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Dream Team

Jerry Douglas
Studio 2000  
Aaron Lawrence , Kristian Brooks , Kurt Young , Lucas James , Preston Richie , Rick Chase , ,
Glory Holes/TearoomsHunksSex with the Coach

Dream Team

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Aaron Lawrence's Gay High School Reunion

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Dream Team from Studio 2000 is perhaps director Jerry Douglas' finest achievement in combining the complexities of gay love and closeted attitudes with seriously hot gay porn. He milks impressive performances from a cast of young hotties, many of whom have long since retired, but continue to be remembered today. So well crafted, it was easy including it on our list of favorite Studio 2000 movies.

The film begins at a 5-year high school reunion back in 1962. The film proceeds via its storyline to do an excellent job at recreating the incredibly discreet setting of young guys coming of age in those years, and who can barely keep a lid on their homosexual tendencies.

The six characters reuniting were all on the varsity basketball team. By the time of the reunion, the guys have drifted apart. Rick Chase has moved to California to act. Aaron Lawrence has joined the ministry, mainly to suppress his homosexuality and his desire for Rick Chase. Also, Scott Lyons (Devil Is A Bottom) has turned to drinking, and wishes he still could mess around with Rick Chase.

Tony Donovan is a father in an unhappy marriage. He messed around with chum Kurt Young who has grown up to having sex in public places often. Kristian Brooks (A Lesson Learned) and Lucas James are functioning lovers, however they tip toe around Lucas James' father, the town's high school coach.

Interwoven through this setup is a set of great sex scenes. We see Rick Chases' nervous encounter with Scott Lyons in the back of a pickup. Sex-pups Kristian Brooks and Lucas James bring a school buddy home for a three-way, porn star Aaron Lawrence. They all fuck each other, but near the end, guilty Lawrence steps out the front door to leave the two lovers to finish up.

Tony Donovan's Heterosexual Prison

In a visually unforgettable sequence, Tony Donovan shows Kurt Young his private room that he built, which is covered with photos of naked women. It is a fascinating wallpapering of Donovan's homosexual tendencies. In the room, the two meet up twice for sex. Donovan has a huge 8 inch, uncut cock, and he fucks Young like he's releasing years of pent-up energy.

At the end, Chase and Lawrence confront each other about the love for each other. Chase pursuades Lawrence to shed his guilt. The two then have lengthy sex with the two guys fucking each other. Throughout the film, the actors perform well, and do a good job at playing a believable character.

Watching the film, I wondered if Jerry Douglas was commenting on the difficult times of that generation. Nevertheless, this movie adroitly weaves great sexual energy into an interesting story. This was one of the bast films of 1999. In fact it won best picture for 1999 at the GayVNs.

Douglas followed up eight years later with his look at life in a closeted frat house, Brotherhood, which is a worthy follow-up. The two films together are an interesting juxtapositions as to how far along attitudes towards homosexality have advenced over the decades.

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Rick Chase and Aaron LawrenceWatch Now
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Dream Team Gay High School ReunionWatch Now
The cast of Dream Team
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Tony Donovan tops Kurt Young
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Scott Lyons and Rick Chase

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