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Drenched Pt 1 and Pt 2

Chi Chi LaRue
Falcon Studios   FVP149150
Alex LeMonde , Andrew Phillips , , Brad Patton , Cade Devlin , , Chase Hunter , Chet Roberts , , Fernando Montana , , , Joe Foster , , Lane Fuller , , Renato Leon , , Trent Atkins , Tyler Gunn , , Vince Ditonno , Zackary Pierce
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Drenched Pt 1 and Pt 2

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Fillipo Romano, Lane Fuller Drench Hawaii Beaches

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Drenched: Soaking It In

This year's major two disc release from Falcon is it's wet n' wild film Drenched. Filmed amidst the crashing Pacific waves and black sandy beaches, it will delight those seeking to quench their thirst for Falcon men coupling up around seas of wetness.

Both parts are simple wall-to-wall sex episodes. There is no story here, just an overwhelming mood of Pacific Island wetness. Each part is a two disc set, which means that if you get both parts, there are four discs.

For both, the extras on disc two contain an interesting behind the scenes documentary shot by assistant cameraman Colby Taylor during the filming adventure. There's lots of footage of the cast clowning around, having fun, illustrations of the perils of filming on location, and shots of the crew as well.

Fillipo Romano gags Lane FullerWatch on or Watch VOD
Fillipo Romano gags Lane Fuller
The models here appear wandering throughout the lush island landscape, where they make sexual connections that not even the frequent downpours of rain cannot extinguish.

The film also marks the grand return of Falcon veteran Chase Hunter, a massively-hung daddy who delights in burying his big meat into boybutt.

It starts with a lengthy coupling between Lane Fuller and newcomer Brad Patton. In an interesting arrangement, both of the first episodes in the Drenched series are lengthy all-oral sessions. Here the fair-haired beauties rub each other, fully exploring each other's bodies orally.

Fuller makes a noteworthy attempt at deep-throating Patton's foreskinned tree-trunk. The scene finishes with them rubbing their erections onto each other's stomach to the point of orgasm. This all-oral scene serves as an arousing appetizer.

The second scene swings to another sexual extreme - a seven man all-out orgy. First, the boned-up Tommy Brandt spys Chet Roberts and Jack Ryan devouring each other. He joins them, whereupon Roberts alternates giving them both first-class blowjobs.

The action draws the attention of Renato Leon, whose long hair and sultry looks give him the appearance of a Calvin Klein model. They are all joined by Fillipo Romano, Lane Fuller and Brad Patton (Heaven to Hell).

Fuller sits his bubble ass down on Romano, as Ryan tops Roberts. Leon arches out his luscious backside so blond Brandt can give him a nice ass pumping. Then, Patton, who has been waiting in the wings, gets a crack at Fuller's cheeks.

Riding on top, Fuller swallows the thick sausage, causing all the others to unload all over him.

The next scene couples Chase Hunter and Lane Fuller, a class match-up between older top and younger bottom. The two link each other up and down, followed by sixty-nining and rimming. Hunter gives a hard-driving screw to Fuller in a deck chair, legs wide. The sexperts match each other move for move until the scene's white-juicy end.

Next, a go-teed fully ripped Joe Foster gets serviced by newcomer Andrew Phillips, a fair brunet. After more lengthy shots of tonging and dick swallowing, Foster stands butt-out to take Phillips' erection deep inside him.

Matthew Rush takes a shower. Phillips then plows Foster on his back, who shoots him load while getting plugged.

The final scene of Part One begins with Matthew Rush taking a steamy shower. Separated by a glass partition, newcomer Viktor Perseo watches him. Soon the two are visually working each other over.

After this voyeur exchange, they connect together on a couch, where the stroke and suck each other's erections. Rush tops Perseo by pushing the newcomer's legs way back. They bump in several positions, until they jack out gooey loads.

Drenched: Soaked to the Bone [Part 2]

Fernando Montana worships Carlos MoralesWatch on or Watch VOD
Fernando Montana worships Carlos Morales
Unlike other wall-to-wall sex films, Drenched moves at a slower pace which highlights sensuality, the models' bodies and the movie's lush, watery surroundings. The second parts begins with Fillipo Romano and Exclusive Bobby Williams coupling in a moan-filled all-oral opener.

This beginning serves an appetizer for what is probably the high-point of the movie, the second scene's beach-side connection between Carlos Morales and Fernando Montana. Uniting on a gorgeous black-sand beach, they move through a series of sexual maneuvers as the ocean crashes and rolls behind them.

Morales is picture perfect, standing fully tall and erect as Montana blows his cock.

Morales lays back and gets pumped by Montana missionary. Afterwards, the musclebottom rides up and down on his buddy, all framed by the picturesque ocean. This gorgeous scene is finished with them blowing hefty money shots on each other.

Next, in another lush outdoors setting, Tyler Gunn creeps up on a masturbating Matthew Rush (Taking Flight). Their al fresco frolic adjourns indoors so Rush can shove his big pole up inside his new bottom friend. Gunn looks hot getting plowed, and the muscular top works him over nicely.

The next scene continues the tradition on Chase Hunter working over the blond bottoms. Trent Atkins, fresh from surfing, pays Hunter a visit, which leads to him stripping and taking Hunter's tool in all his orifices.

Atkins can deep throat like a pro, swallowing the huge shaft eagerly. The surfer's butt functions just as well, and he feels nothing but pleasure getting rammed long and hard. This is another first-class coupling.

A Drenching Orgy Finale

The movie ends with a five way starring Cade Devlin, Zachary Pierce, Josh Weston, Vince Ditonno and Alex Lemonade. It starts with Weston and Lemonade blowing each other in view of a remarkable flowing waterfall.

Nearby Pierce gives a feisty suck to hung gun Ditonno, while the blonde Devin watches. Soon all five guys unite on a front porch, where the get down to a rural jam of sucking, kissing and erection wagging. Ditonno and Devlin get hammered. To finish, the guys blow big loads over Ditonno, who ends up with his entire front stomach and chest caked in manseed.

In Drenched, careful attention is payed to the Hawaiian outdoors locations, so that they play an important role, almost as much as the actors. The movies have lengthy buildups and relish the sensual attention of foreplay.

Viewers afterwards will almost feel the wetness, and may seek towels afterwards. The bonus discs both include thirty minute behind the scenes showing off the models who are cut-ups, and shows interesting insight into the complexity of filming in the wet, remote environment.

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Drenched Pt 1 and Pt 2 Photos:

Brad Patton snapshotWatch on or Watch VOD
Topman Brad Patton

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