Driven. Chandler, who nowadays looks more mature and sexier then in his beginning films, enters a spare warehouse to find the dark skinned beauty leaning against the wall, erection poking through his underwear, slowly jacking it.

Without a word they unite for a colossal show of expert sexplay. This scene, like the entire movie, contains absolutely no spoken word. (although there is a steady musical accompaniment) These two models do a wonderful job at communicating to each other non-verbally. After some long and luscious dick-sucking, Carreras begins fingering his smooth hole. Chandler eats him out.

Marco Paris and Jason HarleyWatch Now
Marco Paris tastes Jason Harley
Watching Carreras use his hands to pull apart his ass checks; move them around, all to draw Chandler's long cock closer and ultimately inside is very hot. These boys tease and tease, and they know how to expertly fuck each other. They drill each other in two volcanic rounds, highlighted by two rounds of sizzling cum shots.

Screwing Carreras on his back, Chandler looks down at him, and winks. He licks his lips. They are totally focused in their play. This scene, also remarkable for the on-screen deflowering of Carreras solidly fulfills the long anticipation of his fans. Chandler is one lucky guy: he first gets to top Ace Hansen in Ace in the Hole, and now Carreras! If anyone reading this wants to improve their topping or bottoming skills, look here and study this scene repeatedly.

Driven is an all-sex flick, highlighted by motorcycles and some leatherjacket wear. The setting is an empty warehouse. Is this the secluded place where the motorcycle dudes go to get their rocks off? The rest of the film includes a number of good moments as well.

Jason Harley Hangs Upside Down

The opening shot of the film dramatically opens with beauty Jason Harley (In the Jeans) hanging from the rafters by his legs, and Marco Paris hungrily burying his face and tongue inside. This deep rimming sequence moves to energetic deep throating. The Italian-looking, olive skinned Harley ends up taking it up the ass from Paris. After several wrapping him into several positions, Harley decides that he wants some of the same.

In a hot flip-flop, Harley slams into Paris's hungry ass, who hangs over a large barrel, butt-up. Harley tops like a piston. When they shoot their money shots, Harley takes Paris's shaft in hand jerking them both to gooey climaxes.

After this, Tony Macelli rolls into the warehouse on his motorcycle. Jed Wilcox (Weekend Blowout) hangs on behind him. In a display of who is in charge, Macelli unbuttons Wilcox's pants, handcuffs him and makes him watch a rollicking five man orgyfrom afar. Macelli quickly steps into the sexplay. Like arriving at an sexartyy about five minutes after it starts, Macelli joins an already active group: Arpad Miklos tops newcomer Miguel Santee as Jeff Wesley rides D.C. Chandler's sledgehammer.

For the next half hour, it is the big dicked tops (Macelli, Miklos and Chandler) taking on the greased-up hungry bottoms. Bottomboy Ethan Marc (Cadet) returns here after a long hiatus from movies, and he appears to be extremely sex starved. Fortunately the muscular guys are able to pound the bottoms into senseless submission. Lots of hot flying cum finishes this non-stop orgy.

After all of this, leather jacketed Macelli turns his attention back to his handcuffed buddy Wilcox, who has had to sit out and watch the sexual action alone. Exercising noblesse oblige, the generous Mecelli strips Wilcox and begins to kiss and caress him. Hungry for each other, Macelli sensuously drills Wilcox as he rides in the seat of the motorcycle.

Taking the long, deliberate thrusts, Wilcox gets it in several positions. He ends up with his legs splayed wide apart, cumming with Macelli in his ass. They cap their encounter with a long kiss.

Director John Travis brings together a satisfying tale of hog riding sexpigs. Not twinks, fans of the older, 30ish look will find these studs are perfect. Without a word, these sex machines work each other over. Rafael Carreras and D.C. Chandler screw each other as if they have been wanting to do this for years. This enthusiasm drives the movie.

DVD Extras: The DVD's bloopers show the guys in some fun, impromptu moments. There are also nice cast bios and a great set of photos.

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Driven Photos:

Rafael Carreras and D.C. ChandlerWatch Now
Rafael Carreras awaits D.C. Chandler
Tony Macelli fucks Jed WilcoxWatch Now
Tony Macelli behind Jed Wilcox

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