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Dripping Wet

Chris Steele
Falcon Studios   FVP170
Ashton Star , , Cole Ryan , Cort Donovan , , Josh Dobrich , Leo St. Phillip , Logan Robbins , Nicholas Lockwood , , Trent Atkins ,
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Dripping Wet

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You're dripping for Roman Heart

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Falcon Studios hits the year 2007 off running, or shall we say splashing, in its wet n' wild pool fest, Dripping Wet. We greatly enjoyed their 2005 Ode to Manmade Bodies of Water Super Soaked. In that Roman Heart was a new lost little puppy (if you could call him that).

Today, Heart is one of their mainline stars, and he heads a cast that includes four newcomer pups who seem eager to follow and learn from their new master.

Dripping Wet also functions as an infomercial for Ginch Gonch underwear, a company whose sexy underwear has been growing in popularity for its unique colors and style. The result is that the film beautifully showcases the models not only naked and during sex, but also poolside bathed in water, their stiff hard ons bulging out of their tight underwear.

Cort DonovanWatch on or Watch VOD
Cort Donovan
Director Chris Steele magnificently captures the collision of commercialization with gay sex in this environment. It is a great shame that he has left Falcon.

The film opens with underwear clad Heart and Leo St. Phillip silently swimming underneath shimmering blue water. (Big question, are these shimmering aqua shots an homage to the Talking Head's classic video Once in a Lifetime?)

Soon, Heart finds himself sucking on a big dick, and on St. Phillip's big balls.

Out of the pool, and standing together naked, the camera frames their remarkably toned, lissome bodies. After trading kisses and blowjobs, the blond mounts Heart from behind, starting a memorable sequence of rapid fire ass plowing that leaves Heart singing a constant moan of ecstasy.

Congratulations of newcomer St. Germain, who in his maiden voyage has found himself behind the ass of one of the most desired porn stars today. He tops Heart in several positions, finishing with a five spurt money shot that leaves Heart's torso inked in long creamy cum trails.

The movie's momentum does not slow down for scene two. It starts with a dreamy looking blond named Carter Longway (aka Jarod Steel) playing with himself on a deck chair. He is quickly joined by Trent Atkins, who is enjoying a welcome comeback to film (The Velvet Mafia). They entwine into a sixty-nine, a position that accentuates Atkins's voluptuous ass and Longway's lengthy cock.

At that point, they are joined by Trevor Knight (Big Dick Club), completing the trinity of dirty blonds for this wonderful scene. They proceed to mount themselves into a series of powerful triangles that invokes pyramid imagery fueled by the insatiable topping appetite of Knight.

Longway proves to be nicely versatile, able to handle all kinds of sexual action, including some memorable sex while Barebacking with Carlos Morales last year.

Laying side by side, Knight screws Atkins, cums, then he moves over to Longway and fucks him cumming again.

Cort Donovan Fucks Roman Heart

Next, Heart returns. He rises from the water to go deep throat newcomer the awaiting Cort Donovan. Donovan is a sweet faced midwest boy. He also carries a big dick between his legs, and we are also happy to report that he shoots very big loads. Donovan is yet another discovery for the film who hopefully has many more movies ahead of him.

He eats out Heart's delicious ass, and rams him in the confines of a towel-covered desk chair. He also leaves a remarkable about of seamen on Heart's tanned body, almost flying up to his face. There is no shortage of big pop shots on this DVD.

Next, another tasty looking newcomer named Logan Robbins hooks up poolside, this time with Eddie Stone, who is making his Falcon debut. Stone knows when to sit on a hot cock. As he bounces up and down on it, their sex draws the attention of Nicholas Lockwood and Josh Dobrich, a dark haired top from Romania.

Dobrich is on top of the handsome Lockwood faster than you can dial TRansylvania 6 - 5 0 0 0. Soon Star and St. Phillip arrive making this a rousing seven man orgy. It culminates with a memorable visual of three couples fucking all over each other. Watching Star take several dicks is worth the price of admission alone.

Dripping Wet has everything: hot poolside sex, a great set of new faces, the fine ass skills of Roman Heart, the fine top skills of Trevor Knight, all topped off by an orgy. Falcon has certainly found a great way to say Happy New Year to its customers.

After the movie, viewers will enjoy watching the Making of... documentary, filmed by Colby Taylor. Running over forty-five minutes, the extra tells the story of the models arriving, preparing and filming their scenes. Edited like an MTV documentary, but without the lame drama, it adds a nice dimension to the movie.

In an impromptu moment on their day off, Knight and Heart give Longway a refreshing cum facial, afterwards declaring "these are the best behind the scenes we've ever had!"

Viewers of will have as much fun watching Dripping Wet as the models did filming it.

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Dripping Wet Photos:

Leo St. Phillip fucks Roman HeartWatch on or Watch VOD
Leo St. Phillip behind Roman Heart
The Dripping Wet orgyWatch on or Watch VOD
The Dripping Wet Orgy
Cort Donovan and Roman HeartWatch on or Watch VOD
Cort Donovan and Roman Heart
Trent Atkins and Trevor KnightWatch on or Watch VOD
Trent Atkins displays his ass to Trevor Knight

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